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The Best Crystals To Manifest Beauty (+ Free Magic Beauty Ritual)

Did you know that healing crystals can help you increase your physical attractiveness and manifest beauty?

That’s so cool, isn’t it?

I’ll share the four best crystals for manifesting beauty, as well as a high-vibe glam and magic beauty routine and ritual that will make you feel amazing!


The Best Crystals To Manifest Beauty

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How do you use crystals to manifest beauty?

Crystals work in multiple ways to manifest beauty.

The most obvious way they would work is simply by charging them with the intention to make you more beautiful, but there are four techniques where you can physically use crystals to make you more beautiful.

I’ll go over three main techniques below.


1- Make crystal-infused spray

crystals for beauty physical attractionThe first way to use crystals for beauty is to make “glam spray!”

All you have to do is get the crystal you want, put it in a tray of water and let the concoction charge underneath the moon at night.

You can use a full moon if you want, but it doesn’t matter.

Put the crystal into the water, set the intention that the crystal essence infuses into the water.

Then, use the crystal-infused moon water as a spray or mist for your body, hair, or face.

Certainly, you know by now that the more glitter, bling, and glam you put into your beauty manifestations, the more you’ll get out.

love putting my glam water into these glitzy, fancy spray bottles!

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It feels so luxurious, and that’s the energy you need to manifest beauty.

(They’re actually quite inexpensive compared to how great they make you feel!)

Try it for yourself and see what I mean!


2- Apply crystals to your skin

The next best way to use crystals for beauty is to apply them to your skin while you meditate or even just relax.

It’s so soothing!

Sometimes I like to massage my skin with rose quartz and a body oil of my choice.

It feels nice and I wind up with this smooth, supple glow.

I swear by it!


3- Charge your beauty products

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Another unique way that I like to use crystals for manifesting beauty is by charging the skincare and beauty products I already use.

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals.

It can amplify or boost the power of anything!

I have a selenite crystal bowl that I keep on my bathroom counter.

Sometimes I’ll just put different items inside the selenite bowl and let it charge my beauty products with the intention to make me more beautiful.

I swear I get so much attention from men (and other women are much nicer to me too) when I charge my stuff regularly!

When I fall off and forget to charge, things get kinda “meh” lolz.


1- Jade – Make Your Skin Beautiful

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Jade is so good for your skin, both on metaphysical and scientific levels.

On a spiritual level, jade works by clearing away negative energy from your body and mind.

On a physical level, jade is useful for smoothing wrinkles and tightening the skin.

It’s also helpful for soothing and cooling skin irritation and inflammation.

Not only does jade help you manifest beauty, but it can improve your health too!

This stone can help fight skin bacteria that get underneath the skin and blemishes, as well as remove harmful toxins from the skin.


2- Rose Quartz – Promote Youthful Appearance

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Rose quartz is another excellent stone to help you manifest beauty and physical attraction.

Rose quartz will help you feel your loveliest and most beautiful.

This stone will also help to energize and regenerate aging or damaged tissue, so it can be an excellent choice for smoothing out wrinkles and revitalizing aging skin.

Rose quartz has this soft, pink glow too!

It’s the perfect stone for manifesting beauty.

Make your own “rose glam water” using the moon charging method mentioned earlier.

You’ll get great results!


3- Red Jasper – Clear Skin, Increased Blood Flow

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Red jasper is known as the “Goddess Crystal”, as it represents beauty and passion.

As such, red jasper supports healthy blood flow, regulates the circulatory system, and helps restore skin balance and skin tone.

If you have skin discoloration issues such as dark spots or scars, red jasper can help even those right on out!

Furthermore, red jasper boosts libido (as many red crystals do).

If you need a little bit more passion in your life, red jasper will not only help you become more physically attractive, but it can help you feel more erotic as well.


4- Black Obsidian – Detox & Cleanse

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Black obsidian is the crystal to use if you need to detox, cleanse and purify your skin or body for beauty manifestation.

Obsidian aids in the removal of toxins from the skin on a physical level.

But on a spiritual level, obsidian can remove negativity, stress, and low vibration states which will help you look and feel lighter, more welcoming, and more attractive.


5- Moonstone – Feminine Grace & Magic

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Finally, moonstone is the perfect crystal to manifest beauty.

It has a natural feminine, graceful quality that helps bring out your inner goddess!

Use moonstone in the moon charging water ritual for best results.

Every time I make my moonstone moon water I notice I seem to effortlessly lose weight, my skin glows, and I even spray it into my hair and my hair looks amazing.

It’s just an all-around beauty boost that any girl could get behind!


A Simple Beauty Manifestation Ritual

Now that you’ve learned which crystals to use to manifest beauty, here’s a simple beauty ritual that anyone can perform.


1- Use a clean bowl or container to create “glam water”

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First, get your beauty manifestation crystal and a bowl of water.

Take the crystal in your hand, take a few deep breaths, and send thoughts for the crystals to help you manifest the beauty you want.

Put the crystal in the water, and set it underneath the moonlight overnight.

This will help it charge with the soft, feminine, energy of the moon.


2- Take a glam bath

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Set aside time to take a refreshing bath.

You might like to add rose petals, burn incense, and pink candles. Play a little bit of music that makes you feel gorgeous and sexy.


As you pour the glam water into the bath, repeat this chant:
“I am glowing, I am glam, I am radiant, yes I am… I am pretty, I am free, beauty, beauty come to me.”

Enjoy your bath, knowing that you are beautiful, radiant, and pretty!


3- Use your beauty crystal

For an added boost, you can take your crystal rub it over your skin while you repeat the chant.

Good luck, beautiful!


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