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How To Do The Reverse Scripting Method (& Get Your Ex Back)

If you’re heartbroken because you’ve just been dumped by your ex-boyfriend, I have some good news to share. You can manifest your ex back with the reverse scripting method!

This process is called the “scripting method”.

I wrote about it before, but I wanted to share with you a special trick I found on Master Sri Akarshana’s YouTube a while back.

I tried it myself and it worked like a charm, so I wanted to share it with you today!

If you want to manifest your ex back with the law of attraction, this is the best method I’ve found.

I hope you try it and get good results.


How To Do The Reverse Scripting Method

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How To Make SURE Your Ex Comes Back Fast

There’s one thing you need to do if you’re serious about getting your ex back (like within days instead of weeks or months).

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When it comes to interacting with the universe (asking for and receiving blessings), you must recognize that every one of us is born with a unique set of talents or gifts, as well as setbacks and problems to overcome.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched folks rush headfirst into manifesting technique without doing their “homework!”

So many times, these people fail at their manifestations, only to discover later that all they had to do all along was pay attention to what the universe was trying to tell them!

Once they finally get on track, they tell me all the time how they wish they’d started here first.

They say they realize how they could have saved so much time, energy, and heartache.

And it’s all for free!

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What Is Law of Attraction Scripting?

The law of attraction scripting method is the easiest method around.

All you do is take a pen and paper, and write a “dear universe” letter, describing your desired state of being.

So in this case, if you want to manifest your ex back, you would write a letter to the universe detailing how amazing your life is now that your ex has come back.


Does Scripting Really Work?

Yes, scripting really works to manifest anything your heart desires!

The reason it works is that the process of writing a letter engages all parts of your mind, body and spirit at the same time.

When you’re writing a detailed, creative letter, you are imagining your desired reality in a way that leaves no room for doubt from your subconscious mind.

Beyond that, since you’re writing the letter in present tense, it eliminates the feeling of lack that can often come when you desire something you don’t yet have.

Scripting really does work for manifestation, and you can manifest your ex back quickly by doing it!


How Often Should You Script To Manifest?

If you do scripting right you only need to do it one time!

So make it count!

Write your letter in as graphic detail as possible.

Get creative, and have fun!

The more into it you get, the better, stronger, and faster your results.


Should You Script Everyday?

That said, if you wanted to script everyday you totally could!

Scripting, much like journaling, meditation or visualization, is one of the law of attraction exercises you can’t really overdo.

But still, for this special, super-secret scripting technique I’m about to show you, you’ll want to do it just once and make it great.

You’ll soon see why!


The Scripting In Reverse Technique

So, you know how the regular scripting exercise is just writing a letter to the universe in your desired state?

Well, scripting in reverse is so much cooler, and so much more effective.

Master Sri Akarshana really dropped a gem on all of us teaching us this technique.

The way it works is instead of writing a letter to the universe as yourself, you will pretend you are your ex writing a letter to you, begging for you to come back!

Then you actually put the letter in the mail, stamped and addressed to yourself.

When you open it, you read it as if it came from them, and it helps seal your manifestation so much stronger!

Let me tell you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

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How To Manifest Your Ex Back With Reverse Scripting

First, get in a location and position where you will not be disturbed. Then, take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Focus on your desire, which is to have your ex beg for you to come back.

Close your eyes and envision your ex in your mind’s eye.

Then, “step into” the visualization as your ex.

Embody them!

Take out your pen and paper, date it for a few days into the future, and write a letter “Dear (insert your name here)”, and talk all about how much they miss you, want you back, how they want your relationship to be, how they can’t wait to spend time together, etc…

If you want them to apologize for how they treated you, feel free to add that in.

Anything that you want them to say, do, or think… write it into your manifestation, as them.

Once you’re finished, put it in an envelope, address it to yourself, and drop it off in the mailbox.

After it comes, get into the same frame of mind you would be if they wrote you this letter.

Get excited!

Open it, read it, and feel the truth behind this.

KNOW it’s real, and that it’s for you.

Then, thank the universe for bringing you your ex back and try your best to forget all about it.

Your desire is on its way!


How To Make Your Manifestation Stronger

As an additional tip, you can add Grabovoi codes for love to your letter!

This will give your manifestation letter an extra boost, and make your ex come back even faster.

The best Grabovoi love code to use for manifesting your ex back would be 18080818.

Just write this in the corner of the scripting letter before sealing it in the envelope, and you’re done!


Final Thoughts

I hope you like this reverse scripting method to manifest your ex back!

It’s such a great method, and any creative way you can use it beyond just the regular way can only help you do even better.

Good luck finding your way back into the arms of the one you love.

Oh, and don’t forget… 

Make sure you get your free numerology reading — that way you’ll know there is nothing standing in your path!


Manifest Your Ex Back Fast


How To Manifest Your Ex Back Fast With The NEW Reverse Scripting Technique