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100+ Positive Affirmations For College & Grad School Students

Are you a stressed, overwhelmed, uninspired college or graduate school student in dire need of relief, motivation, and confidence for the weeks and months ahead? If so, did you know that you can use positive affirmations to manifest good grades, relieve test anxiety, and more?

Reciting positive affirmations multiple times a day (or at least every morning) can help move things in the right direction when you’re feeling stuck.

Make this activity a daily habit, and you’ll soar through school with ease and grace, and come out the other side with a clear mind, solid self-esteem (and good grades!)


100 Affirmations to Manifest Good Grades

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15 positive affirmations for students to focus

First, of course, one of the big things you need to master if you want to succeed in college or grad school is the art of focus.

With so many distractions pulling at you, and the need to balance classes, work, and social life, it can be extremely difficult to stay on point.

But adding positive affirmations as your morning mantra or even meditating with them before study sessions can help you so much!

Here are fifteen positive affirmations to help you focus.

  1. No matter what distractions surround me, I’m always able to focus.
  2. I’m great at setting aside time to focus on what’s important.
  3. I acknowledge that there’s much to do, but I set up systems that help me focus on what’s important.
  4. When I put my mind to it and focus, I produce double the results in half the time.
  5. I have mastered the art of focus and this is reflected in my grades.
  6. People ask me all the time how I’m able to focus and I love sharing my tips with them.
  7. When I focus on a task, I am able to do it with confidence and ease.
  8. I have the discipline necessary to stay focused on what matters most to me.
  9. Focusing on myself and my needs comes easily to me.
  10. I see distractions as opportunities for me to get back into my head and improve.
  11. I create systems for managing time so I can focus when I need to.
  12. I focus on my success by focusing on tasks rather than listening to distractions.
  13. Focusing comes naturally to me now, so I use it as a way of life, not just school.
  14. I have enough discipline to stay focused instead of becoming distracted or overwhelmed.
  15. When I put my mind to something, nothing can stop me from focusing until it is done.


15 positive affirmations for test-taking

Next, taking tests is one of the biggest challenges for most students.

Many college and grad school students with test stress and test anxiety, which can be overwhelming and discouraging.

However, you don’t have to let test anxiety get the best of you!

Whether its finals week or any other exam, these positive affirmations will help you ace it so you can move forward toward your path to success.

  1. I am confident in my ability to do well on tests.
  2. I have the focus needed to get good grades on tests.
  3. I am not stressed about taking tests. I can handle anything that comes my way when it comes to these activities, and I do so with ease.
  4. I know the right answers to test questions before I even read them
  5. I can usually answer 3 or more test questions in 10 minutes.
  6. Every time I study for a test, I feel motivated and calm.
  7. I’m diligent about my study methods, which helps me get good grades on tests.
  8. The joy of taking care of all the tasks that are required for getting good grades is enough motivation for me to take action.
  9. I actually get excited to take tests because I get to show off what I know.
  10. I used to suffer from test anxiety, but not anymore!
  11. I am capable of doing my best on any test that is given to me.
  12. I have the ability to pass all exams with flying colors!
  13. I’ve created a solid system of studying for tests that works every time!
  14. I always give myself plenty of time to study for my exams.
  15. I get great grades on tests by studying regularly.


15 positive affirmations for studying & memory

Studying is only as good as the information you retain, so memory is important.

If you’re past the point of cramming, these positive affirmations might be exactly what you need to make sure you remember what you learn.

  1. Studying comes easily to me now.
  2. I know the right things to focus my time on when I’m studying, so I always do well in school.
  3. The subject of any book or lecture becomes fascinating once I get into it.
  4. I memorize information well because I enjoy learning it and living with it for a while.
  5. I have the discipline necessary to study regularly- not just when exams are coming up, but all year long!
  6. I easily remember what I study and recall it anytime I need it.
  7. I am more than capable of memorizing everything required to graduate.
  8. I always give myself plenty of time to study.
  9. I’ve found study methods that gel with my personality and learning type, and that makes it fun for me.
  10. I have a great memory, so I’m able to remember what I study.
  11. Studying is always fun for me because it means an opportunity for growth!
  12. I love studying and learning new things about my major or area of focus.
  13. I know that all the time and effort I put into studying will pay off.
  14. I have the discipline to sit down and focus on my studies.
  15. Studying is my favorite way of growing, so I always make time for it.


11 positive affirmations for staying organized in college

Next, organization may be somewhat of an afterthought, but did you know that staying organized can actually help you do better in school?

Yep, it’s true!

When you’re taking many classes, studying for many tests, and juggling extracurricular activities- it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

But with these positive affirmations for staying organized, you’ll be able to take control of your space and your schedule again!

