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How To Do The Law of Attraction Scripting Method + FREE Template (PDF)

Here is your complete tutorial to the law of attraction scripting method for manifestation.

Let me ask you a question…

When you want to manifest money, manifest love, or manifest anything else of importance to you, how do you feel?

Do you experience feelings of excitement, overwhelming joy, love, enthusiasm, eagerness, and hope?

Or do you usually come from a place of lack?

While you may think you’re in a positive headspace when you’re manifesting, the chances are that’s not always the case.

The importance of positive feelings – or vibes – when manifesting is a common element that people often forget.

They think the universe can read their thoughts, but not only is that not true, but it can also cause a lot of stress because every time you get even an inkling of a negative thought, you immediately try to get rid of it.

How To Do The Law of Attraction Scripting Method

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How To Manifest Successfully With Scripting

Before you start working with the scripting method, you’ll need to be sure you’re in alignment to manifest your desires in the first place. 

Countless people dive headfirst into manifesting without preparing with this critical step first, then wonder why their manifestations aren’t working.

I’ve seen it over and over again… the #1 reason people fail at manifesting is that their alignment is way off and they’re not on the right track!

If you have energetic blockages and refuse to acknowledge or clear them, you are 100% wasting your time with these manifestation exercises.

Scripting is just words on a paper, otherwise. 

You might as well be writing a college essay or a work report.

There’s no actual positive energy or magic behind it because you’re flopping in the wind!

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And you have nothing to lost — this highly personalized report is 100% free! 

The information within is just for you, and it’s deep, intimate knowledge that you’ll regret not learning if you waste your time on these exercises without considering it.

Download your free report — it only takes 2 minutes.

Make sure you have all your bases covered!

That way you can make sure you’re not just writing for no reason and wasting your time.


Complete LOA Scripting Guide For Beginners

The universe is not reading all your thoughts to make them come true!

Instead, it focuses on your energy and vibrations. Everyone and everything in the universe has a vibration, including you.

When you have good thoughts, you also have good feelings, which is what helps to raise your vibration.

On the other hand, if you have many negative thoughts and feelings, your vibration lowers.

So one question remains – how do I raise my vibration so I can manifest faster?

There are many ways to do this, but one of my favorites is writing down what you want in a method called scripting.

With scripting, you use your journal to write down what you want in the present tense. Doing so allows you to tap into how you would feel with what you are trying to manifest into your life.

The topic of today’s post is all about scripting and how it applies to the law of attraction.

After we go through how to script, you can download a 100% FREE LOA Scripting Template, too! 

So get ready because you’re about to learn one of the most powerful, law of attraction manifestation methods to co-create the life of your dreams!


How To Manifest Anything With Scripting

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is scripting?

Scripting is a fancy word for “journaling”, really. But I like to think of it as writing the movie “script” – of your life!

You are the screenplay writer, and you get to pull out your pen and write the most tantalizing movie script. Only you are the star of the show and it’s ALL about YOUR desires.

The thing is, you’re writing it in the present tense. So, you are writing down what you are trying to manifest (that hasn’t happened yet), as if it has already happened.

For example, if you are trying to manifest a brand new car, you want to think about the car of your dreams.

You don’t just want “a new car,” do you? No!

You want the 2020 Mercedez Benz convertible with soft, tan leather seats, a woodgrain dashboard, and that sweet, sweet new car smell!

When you turn the key, the engine purrs so softly.

And the way your hair blows in the wind as you zoom down the highway makes you feel like you stepped out of a Pantene commercial.

You wrap your delicately manicured hand on the gear shift and snap a pic or two for Instagram, as everybody looks and stares and wonders who the hot girl in the gorgeous car is.

Maybe this isn’t your specific goal, but you get the point, right?

Can’t you see and feel this experience?

Keep that same energy when you script.



How Scripting Works for Law of Attraction

Why bother scripting in the first place?

Well, there are actually some amazing benefits, even outside of using it for the law of attraction. Here are some of the best advantages of adding scripting to your manifesting routine:


1- Scripting Elevates Your Mood

Have you ever daydreamed about something you really want, then suddenly felt your face flush, got super excited, or had your heart skip a beat?

It’s the feeling of pure joy and excitement, baby!

You can get this feeling every time you script when done correctly.

Not only does it put you in a good mood and help you feel optimistic about the future, but it is going to raise your vibrational energy, which helps you manifest even faster.


