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83+ Positive Affirmations For Spiritual Protection (Psychic Energy)

This is a list of positive affirmations for spiritual protection and grounding. If you’ve ever felt a little low or like you’ve had negative energy entering your space against your best wishes, this post is for you. No matter how positive, healthy and uplifting you try to live your life, we’re all regularly subjected to negative emotions, thoughts, and energy from time to time. 

Whether someone gives you dirty looks out in public, you’re an empath and absorb the feelings of others, or you have someone in your life directly wishing you harm, you can benefit from spiritual protection. I’m going to share some of the best positive affirmations to help you stay grounded in positivity, and give a few tips for how to use them!


83++ Affirmations To Protect Your Vibes

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Spiritual affirmations for negative energy

This list of positive affirmations will help you clear any negative energy coming from others.

These are also good for clearing negative energy coming from advertising, the media, or just if you feel it in the air.

Like if you walk into a room and the energy inside just feels off?

These will help with that!

  1. I am too strong and powerful for negative energy to bother me
  2. I release negative energy and welcome in the positive
  3. I allow negative energy to flow away from me and into the earth
  4. I surround myself with light, love, and positivity
  5. My soul is now surrounded by positivity
  6. Negativity cannot enter my space because now it’s surrounded by happiness
  7. All negative thoughts are gone because I am filled with light
  8. Any negative thoughts coming my way will dissipate as they hit my shield of protection
  9. My soul is now surrounded by positive thoughts
  10. As long as I focus on the good and stay away from negativity, it cannot touch me
  11. I am protected by the light


Positive affirmations to clear negative thinking

This list of positive affirmations is helpful for keeping negative thoughts away or clearing negative energy that’s already stuck inside.

Unlike the first list of affirmations, these will work on negative thoughts or beliefs that come from within.

Recite these when you feel yourself spiraling down a negative path, and you’ll feel better in no time!

  1. I am enough and my worth is infinite
  2. All negative thought and fear-based emotions leave my body as soon as they enter
  3. I release negative thoughts and make room for the positive
  4. I am surrounded by positive energy and negative thoughts cannot touch me
  5. My thoughts are positive and they crowd out negative energy
  6. My mind is a powerful tool and I command it to stay positive at all times
  7. Any negative feelings that I have are being cleared away, now
  8. I find positive thinking to be so easy
  9. I find joy and positivity in every situation
  10. My natural state is one of positive thinking — I am ready to return home


Spiritual affirmations to attract positive energy

This list of positive affirmations is great for helping you attract positive people, situations, and energy into your life.

There’s negative energy all around that we can’t control (especially if you’re an empath), but with these positive affirmations you’ll feel the negative slipping away and your natural state of happiness returning.

  1. I am like a magnet for attracting positive energy and people into my life
  2. Positive people are drawn to me, and I find myself surrounded by them
  3. I am ready to receive all the positive that life has in store for me
  4. The results of positive thinking have manifested in my reality
  5. The more I think positively, the more I attract positive things into my life
  6. I am ready for the positive in my life to start flowing
  7. My natural state of being is one of happiness, joy, and positivity
  8. The universe recognizes my pure heart and sends me amazing things
  9. I enjoy many positive experiences in my daily life
  10. I am surrounded by positive energy


Positive affirmations for divine protection

Sometimes you need a little outside protection when things are really tough.

Lucky for all of us, we can call on our angels, ancestors, guides, and the universe to come through and protect us when we can’t do it ourselves.

Here are a few positive affirmations for when you need divine protection.

  1. I am fully protected in mind, body & spirit
  2. I welcome my spirit guides to protect me from all negative thoughts and feelings
  3. My guardian angels protect me at all times
  4. I am surrounded by divine light and positive energy where no darkness can penetrate
  5. My spirit guide is with me always, guiding me through life
  6. Angels protect my physical body as well as my soul
  7. I allow divine protection to guard my mind and protect my emotions
  8. Divine protection surrounds me like a shield of light and love
  9. Divine protection keeps my thoughts and energies pure and positive
  10. The power of the universe protects me from low-vibrational energy


Positive affirmations for psychic protection

Your mind and body are constantly taking in information from your environment, whether you’re paying attention to it or not.

It’s important as a spiritual person to take precautions if you feel like you’re taking on too much negative energy.

Here are ten positive affirmations for psychic protection.

  1. I surround myself in a bubble of divine light and protection at all times
  2. I protect my mind from all bad, negative thoughts and emotions
  3. My body is protected from low-vibrational energies at all times
  4. Negative things cannot touch me with the bubble of protection I have around me
  5. I protect my energy field with divine light and shield myself from any negativity that comes my way
  6. All psychic attacks bounce off my psychic shield and they cannot penetrate me
  7. Anything harmful to my psychic energy will be returned to the sender
  8. My psychic powers are strengthening every day and I remain in control of them
  9. My psychic mind is safe from attack and harm
  10. My psychic abilities have been blessed by divine protection


I call back my energy affirmations

Calling back your energy when you’re feeling uneasy is one of the fastest ways to feel better.

