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13 Spiritual Signs You And Your Ex Are Meant To Be Together

You may have been through a difficult breakup, but the Universe may still be trying to send you signs that you and your ex are meant to be together. In this blog post, we will explore nine spiritual signs the universe wants you to be with your ex.

signs you and your ex are meant to be together

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1- You still have physical attraction

The first spiritual sign that you and your ex are meant to be together is that you still have a physical attraction for each other.

Sure, he can irritate the hell out of you sometimes with his bad habits or lack of follow-through on promises.

But if you are on speaking terms and can tell there’s an obvious mutual attraction that you just can’t shake — that’s one of the biggest signs.

Physical attraction and chemistry are biological – true – but it’s also a spiritual connection between two people. You can’t fake or duplicate that.

So if you two still have that raw, physical chemistry?

Take it as one of the telltale signs!


2- He still says he cares

Another spiritual sign that you and your ex are meant to be is that he still says he cares. And you do, too!

You may have had undeniable differences or issues.

But if he says he still cares about you (even as a friend at this time), it’s a sign that there is some attachment.

You have to think of it like this…

When you break up or are dumped, there is a desire to detach. Usually on both sides.

So when one or both of you expresses a genuine care for the other, it’s something that persists after trying for the opposite.

It’s deep, it’s real, and it’s on a spiritual level.

So, take it as a sign from the universe that you’re meant to be!


3- He keeps in touch with your family

If your ex still keeps in touch with your family, that’s a sign he still cares about you.

He’ll want to know how your family is doing, and be there for them in any way possible.

It may not seem like it because of the breakup – but deep down, he still loves your family as much as you do!

This also confirms his commitment and sincerity towards the bond you share.

But beyond that, you must understand that members of your family here in this lifetime are most likely also members of your soul family.

As will be your soul mate.

If he is still connected to other members of your soul family, it’s a spiritual sign that he’s probably your soul mate or at least part of your soul family as well.

It’s more than just a fling — you two are meant to be in each other’s lives.

This is one of the more powerful signs the universe wants you to be with your ex — believe it or not. (Believe it!)


4- Neither of you can move on

A fourth spiritual sign that you and your ex are meant to be together is if it’s been a while and neither of you can move on with someone new.

Sure, maybe you’ve dated around a little bit.

You’ve had a rebound relationship or two.

But nobody seems to quite check all your boxes the way your ex has.

You have such a strong emotional connection and the positive memories rest in the back of your mind.

Or, maybe your ex has a new girlfriend (or has dated a few), but they all seem to just be space-fillers until something deeper comes along. Or returns!

The reason for this is that if you are meant to be together on a spiritual level, there won’t be anyone else that can match up!

You and your ex — even though you have your differences — are perfect for each other.

Everyone else has such a high bar that they can never reach. Let alone pass.

The two of you will likely watch each other go through relationship after relationship until you acknowledge the fact that you’re meant to be together.

It’s likely only a matter of time before you make your way back together.


5- You see angel numbers related to him

Another sign from the universe that you and your ex are meant to be is if you see angel numbers related to him.

Angel numbers are repeating sequences of numbers that you see in weird places.

If you see a license plate that has 117 in it, then you look and your phone bill says $117 for the month, and then you see a phone number on a billboard that is 888-117-7979. Maybe it’s angel number 117.

Then you think about it and realize his birthday is January 17th “1/17” and you know it’s a sign!

You and your ex have a deep connection and this is a spiritual sign from above that you have a strong connection and you’re meant to be together.


6- He pops up in your dreams

Another spiritual sign that you and your ex are meant to be together is if you start to dream about your ex.

Since the Universe lacks a physical form, one of the ways we receive communication and messages is through our dreams.

Sometimes you can be broken up with your ex for years. Even if both you or they have seemingly moved on.

And you can suddenly start dreaming of your ex every night.

Naturally, you’ll wonder what it means.

And while there can be several different reasons for dreaming of your ex, one common reason is that they are your soul mate and you’re meant to be together.


7- You feel like you’ve known him forever

One of the strongest spiritual signs that you and your ex are meant to be together is that powerful feeling like you’ve known each other forever.

You would remember this from the very first time you met.

It’s in the way you looked at each other. The way you could finish each other’s sentences almost from the beginning. How you had the same sense of humor. 

