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Why Are All My Exes Coming Back At The Same Time? (Spiritual Meaning)

At some point or another, if you’re working on your spirituality as well as manifesting love or romance, you’ll discover one weird phenomenon – all your exes seem to come back around at the same time!

Believe it or not, there’s probably a spiritual reason (or five) for this. And this article will help you explore possible reasons for all your exes landing in your inbox, your text messages, or even your doorstep – all at the same time!


Why Are All My Exes Coming Back At The Same Time? (Spiritual Meaning)

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1- You’re attracting them back with your thoughts

The first spiritual reason all your exes may come back at the same time is that you may be asking for it!

As you’re probably aware, your thoughts are extremely powerful – especially your subconscious thoughts.

Even if you’re not really aware of it, if deep down inside your mind may be wandering to relationships past, you could actually be summoning those people to you.

This can happen whether you’re thinking of negative or positive things about your old relationships.

For example, if you still live in the same neighborhood as your ex and this causes you to reminisce about the good times you’ve had, you could think of them and send out that energy to manifest them to come back.

Then, maybe you sometimes feel sad at memories of how a different ex used to downplay your relationship in front of others.

You would also be manifesting that ex as well.

It’s quite easy to do, so this could be one spiritual reason all your exes are coming back at the same time.


2- You are on a path to self-love

As you probably know, the quickest way to stability in relationships is when you’re truly happy within yourself.

And that’s why this next spiritual reason all your exes may be coming back at the same time is because you’re on a path to self-love.

And you’re actually making progress!

When you’re living in alignment with yourself and your goals, honoring yourself for who you are, engaging in passions and activities that fill you up, and generally being kind and patient with yourself, you’re becoming a magnet for things to be attracted to you.

It may seem like all your exes are coming back at the same time, but if you’re in a high-vibrational space, when you take a closer look, you might realize that you’re attracting more than just exes.

You’re probably attracting new platonic friendships, new opportunities, new connections, and even new activities.

In this way, all your exes coming back at the same time is a good thing!

It means you’re doing the work and they’re just showing up because your energetic vibration is so high – it’s pulling them toward you (along with literally everything else)


3- You’re meant to heal old emotions

Next, if your exes coming back to contact you happens to trigger you in some way, it could mean that you need to spiritually heal old emotions from those relationships.

It likely means that you have some soul ties to one or more of these people, and if you want to be free of this you need to break those bonds.

And this spiritual reason all your exes may be coming back at the same time is not necessarily a bad thing, because healing is important.

Much of the time, if you’re triggered by these exes, it’s the universe’s way of forcing you to confront old demons that could be holding you back from moving forward in your life.

And, honestly, even though you might be tempted to think that exes always represent love and romance, much of the time the lessons you need to learn have nothing to do with love.

Look deeper at some of the issues in these past relationships.

So many times the universe will send you these people to highlight other issues that you may have.

For example, a long time ago my exes all came back at the same time and I noticed I was really weirded out and uncomfortable about it.

As I did some meditation and soul-searching, I realized that it wasn’t about romantic relationships.

The point was to get me to confront my pattern of giving too much of myself in general, putting the needs of others before myself 100% of the time, and then feeling like a victim when my energy was depleted.

This pattern was translating into many areas of my life – not just romantic.

It was affecting my friendships, my work, and even the way I was volunteering in my community.

That’s just an example, but I hope you get the point!


4- You’re meant to check your integrity

Next, when your exes come back into contact with you out of the blue, it could mean that you’re meant to learn something about yourself through the experience.

It could be a test of your values.

For example, if you’re already in a relationship and your exes come back, and let’s say one of those exes is someone who dumped you, you’d been pining away for, and always wanted to get back with.

From a spiritual standpoint, how you handle this determines who you are as a person.

Or, another example could be that you’ve been single and lonely so you use the law of attraction to manifest your ideal partner.

Before someone new shows up in your life, all your exes come back at the same time!

How do you handle it?

Do you entertain your toxic exes just to relieve boredom, avoid being alone, and take the quick-fix approach?

Or do you hold out for something better?

It may seem annoying, but sometimes that’s how the universe will determine if you’re really ready for the love you ask for!


5- You’re about to meet your soul mate

Finally, when you have so many exes coming back at the same time, it could mean that you’re about to meet your soul mate.

The universe sends “coincidences” to help us connect with special people in our lives – including our soul mates.

Sometimes just before you meet “the one”, you get the final opportunity to “close out” any old ties and relationships and let them go so that you can prepare and make space for new love to enter your life.

When old love interests come back into contact with you, it can be scary.

But if you stop to think about this spiritual reason all your exes are coming back at the same time, it could actually mean that you’re ready for new love!


Final thoughts

Of course, the above list of spiritual reasons why all your exes may be coming back at the same time is not exhaustive.

But it serves to get you thinking and consider that there could be a deeper reason than just weird timing or coincidence!

By allowing yourself to consider these reasons, you’re already embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

This spiritual journey will allow you to continue to grow as an individual, attract more of what’s good for you in life, and ultimately help you establish a stronger connection with both the universe and your inner voice.

Oh and by the way…

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Happy manifesting!




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