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How To Use Clear Quartz For Manifestation (Healing Crystals)

If you’ve never used clear quartz for manifestation, you’re missing out! Clear quartz is often called the “universal crystal” because it is so powerful. Now, you will learn all about how to use clear quartz for manifestation, so you can experience some of that magical power for yourself.


How To Use Clear Quartz For Manifestation

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What does a clear quartz crystal do?

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Clear quartz crystals have multiple properties. They can absorb, store, transmit, and amplify energy.

This makes it the ideal crystal for manifesting many goals.


How do you clean a clear quartz crystal?

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The first step as soon as you get your crystal is to cleanse it.

You need to clean your crystals because you have no idea where they’ve been or who has been handling them.

When working with crystals, you’ll always want to remove anyone’s energy other than yours. It’s always good to get a fresh clean slate.

Cleaning your crystals is so easy!


For clear quartz, pick one of the following: 

  • Burn some sage or palo santo and run the crystal through the smoke
  • Plant the crystal in the dirt of a houseplant or out in your garden/yard overnight
  • Let the crystal bathe in the sun for a few hours
  • Let the crystal bathe in the moonlight overnight
  • Soak your crystal in saltwater

Any one of these options will clear your crystal perfectly — then you’re ready to activate or charge it with your intentions!


How do you activate a clear quartz crystal?

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1- Create a sacred space

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First, set a sacred space to charge your crystal. This doesn’t have to mean a whole room devoted to spiritual practices. It can be a clean desk during a time where you know you won’t be disturbed for at least 5-10 minutes.

You might like to burn some sage or incense, play some music to your choosing and sip some tea.


2- Set your intention

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Next, think about your intention. What do you want the crystal to do?

If you want the quartz crystal to protect your energy, say “help protect me from outside influences.” If you want your crystal to boost your self-confidence, say “help boost my self-confidence.” And if you want to manifest love, you might say something like “help me attract new love interests.”

Don’t overthink it — it’s supposed to be easy!


3- Connect with your crystal

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The next step is to connect with your clear quartz crystal.

Hold it in your hand, feel its edges. Examine its details, admire how gorgeous it is.

Be mindful of any feelings or sensations you get when holding your clear quartz crystal. This will help you bond with it so much more, and help it work for you!


4- Imagine your desire manifesting

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While still holding the crystal, visualize your desire manifesting. How will you feel when you receive this goal?

Keep your intention in your mind, and send “instructions” to the crystal to help you manifest what you’re visualizing.

And that’s it!

You’ve charged your clear quartz with your intention!


How do you use clear quartz to manifest?

You can use clear quartz to manifest in so many different ways.

You can sleep with it under your pillow or by your bedside at night.

It’s also a great crystal to keep at your desk while working, wear as a necklace or bracelet, or even store in your purse.

Some people like to keep a clear quartz crystal in their car for protection while driving.

You can bathe with quartz crystals, and some people even charge their water with clear quartz and drink it.

I love to light candles, play spiritual music, and do manifestation journaling or manifestation methods like the 55×5 manifestation method with charged quartz crystals by my side.

But how you use your crystals is up to you!

The sky is the limit!

Get creative and see where your intuition guides you.


Where to buy clear quartz crystals?

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The best place to buy clear quartz crystals for manifestation is anywhere you can find them!

Luckily, clear quartz is one of the most common crystals around. You can find them almost anywhere at excellent prices.

Regardless of where you buy your crystals, you always have to clean and charge them. So, it really doesn’t matter where you get them.

If you care for your crystals properly, connect with them authentically, and use them frequently, you’ll experience their magic no matter the source!

I hope you enjoyed this article about using quartz crystals for manifestation, and that it helps you create a life you love!


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