It’s about how nobody else could ever know what mood you were in because you were smiling on the outside, but somehow he could always see through to the truth of you.

It’s about how your laughter was contagious. How you shared the same favorite restaurants without knowing what the other even liked. 

There is an instinctive knowledge of who you are and what you need when you are spiritually bound.

Despite having busy lives, you shared the same ambitions in life and always made time to listen to each other.

This is how most soulmate relationships are!

And while you can create that with others, it can only come naturally from a connection like this one.

This feeling, it feels familiar to both of you – because in a way, it is familial.

Your ex is part of your soul family and this is one of the subtle signs that you are meant to be together.


8- You broke up over something silly

If you broke up over something small or petty, both of you probably knows it. And often you will find that the relationship can be repaired quite easily if you are willing to admit it and try again.

For example, if you broke up because one person was too clingy rather than emotionally unavailable, maybe that’s a sign that you’re meant to be.

People who enjoy each other want to be together, after all.

What’s big or small changes from person to person and relationship to relationship.

But if it’s been a bit of time and deep down inside you know you broke up for foolish reasons, it could be a sign that you’re missing out on something that could be great on a spiritual level.


9- You feel incomplete without him

Last but not least, if you are mostly okay but just feel “incomplete” without your ex, it’s probably a spiritual sign that you are meant to be together.

It’s always healthiest to go into relationships as two whole people (neither should actually need the other to be complete.)

Yet, sometimes when soul mates are apart from each other it feels like something is missing.

And that’s totally normal.

Yes, there are many reasons we break up. Sometimes it’s the right decision and sometimes not so much. But if you feel pulled to your ex or he feels that he is missing a piece from his life without you, those could be spiritual signs that you’re meant to be together.

Some people like to say that we are all spiritual beings visiting Earth in human form.

That we’ve come here to learn lessons and accomplish tasks.

Sometimes, we choose to learn from and do the work with specific people at the same time. These are our soulmate relationships. 

So, if you and your ex have chosen to be here in this place at this time for a reason. Then you are separate from each other. One or both of you will feel a void that nothing can fulfill.

In this case, you are probably meant to be together and should see if there are ways you can make things work.


10- They’re “the one that got away”

They are truly one of your most cherished loves. In fact, if we’re being completely honest, they are the absolute best love you have ever experienced, and you simply can’t imagine anyone else taking their place.

It’s difficult to put into words why you feel this way about them. The love you have for them is so deep that it feels like it came straight out of a movie. There was something truly enchanting about what you shared, and when you hear someone talk about “the one who got away,” they are the first person that comes to mind.

You just know deep down that they are the one. And this feeling remains constant even when you are dating other people.


11-  Things ended on good terms

When things end on good terms, sometimes the spiritual significance is that you’re actually meant to be together. (Not always, but sometimes!) 

It could just be that the timing isn’t right and one or both of you still have some personal things to work through and more lessons to learn before you’re ready to come back together. 

In this case, time can be the great healer and bring you back together when the time is right. 

But even if things don’t work out in the end, it’s important to remember that ending a relationship on good terms is always better than a messy breakup filled with anger and resentment.


12- You can’t hate them

Another sign you may be meant to be with your ex is that even if things went very, very sour – you still love them and can’t fathom “hating” them. 

Love is the highest vibration, of course, so it’s good to avoid harboring any feelings of resentment in your heart. 

But just like a mother could pretty much never hate her child even if they do something really really bad – it’s because that child is hers and the connection is undeniably strong and forever.

It could be that even if your ex did something really bad, they’re your person so you can’t hate them. 

Might be a sign that you’re meant to be!


13- Your lives and priorities are slowly aligning

If you broke up because of something out of your control – such as distance, for example. But choices you’ve both made in your lives and also different things have fallen into place to remove these obstacles.

If you find yourselves in the same place at the same time, with similar goals and priorities, it could be a sign that you’re meant to be together. 

Life has a funny way of bringing people back into each other’s lives when the timing is right.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you’re aware of the most common spiritual signs that you and your ex are meant to be together. 

The biggest sign of all will come when you listen to your intuition. 

The heart tells no lies, after all! 

If you’re tired of running an uphill battle trying to get your ex to see what you see — that you are soul mates and destined to be together forever — do yourself a favor and get a copy of your numerology reading! 

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You want to give yourself the biggest possible chance of that forever type of romance, do you not? 

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