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71 Brilliant Law of Attraction Affirmations For Beauty

This is a list of various law of attraction affirmations for beauty. Looking more beautiful on the outside starts with positive energy and feeling confident and worthy on the inside. As such, it’s important to speak to yourself with only positive language that uplifts you and makes you feel good every day. 

Making a habit of writing or repeating positive affirmations every day can help you make the energetic shifts needed to move you toward manifesting more beauty. So, enjoy this list of positive affirmations that will help you feel more beautiful.


71 Brilliant Law of Attraction Affirmations For Beauty

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Can affirmations make you beautiful?

Positive affirmations can help you manifest a glow-up but you have to know what to expect.

It’s not like you repeat positive affirmations today then wake up looking more beautiful tomorrow morning.

Instead, positive affirmations help you feel more confident and value yourself more, so you gradually take the steps needed to improve your appearance.

And, instead of noticing things that are wrong with your appearance, you’ll start to notice the good features that you love about yourself.

All of this will help you to feel better and actually look better when you look in the mirror.

And, that self-worth and self-confidence will help you appear more attractive to others too.

So, you will be more beautiful overall if you use positive affirmations for beauty.


Do beauty affirmations really work?

Beauty affirmations really do work!

Countless people have had great results changing their appearance by using positive affirmations.

But the trick is you have to use them every day, and also take inspired action once you feel pulled to do so.

Or it won’t work for you.

To help you know how and when to take inspired action, make sure you get your free numerology reading.

You’ll want to do this because your numerology reading will tell you exactly how the universe communicates with you and this opens your eyes to different messages that can come through.

Which means you can know without even worrying about it exactly what steps to take to manifest beauty!

It’s a no-brainer if you’re serious about becoming more attractive without much effort.

Get your numerology reading now, then work with the following positive affirmations.


10 positive affirmations for beauty

Here are ten positive affirmations for general beauty. You can use these just in general when you don’t have any specific area of concern but just want to feel prettier and more attractive overall.

1. I am beautiful.

2. I radiate true beauty.

3. When I look in the mirror I absolutely adore what I see.

4. I am uniquely beautiful and nobody else looks quite like me.

5. I deeply and unconditionally love and accept myself.

6. Every day in every way I am getting prettier and prettier.

7. I am beautiful on the inside and that radiates outward.

8. I am absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

9. I look incredible because I take special care of myself.

10. I spend a little extra time and money caring for my looks and I am so worth it!


10 positive affirmations for beautiful eyes

There are ten affirmations for beautiful eyes that can be used to help make your eyes more attractive.

1. My eyes are gorgeous.

2. Every day I notice at least three things about my eyes that I love.

3. My eyes are a window into my soul and they attract loving glares from people I’m interested in.

4. I love the shape and size of my eyes.

5. I choose to see beauty in my eyes every single day.

6. People are naturally drawn to my eyes because they radiate warmth, kindness, and honesty.

7. The sunlight reflects through my eyes like pools of glitter.

8. I love looking people directly in the eyes.

9. My eyes are the highlight of every outfit that I wear, especially when I wear my glasses.

10. Everything about my beautiful eyes is perfect for me!


10 positive affirmations for beautiful hair

If you want to manifest longer, thicker, healthier, and more beautiful hair, this list of ten affirmations can help you out.

1. My shiny, lustrous, healthy hair is awesome!

2. I love how strong and resilient my gorgeous hair is.

3. My hair is absolutely incredible and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have it.

4. It’s so easy for me to take care of my beautiful hair because it’s so nice!

5. Every day, the roots of my beautiful hair are growing stronger and healthier.

6. I am grateful that my hair grows so quickly and easily.

7. My hair is my crowning glory and I feel utterly amazing in it!

8. I am so grateful that my hair was made to be healthy, strong, lusciously full of life, and incredibly beautiful.

9. Every day my hair is getting longer, thicker, shinier, healthier, and lusher.

10. I love primping and pampering myself with quality hair treatments and scalp massages.


10 positive affirmations for beautiful skin

Many people would like to attract healthy, vibrant, clear, youthful skin.

If you’re struggling with acne or blemishes of any kind that you’d like to get rid of then these affirmations can totally help.

