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5 Money Crystals For Abundance & Prosperity (Manifest Money Fast)

This is your complete guide to the best crystals for manifesting money, abundance, and prosperity into your life. Any one of these crystals, used properly, can bring you actual cash into your wallet or bank account. Read on to discover how to use crystals for money.


5 Money Crystals For Abundance & Prosperity

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Why should you use crystals for money?

You should use crystals to manifest abundance, prosperity, and financial success because crystals are highly metaphysical.

Everything is energy.

Crystals have the power to amplify the vibration of whatever they are near.

They can bring about changes in mood, thoughts, and feelings which will help you manifest money and abundance in so many ways!

Crystals work on a spiritual level, stimulating our higher self or soul to align with the energies of money and of the universe to bring more of our desires to us.

Beyond that, when you program your crystals with your intentions, they get to work for you in other ways.

They can help boost your confidence, giving you the courage to take risks or take advantage of opportunities related to money.

Or, they can boost creativity and help you manifest ideas to generate additional income.

Some crystals are purely magical (especially if you combine them with the right rituals and spells.)

In these cases, crystals can help you manifest abundance and money overnight out of thin air!

It’s wild, but possible!

The most important consideration for you will be to find the right crystals to use.

Read on for the best crystals for manifesting money.


1- Pyrite For Manifesting Money

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The first crystals for manifesting money would be pyrite, or “fool’s gold”.

Pyrite is often called the “money stone” for so many reasons.

The bright, shiny color of pyrite makes it the perfect crystal to boost your money vibes!

Pyrite is so blinged-out, you can’t help but feel luxurious, rich, wealthy and super-glam when you’re working with it.

It literally looks like nuggets of gold, and will bring you so much money you won’t even believe it!

On a practical level, pyrite helps you manifest money by attracting new opportunities and resources.

It also fosters positive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about money which will improve your ability to manifest it!

Pyrite is said to be a stone of good luck in general- so make sure you use this crystal when working on any type of fortunate situation.


2- Citrine Crystal For Abundance

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Citrine is another excellent crystal for manifesting abundance and money into your life.

The yellow color of citrine is associated with your solar plexus chakra — the chakra for willpower, determination, and manifesting your desires into the world.

Citrine helps you manifest money by opening up your creativity and providing the means for achieving success.

It also raises self-esteem, which can often be a barrier between people who want more money!

Citrine really has so much positive energy of abundance. It can help you clarify and align with your best financial intentions.

The citrine stone helps break through any limiting beliefs around finances that may have been created in past lives or even from past failures.

Use citrine to boost your money-manifesting potential and watch the money flow through your life super fast and easy!


3- Green Jade For Financial Focus

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Green Jade is another powerful crystal for wealth and money manfiestation.

The gorgeous green color is related to the heart chakra, but also is great for manifesting money.

Jade can help you manifest money by clearing your head, bringing you a sense of calm, and giving you focus and confidence to make the best financial decisions.

Jade is the “alignment stone” when it comes to the vibrational energy of money.

It helps you stay in alignment with your true desires and dreams so that you can manifest them quickly.

Jade is also a lucky stone of wisdom, which will help clarify any thoughts or ideas as they come to you about money-achieving opportunities.

The best way to use green jade for manifesting is to keep it by your bedside at night.


4- Clear Quartz For Clarity With Money

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Next, this may come as a surprise, but one of the best stones for manifesting money is clear quartz crystal.

Clear quartz is one of the “master crystals” because it can be programmed with any intention.

The primary benefit of using clear quartz to manifest money is that it will bring so much extra clarity for what you need to do next.

Meditating with clear quartz will likely lead to an “aha” moment if you feel confused on the steps to take to manifest more abundance and prosperity.

Sometimes when manifesting you’re told not to focus on the “how”.

That it’s supposed to come to you.

Well, clear quartz will help you discover what inspired action to take once you’ve sent your manifestations out into the universe.

Furthermore, clear quartz can amplify the energy of other crystals you use for manifesting money.

So you can pair any crystal you have with clear quartz to multiply its power.

Clear quartz paired with other crystals is for you if you’re really serious about attracting more money and financial abundance into your life.


5- Tiger’s Eye For Financial Luck

Finally, Tiger’s Eye is another excellent crystal for manifesting abundance because it is the stone of good luck.

Whether you want to manifest money by changing careers or securing a new job, starting a new business venture, or even winning money at a casino or lottery, Tiger’s Eye can help you get there.

The best way to use Tiger’s Eye is to meditate with the stone in your hand.

Or, you can charge it with your intention first, then use it while completing any of your manifestation exercises for money.


How to program crystals for money

The best and easiest way to program crystals for money is to hold the crystal in your hand and visualize the money that you want.

Imagine it coming into your life and how you’ll feel once you have it.

What will you do with the money?

How will it change your life?

Get a clear picture in your mind’s eye of what you want, then send energy through your thoughts into the crystal telling it to bring that desire to you.

You can say either in your head or out loud “I want you to bring me this desire.”

Focus on this for five to ten minutes, and that’s it!

It’s so simple, but that’s all there is to it!


Best Crystals For Manifesting Money

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