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How To Do The Salt Water Ritual For Fast Money (Sundays)

This is an article that will teach you how to perform the salt water ritual for money. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to attract money with the law of attraction! Do this on the first Sunday of every month and watch as you manifest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the month ahead!


How To Do The Salt Water Ritual For Fast Money

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Before you try the coarse salt money ritual

Before you try the salt water money manifestation ritual, there’s something you need to know.

Countless people dive headfirst into working with the latest ritual because it sounds like an easy way to generate some extra cash, without the slightest clue what they’re doing!

While this isn’t the worst thing you can do, there’s something missing…

Most people never establish a genuine connection with the universe…

Then, they put their request out there and go asking for random things that never come into their lives.

They wind up feeling that everything is a hoax, manifesting doesn’t work, and fail to ever experience the joy and magic that it can bring.

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What is the salt water money ritual?

How To Do The Sea Salt Water Money Ritual On The First Sunday of Every Month (Coarse Salt Spell)

The saltwater money ritual is a spiritual practice where you combine salt and water in a glass, let it sit for an hour, then wash your hands with the mixture.

It’s pretty simple, but there are some details you need to know before trying it.

So, read on for more!


Why salt?

For centuries, people have used salt for many spiritual purposes.

Salt has natural healing energy, and it is most commonly used for cleanliness, protection, and purity, but also for repelling evil, attracting money, and balancing the energy of your space.

But when it comes to prosperity work, salt is an incredible mineral to bring extra cash.


What kind of salt do I need?

himalayan pink salt in a bowl, pretty, surrounded by leaves

For this ritual you need coarse salt, either Himalayan Pink Salt or sea salt will do.

Regular table salt is not advised, though, as always, if it’s all you have it’s better to try with what you have than not at all!


How to get good luck with salt?

You can get good luck with salt all by itself because it naturally contains the metaphysical properties that will help you meet your goals.

But just like with anything else (such as crystals or even perfume), if you bless your salt first as soon as you get it – your look will manifest tenfold.

(It sounds too good to be true, but I swear by it, and it works!)

To bless your salt, just hold it in your hand and set intentions that anything you use it for will be for your highest and greatest good and that it will automatically and effortlessly bring you good luck.

And you’ll be good to go!


What else do I need to manifest money with salt?

Beyond the sea salt, you also need the following

  • a smooth glass cup or vase
  • purified water
  • an hour of time


How to do the salt ritual for money

The money ritual itself is very easy to do.

It’s only a few steps.

But be forewarned that if you just do the ritual without having a positive mindset behind it, it won’t work.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing the rituals without healing your negative mindset first!


Here’s how to do the ritual (instructions from the original Facebook post):

  1. Mix the water with a tablespoon of salt
  2. Let it rest for one hour
  3. Rinse your hands with the salt water and say a chant: “Salt is protective and it will help me to multiply my money and never lack in my home.”
  4. Let your hands air dry
  5. Move on with your day


Coarse salt money ritual success story

The money ritual itself is very simple, of course, so I tried it myself and I’ll tell you what happened.

I waited until the first Sunday of the month and followed these instructions exactly, but also there are a few things I added because I make sure I always do them with any manifestation ritual.

So I’ll tell you exactly what I did.

First I think it’s important to always have clarity when you ask the Universe for something. So I asked for a specific amount of money (that way I would know if it came from the ritual or not.)

I asked for $77. Not too high, but odd-ball enough to know for sure, right?

Then I did a quick breathing meditation to ground myself and clear my energy.

Focus is important!

I then wrote a very quick scripting letter to the universe (not even a whole page) about how cool it was that this manifestation ritual worked and that I got $77 lightning fast and that I spent it on a nice takeout meal for me and my husband.

Then I followed the steps exactly as instructed.

Later that week, I checked my mailbox and sure enough — there was a refund check for my car insurance payment!

Apparently, they overcharged me a while back and had just caught the error, so they sent me a check, and guess how much it was for? — $77.06!

I’d say it worked!


Final thoughts

All in all, the saltwater ritual is one of the many you can use to manifest money quickly.

People write me all the time asking if these things really work, and my personal view is that yes — everything works, but you have to try!

I think if you have doubts or negative energy around you about it not working, then it won’t.

But if you think positively and at least have an open mind and a playful spirit, you’ll find it much easier to attract your desires all the time — not just when you’re doing a one-hour saltwater ritual.

I hope you learned a lot by reading this article and that you do give this ritual a try if you think it’s a good fit for you!

It worked for me and I’m sure you can get good results as well.

Oh, and by the way…

Don’t forget to grab your free numerology reading while you still can! 

If you’re serious about manifesting money fast, it’s the first step you’ll want to take.


Happy manifesting!



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How To Do The Sea Salt Water Money Ritual On The First Sunday of Every Month (Coarse Salt Spell)