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100 Positive Affirmations For Friends, Friendship & Social Anxiety

Humans are social creatures, therefore, our friendships are some of the most important bonds we have. Unfortunately, however, if you have social anxiety, are shy, or otherwise have trouble developing and maintaining friendships, this can feel like a major weakness and source of embarrassment.

 Here are 100 positive affirmations for friendship you can use to help build your confidence in social situations, accept yourself the way you are, improve your self-esteem, become more sociable, develop deeper connections with others, and come to appreciate yourself for the wonderful person you are. 


100+ Positive Affirmations To Manifest New Friends With The Law of Attraction (Social Anxiety, Shy)

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Positive affirmations for meeting new people

Meeting new people comes so easily for others, but everybody isn’t so lucky.

If you feel a little stressed out or anxious and worry about what others think of you, these positive affirmations for meeting new people will help you find more peace.


  1. I am confident when meeting new people.
  2. Each day, I become more comfortable with myself.
  3. Meeting new people is exciting for me.
  4. The more I meet new people, the more friends I will have.
  5. Meeting new people comes naturally to me.
  6. I release any feelings of negativity and welcome ease and flow in new social interactions.
  7. I welcome and appreciate new people in my life.
  8. Every day, I allow myself to be more open with others.
  9. I attract positive and like-minded people into my life effortlessly.
  10. When talking with strangers, I feel calm and confident in who I am as a person.
  11. It’s so easy for me to get along with new people because I genuinely find others interesting.
  12. I let go of any fears or anxieties related to meeting new people and allow myself to enjoy life instead.
  13. When speaking with strangers, I am calm and relaxed in who I am as a person.
  14. I learn so much about myself and about life when speaking with new people.
  15. New people I meet are easily drawn to me; they like who I am right away!


Positive affirmations for building relationships with friends

As rewarding as friendships can be, sometimes it’s difficult to find them in the first place or keep them going if you have many obligations in your life.

For example, if you’ve got a demanding job or family responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to maintain your friendships.

These positive affirmations will help you make the most of your friendships.


  1. I find it easy to prioritize my friendships in my schedule.
  2. I am a loyal, supportive, wonderful friend who others can count on.
  3. My commitments to my friends are always manageable because I balance them with fun activities too!
  4. The more time I spend with my friends, the better our friendships become.
  5. When I’m not around my friends, it’s OK; we can still stay connected and keep our relationships strong.
  6. I respect the boundaries of my friends and they respect mine as well.
  7. I allow myself to prioritize my friendships without feeling guilty or stressed out about it.
  8. I appreciate my friends for who they are and what they mean to me.
  9. I find it easy to express gratitude for my friends in creative ways when the time is right.
  10. Even if we don’t talk all the time, my friends know I’m a true friend who loves them and cares. 
  11. I allow myself to enjoy the intimacy of my friendships.
  12. My friends trust me and I am trustworthy in return.
  13. When I develop strong, healthy friendships, it makes me feel stronger as a person overall!
  14. I find it easy to forgive my friends when they make mistakes or let me down.
  15. My friend circle knows I’m there for them through good times and bad.


Positive affirmations for popularity

If you feel like nobody likes you, these positive affirmations for popularity will help.

Even if being the “popular” person is not your style, having lots of friends around can make all the difference in hard times or when you’re feeling low on confidence.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel popular or to have a wider circle of friends, by the way!


  1. I am naturally attractive to others.
  2. I genuinely like other people and enjoy talking with them.
  3. Positive people are drawn to me when they meet me for the first time because I give off a positive vibe in my demeanor.
  4. It feels good when friends talk about how much fun or enjoyment they had in their interaction with me earlier that day.
  5. I’m receiving so much attention from people who can’t get enough of being around me.
  6. I’m getting so much more engagement on social media and this popularity feels amazing.
  7. People really like me because I bring a lot to the table as a friend
  8. I am so popular because I’m a great listener and I give people the attention they deserve.
  9. I like myself first and this self-love makes other people like me more as well.
  10. My confidence is so magnetic that it draws friends to me wherever I go!
  11. My popularity does not fade over time; it only grows stronger as my relationships grow stronger.


Positive affirmations for friendships with siblings

Siblings can be great friends too, not only in childhood but when you get older as well.

It’s true that it can be harder to bond with people who share your DNA, especially if you’ve had a contentious relationship with them in the past.  

However, daily affirmations can help you appreciate the relationship you have with your siblings in a new way.

If you’re in touch with your siblings and feel a strong bond, these positive affirmations will help strengthen that connection even more!


  1. My brother/sister is so kind and caring towards me.
  2. I want to be there for my brother/sister in all the ways they need me to be.
  3. My brother/sister is so patient with me, even when I’m not perfect or making mistakes.
  4. I am the best version of myself when I am around my brother/sister.
  5. I love laughing and goofing around with my brother/sister because we really know how to have a good time together.
  6. I forgive my brother/sister for past mistakes and resentments and I firmly believe we can start fresh with a clean slate.
  7. It’s OK that we don’t always agree because we find a way to resolve our differences.
  8. We support each other unconditionally and I look up to my brother/sister in many ways.
  9. People see us as a “package deal” because of how good we are together.
  10. I’m so grateful for all that my brother/sister has taught me about life and love.


Positive affirmations to support your friends

Of course, you know that part of being a good friend is wishing your friends well and supporting them when they need you.

But did you know that you can write or use positive affirmations for someone else?