2- Scripting Is Perfect For Beginners

There are many ways to use the law of attraction, and so many methods people use for manifesting. But scripting is a simple way to get started.

It is a way of asking for what you want in a straightforward method of writing in the present tense, using your visualizations, and seeing it all play out on paper.


3- Scripting Shows You What You REALLY Want

Not everyone has a clear idea of their ideal future.

If you are someone who has a vague idea of what you want but isn’t quite sure of the details, visualization combined with scripting can really help you get to the next level and figure out even more things you want to manifest, often stuff you had no idea you even wanted.


4- Scripting Is Excellent Creative Practice

Remember, the most critical part of “create your best life” is creating. You need to practice creativity and to engage your senses and using your imagination to stretch the limits of what you believe possible.

Writing down your life as if you already have everything you are trying to manifest, it takes a lot of imagination and creative insight.

You will notice the more you do it, the more scenarios you come up with, and the more you can actually feel it happening.

It is a beautiful way to be more creative and work on your insight.


5- Scripting Reduces Doubt & Negativity

Many times, while we try really hard to focus on the future and raise our vibrations, there are still some doubts.

Maybe it’s hard to see how what you want is going to manifest, or because it hasn’t happened yet, you worry it never will.

Unfortunately, this can actually have the opposite effect and make it even harder to manifest.

Scripting for the law of attraction helps you to reduce your doubts, put aside your negative thoughts, and instead focus on the positive.

You don’t focus on what you don’t have now, but what you KNOW you will have in the future.


6- Simple Scripting Manifestation Methods

Scripting is incredibly simple and can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a short story.

You can do it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a piece of paper and a pen!

You can even type it on your computer if you prefer.

Doing so makes it one of the simplest ways to start manifesting your desires.


7- You Often Discover A Unique Path Toward Your Goals

ne of the more unique advantages to scripting to manifest what you want is that you often find actions within what you write.

Have you ever written in your journal, and by the end of that entry, come up with a great idea or suddenly had clarity about your life?

Scripting makes this possible.

You figure out something you hadn’t thought about before, or you get an idea that sparks an action you can take to get closer to what you want to manifest.

This is the Universe at work!


4 Guidelines for How To Do Scripting

Scripting is super simple, and once you start writing in your journal what you want as if you are living it now, you will boost your mood and suddenly feel how high your energy is.

It can be so enjoyable and even lead to more things you discover along the way that you would like to manifest into your life.

Here are some simple guidelines and rules to follow when it comes to scripting.


1- Always Write in Present Tense

This is worth repeating – you need to write scripting in the present tense.

You write as if what you are manifesting is already happening, and that you are living that dream life right now. It does take a little imagination, but just think about what you want and envision that you are living with it at this moment. Then write about it.

The LOA Scripting Template PDF at the bottom of this post will help you out.


2- Visualize Before You Start Writing

While this might not be necessary every time, at the beginning of your scripting journey, it helps to spend a few minutes visualizing.

Maybe you want to be a homeowner one day, so you need to visualize where the house will be that you wish to purchase, the community, what is nearby, what it looks like, how many bedrooms it has if it has a backyard or a swimming pool.

Get detailed, such as feeling the hardwood floors under your bare feet, and wrapping your hand around your refrigerator in your updated kitchen.

This is why visualization helps so much – it gets you into the zone, to where you can script with a lot more detail.


3- Focus on Your Feelings, Not Just Your Thoughts

As you may have learned already, the law of attraction isn’t just about thinking what you want to manifest, but feeling it too!

As you script, you want to focus on how you would feel if you already had what you want. Remember to visualize in the first person… you are not watching a reel of your life; you are living it yourself.


4- Be Thankful to the Universe When Writing

Always have gratitude when scripting, just as when you express gratitude in other ways. Say thank you to the universe for bringing you this dream, this house, this car, this abundance, this relationship, anything you are trying to manifest. Show how much you appreciate it.

Remember “I am”, “I have”, “I love”. If you are struggling with writing in the present tense and keeping out your current lack from scripting, try to start with these phrases.

For example, instead of “I want to be a millionaire,” you would say “I am a millionaire.” If you want to find the love of your life, you wouldn’t write “I feel lonely” but instead “I have met my soul mate.”



What To Write About When Scripting

If you only have a vague idea of what you want or are trying to manifest, but are struggling with the details, here are some questions that can help a lot to discover what exactly to write.

When you think of your ideal life, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

If you want a car, what kind of car do you want? What is the color, style, size, interior, exterior, make, and model?

