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111 Uplifting Positive Affirmations For Work Stress

Most adults spend the majority of their waking hours during the week at work. Therefore, if you’re experiencing work-related stress, it can have a huge impact on your life. 

Writing or reciting positive affirmations every day can help you relieve some of that tension and give you a more positive attitude about your work, which means you can be a happier, healthier contributor to your business, company, or workplace. Here are over 100 positive affirmations for work stress.


111 Uplifting Positive Affirmations For Work Stress

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Positive affirmations for workplace stress

If you have a toxic work environment or just have general anxiety around your place of work, positive affirmations can help you cope.

Any daily affirmation from this list will help you to experience more joy in your daily life.


  1. I am so grateful to have a job that I can do well.
  2. I accept the challenges ahead of me at my workplace, and I know I have the strength to overcome them.
  3. I have the power to let go of my workplace stress.
  4. I am in control of my workplace environment.
  5. My workplace is a place where I feel safe, secure, and empowered.
  6. Every day in every way, I get better and better at giving myself what I need to be successful in my workplace.
  7. I know that I am a valuable contributor to my workplace.
  8. I feel confident that I can handle whatever my workplace throws at me.
  9. My workplace is a positive environment, and I feel better every single day because of it.
  10. I know that my success at work benefits everyone in my life.
  11. I am skilled at finding the good part in every situation – even at work.
  12. I know there are ups and downs at work and I ride those waves with ease and flow.
  13. Work is a place where I can bloom and blossom into the best version of myself.
  14. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am at work, and I love watching that work pay off.
  15. Work is a place where I can bloom and blossom into the best version of myself.


Positive affirmations for coworker stress

Positive affirmations are also helpful for workplace relationships.

If you have negative feelings about those surrounding you, affirming yourself can help you have more confidence and ease your tension.

Here are some positive affirmations to remind you of your worth when it comes to workplace relationships.


  1. I am blessed with great coworkers who contribute positively to my workplace environment.
  2. We are all great coworkers who add to the workplace dynamic.
  3. Today, I choose to see my workplace relationships in a positive light.
  4. I lift up and value all of my workplace relationships.
  5. The more I appreciate my workplace relationships, the more positively they will respond back to me.
  6. Today, I give myself permission to accept the good in my coworkers and be grateful for the positive contributions they make to our environment.
  7. I know that I am a great person to work with, and I can see it in how others treat me.
  8. When coworkers ask me questions, I respond with kindness and respect.
  9. I create boundaries at work so that people won’t cross them without permission.
  10. My coworkers are great people that I’m lucky to work with.
  11. I know coworkers come and go at work, but the relationships we build together will last forever.
  12. I understand people have good and bad days, so I don’t take it personally if my coworkers are difficult at times.
  13. I know my coworkers are here to help me, which is why I treat them with kindness and respect.


Positive affirmations for a difficult boss

Unfortunately, coworkers aren’t the only workplace relationships you need to worry about.

Sometimes your coworkers are great, but you don’t get along with your boss.

Positive affirmations are also helpful for dealing with challenging superiors too!

Here are some powerful affirmations to remind you of your worth when it comes to difficult bosses.


  1. I know that my boss has good intentions.
  2. I am confident in my own abilities, and I trust that my boss is too.
  3. I can handle any conversation with my boss because nothing they say will tear me down today.
  4. Even if my boss is in a bad mood today, I know this is not really about me.
  5. My boss is a person just like me.
  6. I know that at the end of the day, I’m in charge of my happiness and no one can take away my inner peace.
  7. Even if I make mistakes, there’s still no reason to worry or stress out because it’s not going to last forever.
  8. My relationship with my boss will always be a priority because it’s important to me.
  9. When I have difficult conversations with my boss, I focus on being clear and concise.
  10. I know that if I communicate effectively, a positive outcome will always be possible.
  11. I feel secure knowing that I am doing great work, even if my boss doesn’t acknowledge all the ways I show up for my coworkers and company.
  12. Today, I choose to assume positive intent on my boss’s part because I know they want what is best for me too.
  13. I know I am valuable, and so is my work.
  14. Nothing can stop me from being successful because I have the power to create the life I want for myself.
  15. I choose to focus on being grateful even when my boss doesn’t value my work.