1. My gorgeous, radiant skin is getting clearer every day!

2. I love waking up in the morning and seeing my beautiful skin in the mirror.

3. I love caring for my skin with gentle, nourishing products that make it look and feel great!

4. My skin is getting healthier every day; it’s softer and silkier than ever before.

5. My clear, blemish-free skin is a sign of my inner health and wellbeing, and I love it!

6. Every day I care for my skin with healthy habits that are making it even more beautiful.

7. My skin glows with health, youth, vibrancy, and beauty.

8. Each morning I discover new things about my skin that make me smile, chuckle, or feel happy inside.

9. I love how easy it is for me to take care of my skin; it’s simple and fun!

10. My best friends tell me that my skin is glowing, even when I’m not wearing makeup.


10 positive affirmations for a beautiful body

Many people struggle with their weight and body image.

If you’re one of them, these healthy affirmations can help shift your perspective to something that is more positive and empowering.

1. I love my beautiful body just the way it is!

2. I am grateful for all the ways in which my body supports and nourishes me.

3. My healthy body is a gift that I am thankful for every day!

4. I love looking at myself in the mirror because I feel confident, beautiful, and good about myself.

5. It’s easy for me to love my amazing body because it has never let me down!

6. I love how strong and powerful my body is; it’s capable of doing so many amazing things!

7. I appreciate all of the ways in which my body is constantly changing and improving.

8. My bones are strong, my muscles are powerful, and my skin glows with vibrant health!

9. Every day I discover new things about my body that make me smile.

10. My beautiful body is my own miracle!


10 positive affirmations for natural beauty

Many people struggle with feeling confident and beautiful without makeup or fancy clothes.

If you want to feel more comfortable in your natural beauty, this list of positive affirmations can help.

1. I love the way that my skin glows without makeup!

2. The world sees me as beautiful because I am good enough just the way I am.

3. I enjoy dressing simply and letting my natural beauty shine through.

4. I love being so confident that I don’t have to wear makeup to feel beautiful.

5. My hair is lusciously full of life and it’s gorgeous without any product in it!

6. My hair cells are bursting with vitality and my hair is so gorgeous because of it. 

7. I am confident in my natural beauty because I know what it feels like to truly love myself.

8. I am in love with my simple, carefree style and I enjoy it every day.

9. I appreciate all of the ways in which my body and features naturally change and grow throughout the seasons and years.

10. Every day I feel more beautiful because I am becoming even more comfortable with myself.


10 affirmations for a better sense of style

Many people struggle to dress with confidence and an easy, carefree style.

If you want to feel more comfortable with your sense of fashion and figuring out your personal style, then these affirmations can help.

1. I am getting better at dressing with ease every day!

2. My style is developing as I learn more about myself and how I want to show up in the world.

3. I appreciate all of the ways in which my body changes and grows throughout the seasons so I can refine my looks accordingly.

4. It’s easy for me to dress with confidence because I know that I look great!

5. My wardrobe is becoming more beautiful every day as I embrace it and enjoy it fully.

6. I am constantly discovering new details about my sense of style that makes me happy!

7. I love how full of life and fun my wardrobe is; it’s so colorful and unique!

8. My style is growing alongside me as I grow and learn more about myself.

9. Every day I draw inspiration from the world around me and I use it to create my sense of style.

10. My unique style is totally me and I love it!


So what are the best beauty and confidence affirmations?

Hands down, the best beauty and confidence affirmations are those that start with “I am.”

“I am” affirmations will always be the best for any situation because they are the best at strongly affirming who you are and where you plan to be.

“I am confident and beautiful today and growing more and more so every day” is a good, general beauty and confidence affirmation that you can use for every situation and have good results.


Are affirmations the law of attraction?

Affirmations are a great tool for using the law of attraction for beauty, but they aren’t the only method you can use to manifest your desires.

It’s important to remember that if you want to manifest anything – whether it be more natural beauty or a better career opportunity – then you have to align yourself with a good understanding of the law of attraction.


Should I write down my affirmations?

Reciting positive affirmations, especially while looking in the mirror for beauty affirmations, will always be the best way to use them.

However, writing your affirmations is also a great idea for further reinforcement.

In fact, many manifestation rituals require creating positive affirmations and then writing them down.

So, if you get comfortable with writing your affirmations you’re already setting yourself up for success.


What is a good daily affirmation for beauty?

A good daily affirmation for beauty is “I am confident and beautiful today and growing more and more so every day.”

If you did nothing else but repeat this every day, you would become more beautiful over time.


Final thoughts

I hope you’ve found at least one good affirmation from this list that you can use to manifest more beauty.

All it takes is a handful of positive affirmations that truly resonate with you.

For best results, remember to use them as frequently as possible.

At least every day — multiple times a day if you can!

You can’t overdo it with positivity!

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to get your free numerology reading!

If you’re truly serious about manifesting beauty, it’s the next step you’ll want to take.

Happy manifesting, gorgeous!




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