Yup, it’s true!

Sending heartfelt love and well-wishes to others is one of the highest-vibrational things you can do.

And positive affirmations are one of the easiest ways to start.

Here are a few ideas for positive affirmations that will help you wish your friends well.


  1. I am so happy that all my friends are thriving in life.
  2. I’m enjoying watching my best friends achieve everything they desire.
  3. I’ve seen so much growth in my friends over the years and they inspire me each and every day.
  4. My friend has overcome so many struggles and they deserve all the happiness and joy in their life now.
  5. I am always here to support my friends whenever they need me.
  6. My best friend is so creative and I love seeing their talents flourish.
  7. I admire my friend’s talent and I know they are going to be successful at everything they try.
  8. I love supporting my friends because I know they are going to be successful in all their endeavors.
  9. I am so proud of how independent my friend is becoming and they deserve the best life has to offer.
  10. I am so excited to see the amazing things my friend does with their life, because I know they are going to do great!


Positive affirmations for social anxiety

If you suffer from social anxiety, you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with social anxiety and it can be extremely difficult to manage.

Even though research suggests that the best treatment is exposure therapy, there’s nothing wrong with trying other methods.

Here are some positive affirmations that will help give you the self-esteem you need to get out into the world more often.


  1. I am strong and I can overcome my social anxiety.
  2. Even though my social anxiety is intense, I’m going to keep fighting back against it every day.
  3. Every time I push through my anxiety and go out into the world, I grow stronger and become happier as a person.
  4. My worth isn’t measured by how socially comfortable I am and I’m going to push myself anyway.
  5. I may be shy, but that doesn’t make me a bad person and it certainly doesn’t make me any less deserving of love and friendship.
  6. I’m ready to take on the world one step at a time because my social anxiety can’t stop my dreams from coming true.
  7. Every time I overcome my social anxiety and push through, it gets easier and easier and I grow as a person.
  8. I am strong and confident enough to handle whatever the world throws at me today.
  9. Even though I’m shy, that doesn’t mean that people won’t like me or want to be my friend.
  10. I’m confident that I’m an interesting person and I have lots to share.
  11. I’m not going to let my social anxiety hold me back from making new friends, because I know it’s possible for everyone.
  12. My social anxiety may be intense sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less amazing than other people.


Positive affirmations for creating deeper connections

One of the most rewarding ways to strengthen your friendships is to create deeper connections.

And while some people may be more naturally introverted, this doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to open up to others and form meaningful relationships.

Many introverts don’t even realize that their shy behavior or unfriendliness could be hurting their chances of making close friends.

So if you struggle with making deeper connections or opening up to others, here are some positive affirmations that will help.


  1. All my friends are so amazing and I admire them all.
  2. I am always ready to listen when my friend needs to chat.
  3. My friend is going through a tough time right now, but they will be okay because they have me by their side.
  4. Every time I talk to my friend, I feel so much happier for the rest of the day.
  5. I truly enjoy spending time with my friend and I know they feel the same way.
  6. My best friend is so supportive of me and I can’t help but return the favor.
  7. I love how comfortable I feel around my close friends, because it means we can be ourselves and be happy together.
  8. I may not know what to say at times, but that doesn’t make me any less valuable as a friend.
  9. My friend knows that I’m there for them and they can count on me.
  10. I know how to make my friends feel comfortable around me now, which makes our relationship stronger.
  11. I know it’s easy for my best friend to open up because of how safe they feel with me.
  12. The more time I spend listening to my friend, the more I realize how special they are.


Positive affirmations for healing broken friendships

Sometimes friendship breakups can be as hard or worse than romantic ones.

If you’ve had a friendship breakup in the past and want to try to work things out and reconnect, then these positive affirmations are for you.

  1. I release any fear and anxiety about rekindling this friendship.
  2. Our friendship is important and no matter how many years have passed since we’ve spoken, I’m ready to make things right again.
  3. It might be easier to avoid talking about what went wrong in our friendship, but that’s not what I’m going to choose.
  4. I know that forgiveness is something we all need and now it’s my turn.
  5. I will be the bigger person and reach out first because we both deserve a healthy friendship moving forward.
  6. My friend means so much to me and I don’t want to lose them again.
  7. I know that the only way our friendship can be fixed is if we start it anew, right now.
  8. Even though things are tense between us, I’m ready to move past all of the discomforts and have a positive relationship once more.
  9. Even if I have to apologize first for everything that went wrong in our friendship, I’m ready to do it.
  10. I let go of judgment towards my friends because I know they’re doing the best they can.
  11. I forgive myself for my wrongdoing in the past and look forward to a better friendship in the future.
  12. I forgive my friend for their part in our falling out, and trust that we can build an even stronger bond than before.
  13. I release the pain of my past mistakes and focus on a healthy friendship going forward.
  14. I’m excited to give our friendship another chance and see where things go from here.
  15. I’m excited to see how we have both grown from our past and wonder where we’ll go now.


Final thoughts

If you’re struggling with making, keeping, or deepening relationships with friends, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with this and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people in your everyday life.

You just have to get out of your comfort zone and take some social risks so you can start making new connections.

As long as you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will be able to make friends and strengthen all of your other relationships.

You may even find that one day you’re the one helping other people with their own friendship problems.

So don’t give up hope or feel bad about yourself because things are challenging right now – just keep working on your confidence and self-esteem, and use these positive affirmations to help you get there.





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