Positive affirmations for future career goals

Having positive affirmations for friends, coworkers and your relationships at work can already make a huge difference in lowering your stress levels in the workplace.

But when you take these words of encouragement into consideration for future career goals too, that’s when things really start to get amazing!

Here are some positive affirmations to remind you that career goals are possible for you!


  1. I know that I will find success in my career because I am working hard towards it.
  2. I am passionate about my ultimate career goal, and this means it’s easy for me to feel successful already.
  3. There is nothing stopping me from achieving my career goal because I know exactly where I’m going.
  4. I have so much good luck in life, and this shows up in my career as well.
  5. I’m finding so many new connections that can help me further my career.
  6. People in my current job support my growth as a person and for my career.
  7. I am making career decisions with ease because I know I’m taking the right steps.
  8. I trust my intuition with the steps I need to take for career development.
  9. Taking career risks isn’t scary to me anymore because they only lead to new opportunities that are for my highest benefit.
  10. I know my career is going to keep getting better and better because I’m taking the right steps forward.
  11. I have a career plan for myself that’s precise and deliberate, which means I am constantly making progress towards my career goals.
  12. The more clear I get on what career path I want, the easier it is to take action.
  13. I am doing career work that I find meaningful and fulfilling because this career is for me.


Positive affirmations for burnout at work

You’ve been going to the same job for a long time now.

But lately, you’re feeling burnt out, falling victim to negative thinking, and are no longer inspired by your career path anymore.

Lucky for you, positive affirmations can help relieve work burnout and set you on a more relaxed path to achieving your personal goals.

  1. I listen to my body and do what I need to make this burnout feeling go away.
  2. Being burnt out at work is only temporary because it’s just a phase.
  3. Burnout simply means that it’s time for me to take a break or get additional help/support in some way.
  4. I honor these tired feelings I have and know that they are there for a reason.
  5. I recognize that I’m done with the burnout feeling, and it’s time to make some changes in my life.
  6. Today, I am ending work burnout because this is what I want for myself.
  7. I love how relaxed and refreshed my body feels when I take time away from work.
  8. I allow myself to fully rest and recharge because I deserve that.
  9. Taking time away from work is rejuvenating for me, and the more I do it, the better.
  10. My relaxed state isn’t dependent on any one thing – it’s about how relaxed I am with my choices.


Positive affirmations for a big presentation

You’re either in the middle of a big presentation, or you’ve got one coming up soon and you’re stressed to the max.

All you feel is fear and dread about it because you don’t think you can do this.

But, this negative attitude is going to get you nowhere.

If so, use these positive self-statements to help motivate and calm your nerves!


  1. I honor my feelings of nervousness about my presentation and choose to relax now.
  2. My nerves are my body’s way of telling me that I need to take care of myself before my presentation.
  3. I am relaxed in the knowledge that all the work I’ve put in will lead to success today.
  4. I am fully prepared for this presentation and know I’ll do an excellent job.
  5. I have such high-quality information to share and I can’t wait for people to hear it.
  6. I know that this presentation is important, and I’m totally relaxed about it.
  7. There’s no way anything bad can happen once I start speaking because I feel fully comfortable with my material.
  8. I’m excited to do such a good job with this presentation and see what good things happen for my career as a result.
  9. My nerves are calming down now as I remember that I’m relaxed and excited about this presentation.
  10. I am calm and confident in my material, and I know I will do a great job.


Positive affirmations for a raise or promotion

You’ve been at your job for a while now, and you’re ready to ask for a raise or promotion.

But you don’t know how to do it!

What’s worse, you feel nervous and scared that you might look bad, and you don’t want to seem ungrateful.

Well, if this is you, know that you are fully deserving of the raise or promotion you’re asking for!

These positive affirmations can help ease your fears about getting what you deserve at work.