Do you want to attract more abundance into your life? Think about what life you would live once you were truly abundant and wealthy. Where would you live? What kind of house would you have? How would your daily life be different?

For health and weight loss, what are you looking to manifest? WHY do you want this, and how will it improve your current life? Don’t think of the lack you have now, but what you want to have when you become healthy or achieve your dream body.

Remember, with scripting, you can write anything you want, as long as you make it clear you are asking for something in your life to attract it. The details are completely up to you.


How Often Should I Script To Manifest?

There is really no rule about how often you should script to manifest. 

After the first few times, you will get the hang of it and understand how it raises your vibrations.

But, here are some ideas for when scripting might be a good idea:


1- Script When Your Manifestation is Taking Longer Than Expected

Even if you have asked for this particular desire before, it might be time to do it again.

In general, you really only need to ask the universe once.

But there are many reasons it could be taking a little longer to become a reality in your life.

If you feel like it is taking too long for your manifestation to come into your life, you can try scripting and use as much detail as you possibly can.

It is a fantastic way to tap into your high vibrational energy and let the universe know exactly what you want.


2- Script When You Have Trouble Visualizing

For some people, they see more of the general idea of what they want but struggle with the details. If you can’t see it coming true, or you are having a hard time believing it, manifesting can help a lot.

Just start writing about what you want as if you have it, and add more information as it comes to you.

It is not uncommon to begin with one simple thing, like wanting to buy a new car, then as you write, you imagine yourself steering the car, putting it into Drive, cruising down your favorite street, picking up your friends, going on a road trip, and so much more.


3- Script When You Want To Manifest Something New

Any time you think of something new that you want to attract in your life, script about it!

Get out your journal or notebook and start writing it down.

Remember this is how you ask the universe for what you want and come up with ideas on how to make it happen. Scripting is often the first step to manifesting new things.


4- Script When You Can Feel Your Vibrations Lowering

Everyone has times when their vibrations seem a bit low. There are many reasons this happens, but if you notice it is lasting a long time for you, and you can’t seem to get out of the funk, just try scripting.

You can start slow with something basic.

Don’t think too far ahead in the future, but what your next level self is. Maybe a promotion at work, instead of being the CEO of your own company.

Script about how you feel when you get the promotion, what it changes, how the extra money helps different areas of your life.

This alone can give you that boost in your mood that you need to start raising your vibrations.


5- You Doubt What You Want to Manifest

Uncertainty with what you desire is another common occurrence, as things in your life may change.

It is okay when you change your mind about something – the universe wants to hear about it!

But sometimes, you need to remind yourself that the change is a good thing.

If you start experiencing doubts or you have a change of heart, get out your journal and write about it. Envision a new future with something else you want to manifest in its place and see how you feel.


4 Helpful Tips For Scripting

Here are a few more tips you might want to follow when you are using scripting for the law of attraction.


1- Use a Journal Dedicated to Scripting

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It can be helpful to have a journal that you only use for your scripting. It is good to have everything in one place, but it helps you to focus on the right thing.

With the law of attraction, you probably use a variety of different methods, and it can be confusing when you are doing scripting, gratitude, and the 55×5 method all in the same place.


2- Think About Your WHY

To get those creative juices flowing, don’t just think about WHAT you want to manifest, but WHY.

Why is this something you want in your life?

Why will it bring you joy?

What do you expect to gain?

Why do you think it will help to improve your life?

Not only does this help you focus on it better, but the visualizations become much clearer.


3- Set a Scene in Your Mind

As you work on visualization for scripting, don’t see it as a fast-moving movie that goes from scene to scene. Pick one scene where you pause and focus hard on it.

Almost like you are going through slow motion, truly loving and appreciating every moment in that scene. It might be as simple as waking up in bed with the love of your life or making dinner in your new dream kitchen.

The longer you can focus on that scene and step into it as if it is happening, the stronger your manifestations will become.


4- Show Sincere Gratitude

Our final tip is a very important one – to show gratitude.

Thank the Universe immensely for bringing this wonderful gift to you.

Be thankful and appreciative of all the blessings in your life and for what you are currently trying to manifest.



Get Your Manifestation Scripting Template Here

Okay, now that you know all you need about scripting, it’s time to download your free LOA Scripting Template!

>>Click Here To Get Your FREE LOA Scripting Template PDF<<


LOA Scripting Technique FAQ’s

Alright… you’ve read the scripting guide, downloaded your free law of attraction scripting templates, and now you’re ready to make the scripting method work. 

