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30 Positive Affirmations For Receiving A Text Message

If you want to manifest someone to text you, you have many different manifesting rituals to choose from. One thing you’ll notice, though, is that most of them involve one thing — creating positive affirmations. While creating positive affirmations can be a straightforward process if you know for sure what you want, sometimes you can still use a little creative boost. Here are 30 positive affirmations for manifesting a text message, and best practices for how to use them to get your text message as quickly as possible.


How To Manifest A Text From Your SP FASTER

If you’re serious about wanting to manifest a text and much more (because let’s be honest – you don’t just want a text, do you?!)… then there’s something you need to consider.

Most people believe they can just knock out a manifestation ritual or two and be done with it, then they wonder why it doesn’t work.

The truth is, manifesting isn’t something you can just do and be done with.

It’s an ongoing process 100% fueled by your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and expectations!

No matter how many times you write your affirmations on a piece of paper or how many visualizations you do, you won’t get anywhere unless your subconscious mind is fully on board.

Therefore, it’s easy, right?

All you have to do is get your subconscious mind to believe and expect your desired outcome!

But how…?

Lucky for you there’s a solution that can solve your problem fast!

The solution is the Specific Person Subliminal Audio Program!

The way this program works is that it will change your subconscious programming and help you get into the right vibration for manifesting your specific person.

It will help you to focus on what you want, believe it is possible, and be open to receiving it!

And best of all, you can use this program anytime, anywhere – even while doing other things…

This audio course will help you manifest the text you want, for sure, but there’s much more to it than that. It’ll help you to:

  • Manifest your SP to ask you on a date
  • Make them think about you all the time
  • Become insanely attractive so they can’t keep their hands off of you

All in as few as 27 days!

So what are you waiting for?

Add this powerful tool to your arsenal of manifestation techniques and get ready to see amazing results!


10 Positive Affirmations For Manifesting A Text From Your Crush

manifest a text message law of attraction

  • I am so excited that my crush texted me today!
  • The text my crush sent me makes me so optimistic about our future.
  • My crush just texted me and said they want to hang out!
  • My crush is suddenly texting me so often and it feels amazing!
  • I am bursting with joy because my crush texted me the sweetest message.
  • Every time I send a text to my crush, they respond quickly and that makes me feel good.
  • I love all the positive attention from my crush as they text me all the time now!
  • I have so much fun texting my crush back and forth — we have such good banter!
  • My crush just texted me about the best news ever and I’m so thankful!
  • Every day gets better and better when my crush texts me — it puts a smile on my face.


10 Positive Affirmations For Manifesting A Text From Your Ex

how manifest text

  • My SP just texted me that they want to see me — I’m so excited!
  • I’m thrilled that my ex is now texting me more often!
  • I feel excited that my ex is showing more interest in communicating with me through text!
  • It feels like the good old days now that my ex and I are texting and are on good terms again!
  • I feel such a sense of closure that my ex texted they are sorry and now I can move on.
  • I’m so excited that my ex texted me and asked to meet up — it feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.
  • Texting with my ex feels natural now that we are texting more often and catching up on things!
  • My ex is texting me just like how they did when our relationship was still fresh!
  • I feel so connected to the universe — I asked for a text from my ex and it came so fast!
  • My ex is texting me more often and opening up to me in ways that give me hope for the future.


10 Positive Affirmations To Manifest A Text In 24 Hours

manifest a text message affirmations

  • Manifesting a text overnight is always so easy for me.
  • Every time I ask for a text in 24 hours, it comes well before then!
  • I am so plugged into my power, I manifest overnight ALL the time.
  • I feel so happy knowing I’ll have a text from my crush waiting for me tomorrow morning.
  • When the universe hears my request, it always makes it happen overnight!
  • It feels amazing to know that the universe is conspiring to deliver texts I love in an instant.
  • The law of attraction makes all of my manifesting requests come within 24 hours.
  • I am so excited and energized, knowing I’ll have a text in 24 hours.
  • It feels amazing to know that I can manifest overnight anytime I want!
  • I love how the universe hears my request for a text from an ex and makes it happen within 24 hours.


How To Use These Affirmations To Manifest A Text

positive affirmatins to get someone to text you

As I said at the beginning of this article, most of the ways you can manifest a text will require using positive affirmations.

Of course, you could always just repeat the affirmations to yourself as often as you’d like. That could work.

But most people will find more success performing manifestation exercises to make it go a bit faster.

For something small and simple like a text, I recommend trying the pillow method.


Here are the steps to manifest a text with the pillow method:

  • Just before bed at night, get a pen and a piece of paper
  • Take a few deep breaths, then focus on your intention to manifest a text
  • Choose the positive affirmation of your choice, and write it on the paper
  • Fold the paper three times toward you (to draw your intention into your life)
  • Place the paper underneath your pillow at night to activate the intention
  • Sleep with it there until your intention manifests


The most important thing is to keep this light and simple.

And try to have fun with it!

Remember, if you feel too tense or desperate about this, it could backfire.

You have to be willing to let go of the intention once you set it, and go about your life with ease and flow.

But if you follow these steps, you should manifest your text in no time (maybe even within a few hours!)


Final Thoughts

manifest someone specific to text you affirmations

I hope you’ve found these positive affirmations helpful for manifesting your text!

Play around with them, and don’t be afraid to tweak them to get more specific to your situation or your desires.

Dont’ get caught up in doing things “perfectly”.

Being flexible, creative, and willing to follow your intuition will take you so much farther than copying something that may not be best for you.

Oh, and don’t forget to get your Specific Person Subliminal program!

So many people sell themselves short and sabotage their success because they want to do all the pretty, sparkly, surface-level stuff but don’t want to do the ONE THING that really transforms things — get their subconscious mind on board!

Don’t be one of those people!

Take a few minutes out of your day to focus on what really matters and you’ll automatically find so much more success than others who don’t. 

Good luck, and happy manifesting!


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