  1. I know my worth and am confident that my request for a raise will be well-received.
  2. I have been doing great work and it’s time for me to get compensated.
  3. I’m excited about what a raise brings – more money, more security, and a better work-life balance.
  4. I am so deserving of the raise I’m asking for because I know how hard I’ve been working.
  5. My boss sees the great job I have been doing and knows that a raise is deserved.
  6. I am excited about the raise/promotion that I’m going to ask for because this means I can show off my best skills.
  7. My boss has joy in her heart from knowing she’ll be able to reward me soon!
  8. Getting a raise or promotion is something to celebrate, and I’m fully deserving of this raise/promotion.


Positive affirmations for starting a new job

You couldn’t be more excited to start your new job, but you quickly realize that the stress levels are higher than you thought they’d be!

You wish things were easier and flowed more gracefully.

Here are a few positive affirmations to help you relieve the stress associated with starting a new job.

  1. I’m excited to learn new things about my job!
  2. I am fully confident in my ability to do this job well.
  3. I love having new challenges and responsibilities – they push me to become better at what I do!
  4. I feel peaceful, calm, and confident as I approach this new opportunity.
  5. I respect my new coworkers and boss, and I know they respect me too!
  6. My passion comes through in my work because this is what I love to do.
  7. I am grateful for the opportunity to start a new job, and this feels like it will be an excellent fit for me.
  8. I’m so excited to start this new job and I can’t wait to see what wonderful things come from it!


Positive affirmations for starting a small business

Starting a small business is a long-term goal of yours, but you’re struggling to find the motivation.

You don’t know where to start, how to raise enough capital, or even if your idea will stick.

Well, if this is you, know that it’s time to get inspired!

Here are positive affirmations for starting a small business.


  1. I am fully prepared to take on this new challenge and make success happen.
  2. My passion for what I do is powerful enough to motivate me in any situation.
  3. Every day I spend learning the things I need to know to raise enough capital for my small business.
  4. I am confident, patient, and relaxed about growing my small business because passion drives me forward.
  5. My family is supportive of the new adventure I’m starting by opening a small business, and they want to help in any way they can.
  6. I am excited about the new challenges I’ll be facing as I raise capital for my small business.
  7. I know that the smallest seed can grow into an incredible tree, and this is just like that!
  8. I will let nothing stand in the way of me achieving success with my new venture.
  9. Entrepreneurs do hard things, but I’m fully capable of making something truly incredible happen.


Positive affirmations for quitting your job

If you’re considering quitting your job, then these positive affirmations are here to help!

Not only will they calm your nerves about quitting (after all, it’s a big decision), but they’ll also help you find the clarity you need to know if it’s actually worth quitting.

  1. I know that quitting my job is the right choice for me.
  2. I am letting go of fear and doubt as I make this decision.
  3. Every day I am learning how to relax my mind so that I can see clearly what the right choice for me is.
  4. I deserve to feel good at work and quitting my job is me reclaiming my power.
  5. It feels good to let go of negative thoughts about quitting my job.
  6. I am letting go of negative thoughts and emotions so that I can see clearly what the right choice is for me.
  7. My passion and purpose are guiding me through this process, and I love standing in my truth.
  8. Quitting my job is a sign that I’m ready for more.
  9. I’m so excited about starting a new chapter in my life.


Positive affirmations for working from home

Working from home might sound like a dream, but it’s an adjustment.

You’ll miss the office banter and all those conference calls you used to attend, but there are positive affirmations for working from home that can help make it easier.

  1. I am confident in my ability to work successfully from home every day.
  2. Every day I am learning more about myself and what it takes to work from home successfully.
  3. I love the privilege of working from home and am grateful for this opportunity.
  4. I am grateful for the opportunity to raise my family while working from home.
  5. The people at my new job or company are so happy to have me there, working from home.
  6. I am learning how to work more effectively while working from home, and I’m doing a great job!
  7. Every day I get closer to feeling at ease with my decision to work from home.
  8. I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to, even if it seems hard at first.


Final thoughts

If you’re struggling with work-related stress, then these positive affirmations might help.

They’ll remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that quitting or working from home can be an empowering experience depending on your situation.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration to take action in your own life!

For best results, choose a few positive affirmations that resonate with you and either write or repeat them to yourself multiple times per day.

Over time, your outlook on your work life will start to improve and you’ll feel much better.




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