Now I’m going to answer a few of the most common questions I’ve received since I first started sharing what I know about scripting. 


1- How Long Or Should Your Manifestation Scripts Be?

There are no hard and fast rules to how long your letter to the universe should be, but I think the longer, the better. 

Not that you want to fill your letter with fluff, but if you’re really getting into the groove and feeling your way through the scripting exercise, you’ll start to let the words flow through you and find that you can get pages and pages of text. 

If you’re short on time or just aren’t feeling it, of course you can have success with scripting just a page or so. 

But if you really want to make the exercise work — work it! 

Give it a fair try. Try a four-page letter and see how it goes.


2- Is There A Special Time To Write Your Manifestation Scripts?

Next, you might be wondering if there’s a specific time of day that you’ll get better results. 

The answer is — whenever you feel best! 

Personally, I enjoy either the late-night hours or early morning before the rest of the world is awake to do all my manifesting work and magic spells. But hey — if all you’ve got is fifteen minutes on a mid-day lunch break? Go for it! 

You can’t mess this up. 


3- Does Scripting Really Work?

The end-all-be-all question about everything about the law of attraction and manifesting. 

Does scripting even work? 

Scripting does work if you believe in yourself, trust the process, and do all the other supporting work (both energetic work and physical action) to get what you want! 

Sometimes manifestations come out of nowhere, but much of the time it is the action you take along with the energetic work that makes it happen.

Think of it this way. 

You want to manifest a new car, so you write a long, detailed, emotional letter to the universe describing your car. 

But you don’t apply for a loan. You don’t go to the dealership to test drive cars you might like. You don’t look at your finances to see where to start. Or heck — you even see a competition or contest where you could win a free car, and don’t apply! 

What do you think will happen? 

Will scripting work? 

Heck no! 

So yes, law of attraction scripting works — but so must you!


4- Can You Do Scripting On Your Phone?

While it is better to do scripting with pen and paper, you certainly can have success scripting on your phone. 

Sometimes you see people saying not to do scripting on your phone or on the computer, but you should ignore this. 

The thing is, the longer and more detailed your letter to the universe, the better. 

And it takes effort to write long manifestation letters on your phone. 

The process of taking that time and effort to focus deeply on your task is, in a way, exactly what you need! 

Meditation is simply a state of being totally absorbed in what you are doing. Almost to the exclusion of anything else. 

So, if you spend all that time focused on your intention, focused on crafting the perfect manifestation scripting letter on your phone. You are completely in the zone and you WILL manifest easy that way!

That said, different strokes for different folks! 

If you try LOA scripting on your phone the first time and don’t get good results, try it the other way and see if that works better. 


5- What To Do After Scripting?

Finally, what do you do after scripting? 

I recommend storing your scripting letter someplace safe, but out of reach. You want to be able to let go of the intention and trust the universe to deliver! 

If you have a dedicated manifestation journal, it’s fine to leave it there. 

Some people like to burn the letter and let the ashes go into the universe. I’ve done that too and it works. 

But, it can also be fun to forget about the letter, come back to it later and realize how it came true for you! 

Another thing you should do once you finish manifestation scripting is pay attention to angel numbers

Frequently, when you put intentions out into the universe, you’ll start to receive messages through numbers about your results.

But if you don’t know how to interpret these messages, you can easily overlook them and you’ll lose out!


5- How Often Should You Read Your Manifest Script?

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You can read the manifesting script you wrote as often as you’d like! It can only help you get into the vibration of what you want to experience. 

The only thing you should look out for is if it makes you feel worried or impatient that it’s not coming. 

As a general rule, if something makes you feel good about manifesting — more of it will only make you feel better.

If something makes you feel anxious, worried, afraid, or sad? Leave it out. 

Read your script as much as you want — so long as it serves your highest and greatest good.


Create Your Law of Attraction Scripting Success Story

So there you have it! Everything you could ever need to know about scripting. 

I hope you give this incredible manifestation exercise a try. 

It’s probably the most powerful techniques around, and it’s such good practice when working with the universe and the law of attraction.

Don’t forget…

If you’ve had problems manifesting in the past or just want to learn more about how to get the law of attraction to work better for you, get a free copy of your numerology report!

Everyone I know who has tried it has multiplied their manifestation success 10x over, and they’re all living the life of their dreams. 

Why not you? 


Wishing you love, light, and most of all – magic,



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