  1. My room is clean, my desk is clean, and I have everything I need to succeed.
  2. I declutter and organize everything so that I can have clear space to focus.
  3. I have the wisdom to know when I’m disorganized and when it’s time to clean up.
  4. I can easily find everything I need when it comes time for finals so that my studying is efficient.
  5. My study supplies are in one spot, so they’re easy to find in a pinch.
  6. I have great systems in place to make sure things stay organized.
  7. I never let things get too disorganized — I’m always tidying up.
  8. I release my physical and mental space of anything that doesn’t serve my best interest.
  9. I look forward to finals because I’ve organized my life and prepared for this time.
  10. I am comfortable with staying organized, so managing my time and workload isn’t stressful.
  11. Staying organized is easy for me because I love to see things in their place.


17 positive affirmations for staying healthy in college

The “freshman fifteen” is no joke.

Many freshly minted college and grad students wind up gaining that — and more — once sedentary lifestyles and lower-quality foods kick in.

This doesn’t have to happen to you, however!

Add these positive affirmations for staying healthy to your daily routine, and you’ll stay fit and active in college and beyond!

  1. I have a great diet, so I’m always fueling my body with good food.
  2. It’s easy for me to prepare balanced meals that taste delicious.
  3. I eat nutritious food regularly, even when I’m busy.
  4. I know that taking care of my health and well-being translates into a great college experience.
  5. I exercise regularly to keep myself in great shape.
  6. I love my body, so I take care of it by eating well and exercising on a regular basis.
  7. Exercise is fun for me because I get to release my energy while working myself out.
  8. When I stay healthy, everything else in college life falls into place more easily.
  9. I enjoy physical activity with my group of friends — it allows us to bond and also stay healthy.
  10. I am a healthy person, and that is reflected by the choices I make.
  11. If I’m feeling sick or stressed out, I have healthy coping mechanisms that promote wellness.
  12. When my body feels ill, I treat it with healthy foods and supplements until it’s back to normal again.
  13. I take care of myself so that I can function at my best.
  14. Each day that passes is a new chance for me to take care of my health and well-being.
  15. I release the temptation to eat fast food and welcome the benefits that come from focusing on a cleaner diet.
  16. I have such good control over my appetite that I rarely eat foods that lower my vibration.
  17. I have the discipline to eat well and improve my health.


10 positive affirmations for social anxiety in college

Parties, group chats, study sessions, and other social events got you a little nervous?

If so, you’re not alone!

You don’t have to let social anxiety get the best of you in college and grad school.

Here are ten positive affirmations to help you relieve social anxiety.

  1. Even though I sometimes feel socially anxious, I love and accept myself.
  2. I can always find something interesting to talk about with a new person.
  3. I am a thoughtful, caring person and those who appreciate those qualities are drawn to me.
  4. I enjoy being around people who match my vibrational frequency.
  5. I allow myself to attend events that I genuinely vibe with, and pass on those I don’t.
  6. I surround myself with like-minded people who “get” me.
  7. I am confident in my ability to make friends, even if it takes some time and practice.
  8. When I feel socially anxious, I focus on my center and ground myself.
  9. I love meeting new people because each one has the potential to be a great friend.
  10. I have lots to offer to the world and I choose to show those parts of myself.


12 positive affirmations for money in college

Many college and grad school students struggle with money, but there are ways to relieve some of that stress and tension.

Recite these positive affirmations for money and watch your financial situation magically improve!

My budget is simple and easy to follow, so I know exactly where all of my money goes each month.

  1. It’s easy for me to save money because I see the benefits of doing so.
  2. Saving money feels good and helps me manage my stress around finances.
  3. I feel good about saving up for goals that are important to me.
  4. I am financially abundant and money flows to me in many ways.
  5. I release any negative or restrictive feelings about money, now.
  6. I enjoy living within my means because it helps me focus on other things in life.
  7. I manage my money well and enjoy a stress-free life as a result.
  8. I am smart about my spending and know how to save money for future goals.
  9. My budget is a priority, so it gets the attention that it deserves.
  10. What I focus on grows stronger in my life, so I create more financial stability with every thought I think.
  11. I always have enough money to enjoy the fun activities I want to try in college.


5 positive affirmations for dealing with difficult people

Finally, even though you are high-vibe, positive, and kind, you’ll find that others don’t always share the same qualities.

Instead of letting this get you down, recite these positive affirmations for dealing with difficult people.

Then, focus on surrounding yourself with more positive people and keep on being the awesome person you are!

  1. When someone is rude to me, I remain kind and respectful because they are having a bad day.
  2. It is easy for me to let go of negative interactions because I know they don’t deserve my time or attention.
  3. I have no problem being kind to others so that kindness comes back to me tenfold.
  4. I am surrounded by loving people who uplift me with their words and actions.
  5. I see the best in everyone.


Final thoughts

The world can be a different place when you change your perspective.

These 100+ positive affirmations for college and grad school students will help you deal with various aspects of life, from academics to finances to social interactions.

They’re also a great reminder that you are the rockstar of your own story, so take care of yourself.

Good luck on your journey! 


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100+ Positive Affirmations For Students In College & Grad School (Affirmations For Good Grades)