The Magic Bay Leaf Manifesting Ritual That ANYBODY Can Try

by Alex

If you’re anything like me, you love the idea that you can create your own luck. You don’t have to be born rich to live an abundant life.

All you have to do is set powerful intentions, believe the sky is the limit, then be willing to work hard every day to better yourself and the world around you.


There’s No One Best Manifesting Exercise

how to manifest abundance with creative visualization

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While no one magic formula works for everyone who wants to manifest beauty, love, money, and success into their life, one thing is certain. The more energy and effort you invest in your dreams, the more likely they are to come true.

Like anything else in life, manifesting with the law of attraction works best when you throw everything you have at your desire.

That means if you’re a beginner – or even if you’re more seasoned – you may benefit from trying all the manifesting exercises and tricks.

That way you can see which ones you like and which you don’t!


Some Manifesting Tricks You’ll Like – Some You Won’t

how to manifest abundance with creative visualization

I’ve had great results with some manifesting exercises, such as the 55×5 method. But others don’t work so well for me… like dreams.

Some people can manifest well with lucid dreaming and other tricks like telling your subconscious mind what to work on before you go to sleep… but that fell flat for me!

One manifesting ritual or spell that worked really well for me, however, is the topic of this blog post today.

And it only uses ONE ingredient that you likely have in your kitchen already.

It’s the bay leaf manifesting ritual and I’m going to tell you exactly how it’s done. 


But Before We Get Started…

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Great! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go!


Manifest Your Desires In 5 Minutes With A Bay Leaf

The bay leaf manifesting method is actually more of a magic spell. Some people don’t like that terminology, so call it what you will. Either way, it works if you work it!

And I’m going to show you how.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A large bay leaf (the kind you cook with)
  • A Sharpie pen or other marker
  • A lighter or match


How To Burn Bay Leaves For Manifestation

quartz crystal manifesting


Here’s how to burn bay leaves for manifesting:

1- Decide what you want to manifest: Be as specific and clear as possible. Choose just ONE thing. You want to build the intensity of your intention. Avoid directing your energy multiple places.

2- Create an affirmation that you can write ON the leaf: My first time I chose “So happy I got $33 yay!”

3- Take the marker and write the affirmation on the leaf.

4- Take a few deep breaths, think of how you’ll feel when the intention manifests, then set the bay leaf on fire and dispose of the ashes.

That’s it, that’s all!

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Writing Wishes On Bay Leaves Works!

how to manifest money 17 seconds

This bay leaf manifesting ritual worked really well for me for a number of things I’ve tried to attract. So far I’ve received:

  • $33
  • A 10-pound weight loss without trying
  • A free meal
  • More sales in my online store
  • A big red box (I was being silly and just tried to manifest something tiny, but specific)
  • Getting over a bad cold more quickly

Let’s go a little deeper into some specific situations for burning bay leaves to attract what you want. Just so you know for 100% certain that you’re on the right track.


Bay Leaf Manifestation For Love

how to manifest soul mate


Does burning bay leaves for love really work? You bet it does! 

Like I said before, you can manifest virtually anything if you really want it and you are willing to trust in the process. 

The most important thing if you want to want to succeed with the bay leaf love spell is to get your positive affirmations right. 

You don’t exactly have a ton of space to write your love affirmation on your bay leaf. 

And you don’t want to spend excessive time crafting it, but you also want it to be specific enough to attract the right thing. 

If you don’t already know, the Universe can be quite literal and will deliver exactly what you say — even if you meant it with nuance. 


So here are a few examples of good, short, specific love affirmations that you can use with the bay leaf spell: 

1- I enjoy romantic, passionate soul mate love.

2- Terry and I are happy living together.

3- My honeymoon in France is so much fun!


You can see in all three of these love examples, they’re short enough to fit on a bay leaf, evoke enough emotion to pull energy towards, and have ONE specific intention that you can focus on. 

Let’s do more examples. 


How Burning Bay Leaves For Money Works

law of attraction scripting method

Burning bay leaves for prosperity is pretty much the same as for love or anything else. It’s all down to the intention, emotion, and affirmation you send out into the universe. 

I don’t think it matters how much money you ask for with this bay leaf ritual, but there’s one caveat: you must believe you can actually attract and receive the money — or it won’t work. 

For example, there’s no rule against pulling a number out of the sky and saying you want a trillion dollars. However, if you don’t truly believe you can actually attract a trillion dollars anytime soon, you’ll meet unintentional resistance. It just won’t work. 

That’s why with money specifically, I always think it’s best to try small, insignificant amounts first!

You’ll neither be too attached to the outcome nor experience massive resistance because you know you’re not getting it! 

Regardless of what you choose, here are some short, to-the-point, emotional bay leaf ritual affirmations for money:


1- So fun finding extra money every week!

2- Loving random deposits in my bank account!

3- Found an extra $44, yes!


I find with using the law of attraction for prosperity that it helps to have a vibe of excitement for how you’ll feel when you manifest money unexpectedly. 

You may feel differently, but there’s something that I find the Universe really responds well to when I get all hype about it. Try it for yourself! 


Will You Try The Bay Leaf Spell?

self love acceptance affirmations

So, what do you think? Does the bay leaf manifesting ritual sound like something you think can help you make more of your dreams come true? 

I hope you at least give it an honest try and see if it can work for you. 

Happy manifesting! 


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