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5 Magical Crystals For Full Moon Manifestation (+ Free Ritual)

Did you know that you can use healing crystals to boost your manifestations during the full moon? I’m going to share the four best crystals to amplify your rituals during the full moon, plus give you a free magic moon spell to try!


5 Magical Crystals For Full Moon Manifestation

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Why manifest during the full moon?

The moon is always associated with your intuition, personal power, feminine energy, achievement, psychic power, and development.

Using these associations and energy while working with crystals can enhance your manifestations and your magic so much!

When there’s a full moon, it’s a powerful time to work with all sorts of manifestation methods and techniques.

Alone, regular manifestation methods can work much better alone.

But combining techniques with lunar energy can really take your manifestations to the next level.

Think about it like this — the moon has gravitational power over 70% of our planet due to its pull on the ocean.

Coincidentally, our bodies are made up of 75% water.

If the moon pulls the Earth, it certainly affects us!

That’s another reason why manifesting during the full moon is a great idea.

Yet another reason why full moon manifestation is so great is that it’s timely and consistent.

If you never did any other manifestation rituals but made it a point to set aside time during every full moon to work with your higher self and the universe, your life would be ah-mazing! 


1- Moonstone

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Naturally, moonstone is the first choice of crystal to manifest during the full moon.

Moonstone is great for people who were born during the waning moon.

Moonstone has a gentle, feminine, graceful, flowing, goddess energy.

It can help soothe an anxious spirit, bring you peaceful dreams, and help you manifest with ease and flow.

If you want to manifest something beautiful and soft into your life, like a baby, a new loving relationship, or even an uplifting experience like a peaceful, relaxing vacation, working with Moonstone during the full moon will help you get there.


2- Amethyst

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The next best crystal for full moon rituals is purple amethyst.

During the full moon, your psychic and intuitive powers are already amplified.

Enhance them further by incorporating gorgeous purple amethyst into your rituals, spells, or even just while meditating.

Amethyst can help regulate your dreams and your body systems as you sleep.

Additionally, if you are especially sensitive or an empath, amethyst offers psychic protection from outside influences that can tamper with your energy.

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal with restorative energy that will take all your manifestations so much farther during the full moon.


3- Obsidian

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Next, the full moon is a good time for overall manifestations.

But, as the moon is at its fullest and gradually gets smaller over time, the full moon is the best time for manifesting reductions or banishment.

If you want to block, remove, reduce, or banish something from your life through manifestation, try obsidian during the full moon!

As the moon shrinks from a full moon back down to a new moon, your issue should slowly begin to resolve.


4- Tiger’s Eye

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The next powerful stone to help boost your full moon manifestation rituals is Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye crystal is the golden stone of manifestation.

Not only does it bring courage and confidence, but it helps bring out your personal power.

Tiger’s Eye helps your decision-making and drives you toward moving forward with your goals.

Adding that energy to your full moon rituals will set you up for success with your manifestations.


5- Rose Quartz

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Finally, if you want to manifest love and romance (including manifesting your ex back) during the full moon, rose quartz is your best choice.

The soft nature of rose quartz acts as a “softener”.

It will send positive energy to the universe to “sweeten” your request.

The full moon will amplify this energy and you stand to manifest your love and romance much more quickly when combining the full moon and rose quartz crystal.


A Simple Full Moon Ritual For Manifestation

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Now that you know what crystals to use during the full moon, here is a simple manifestation ritual that anybody can follow.

All you’ll need for this ritual is a piece of paper, a pen, manifestation oil, and your crystal of choice.

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For manifestation oil, I recommend anything by Art of The Root, especially Life of Luxury and Love & Attraction Oil. But you can’t go wrong with anything of hers!


Here are the steps to the ritual on the night of the full moon:

1- Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed

2- Set your clear intention of what you want to manifest

3- Take a few deep breaths, hold the crystal in your hand, and visualize the intention manifesting

4- Send energy to the crystal to charge it with your intention. The goal is to program the crystal to bring your desire to you.

5- Write a positive affirmation on the piece of paper that describes your end desired result.

6- Anoint the paper with your manifestation oil.

7- Fold the paper three times. If you are manifesting to bring something toward you, fold the paper toward you. If you are banishing something or removing it, fold the paper away from you.

8- Place both the crystal and the paper underneath your pillow or mattress at night.

You should receive your manifestation by the time the new moon appears.


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