You can use these affirmations when you’re in a bad mood, feeling drained, or just need to recenter yourself.

  1. I call back all of my energy that is not serving me
  2. I call back all of my scattered energy
  3. I call back all of my lost strength
  4. Now I am surrounded by only good vibrations
  5. All of my energy is returned to me, tenfold
  6. My energy is now mine and mine alone
  7. I release any and all foreign or negative energy attached to me
  8. I am now surrounded by a white light of protection
  9. My own personal power returns to me
  10. Now I am whole and complete


Affirmations for protection from a particular person

If you feel like someone is deliberately trying to harm you spiritually, use these affirmations for protection against them.

You can also use them if you just don’t want to deal with a particular person’s energy.

  1. I am now surrounded by a white light of protection
  2. This person cannot harm me because I am protected
  3. I will not allow this person’s negativity to affect me
  4. I refuse to give this person any of my energy
  5. This person is not allowed in my space
  6. I am now surrounded by a shield of protection
  7. I am safe from this person’s harm
  8. This person cannot influence me with their negative thoughts
  9. I will not allow this person’s words to hurt me
  10. I will not allow this person’s actions to control me
  11. I am now surrounded by an impenetrable force field of protection
  12. Use these affirmations for protection against anyone or anything that is causing you harm, stress, or anxiety.
  13. Say them out loud, write them down, or just think them to yourself throughout the day.


Affirmations for family protection

If you’re looking for affirmations to protect your family, these are for you. You can use them for your immediate family or extended family.

Keep in mind that these are good for energetic and psychic protection, but in some cases they can also protect your household from physical attacks.

  1. My family is now surrounded by a white light of protection
  2. My family is safe from all harm
  3. No one can hurt or influence my family members
  4. My family is protected from all negativity
  5. I will not allow anyone to harm my family
  6. My family is strong and we will stick together no matter what
  7. We are safe and we are loved
  8. My family is surrounded by an impenetrable force field of protection
  9. No one can get through this force field unless I allow them to
  10. My family is my number one priority and it is so easy for us to stay safe


What is the best time for affirmations?

The best time for affirmations is when you are feeling relaxed, but alert.

Not when you’re lying down for bed, not right after a workout.

It’s also important to be aware of your self-talk and what state of mind that will put you in.

If you’re someone who has a hard time staying positive, it might actually be best to do your affirmations in the morning.

You don’t want your negative self-talk to override the positive message you’re sending yourself, and if that’s a problem for you it’s a good idea to get used to doing them in the mornings when you can be more positive.

Either way, just be sure that when you’re doing your affirmations, you’re not going to be interrupted.

Set a time and do it without distractions. If you have kids, ask them to leave the room! This is your time for yourself so don’t let anything interrupt that.


What are the most powerful affirmations?

By far, the most positive affirmations are “I am” affirmations. These are short, powerful statements that start with the words “I am”.

For example:

“I am divinely protected and shielded from all negativity and harm”

“I am surrounded by love and light at all times, no darkness can penetrate me”

Start your affirmations with these words to increase their power. It also helps if you say them out loud instead of silently in your head.

So make sure you’re comfortable doing so!


How long should affirmations take?

There’s no set time limit on how long it should take you to work with your affirmations.

It’s not really about the length of time so much as it is your intention.

When you’re starting out, affirmations should take less than a minute.

It’s not a good idea to spend a lot of time on them in the beginning because if they feel forced or uncomfortable, you won’t see any benefits from doing them.

As you get more comfortable with them and start seeing results, then it will be a good idea to increase the length of your affirmations.

What’s more important is that you do them consistently and feel comfortable with them, no matter how long they take.

You can try the 17 seconds method as a great starting point!


How long do affirmations take to work?

As you get more and more into using positive affirmations, you’ll start to notice a change in your energy.

You will definitely be able to feel it after doing them for a few days.

In some cases, people have seen results as quickly as overnight!


How many affirmations should I say a day?

There’s no major rule of thumb on how many affirmations you should say a day.

The more the better, of course!

But if you’re just starting out and your affirmations feel uncomfortable or forced, focus on just one or two to start, then you can eventually mix and match.

Monitor how you feel over the course of a few days and adjust as needed.


Final thoughts

Positive affirmations have many benefits for protecting your spirit, psychic energy, mental health and thinking, and even your physical body.

Just make sure you’re consistent with using them and monitoring your results.

And you’ll see that once you get past the beginning stages, affirmations are very powerful tools for change.

So just give them a try and see how they work for you!

Oh, and by the way…

Don’t forget to check out your free numerology reading! 

It’s going to go over your strengths and weaknesses, the best course of action to take in life, and more!

With Love & Light….



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