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How Shiela Manifested Her Ex Back (Law of Attraction Success Story)

Have you been hopelessly trying to get your ex back? You’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked, so perhaps it’s time for some new ideas. Recently, Shiela S.,  reached out to me with a success story of how she got her ex back, and she wanted me to share her story with you. So read on to hear Shiela’s story and see if you can learn a little something from her experience manifesting her ex-boyfriend back.


How Shiela Manifested Her Ex Back

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Shiela Was Heartbroken After Being Dumped

For a bit of backstory, Shiela was heartbroken for months after her boyfriend dumped her to be with another woman.

She kept wistfully thinking about how perfect he had seemed at first, and wondering what she could have done differently.

All she wanted was for him to love her again.

Shiela felt like life without the man of her dreams was more than she could bear.

She tried online dating for a bit but grew exhausted with the process.

Shiela was feeling lonely and bored, but all her friends were in relationships and she didn’t want to be constantly reminded of what she wasn’t experiencing.

So she kept to herself most of the time — which made things worse.

She would spend lonely nights scrolling through his Instagram, reminiscing about how they used to spend their time together.

It was like a ghost haunting her old life– for months she would see and hear things that reminded her of him.

She felt so lost and frustrated and didn’t really know what to do to get past her feelings for her ex.


Then Came “The Ex Factor”

She then stumbled upon “The Ex Factor” — an online program that teaches women how to get their ex-boyfriend back.

At first she thought it would be a waste of time.

She had given up hope that he would ever come back to her.

After all, he was with this new chick (and she was absolutely gorgeous — Instagram confirmed!)

But while meditating one night to find peace, she felt an intuitive nudging to just try the program.

It was almost a gentle whisper in her ear…

“try the program”…

So she grabbed it straight away, and it was the best decision she had ever made.


Sheila Had It ALL Wrong Before…

She quickly realized that she was doing things perfectly — if she wanted to drive him away forever!

The Ex Factor outlines some of the top mistakes women make when trying to get their ex to come back.

These were things that she had never seen anywhere before, no one had ever told her before… but she was doing every last one of them!

It almost made her cringe.

Of course, he was running away and would barely even respond to a text message!

She felt so poorly about avoiding getting the program before because she realized she was wasting so much precious time.

Imagine doing all the wrong things without even knowing it?!

Imagine pushing your love even further away from you.

Do you think you might be doing some of those secretly horrible mistakes?

Find out now in the Ex Factor program.


She Realized She Had To Let Go

Once she learned the top mistakes she was making, she corrected them right away.

And already, he started responding a little bit faster to her messages!

Wow, she couldn’t believe it!

So, she went further into the program and learned that she had to stop pining away for their old relationship.

She had to realize that she was sad and depressed and heartbroken over the wrong thing!

That if their old relationship was so fragile and so broken that it could end so effortlessly — she didn’t want it.

And that she would have to recreate a burning desire to experience something fresh, new, and exciting.

She had to clear all expectations that they would ever rekindle their love as it were, and this was such a crucial step.

It freed her emotional energy.

It alleviated her heartbreak and sadness and gave her so much hope for the future.

Instead of feeling pained, Shiela grew excited!

The Ex Factor gave her the perspective to turn her pain into her passion.

But she could never have imagined what would happen next…


She Erased All Negative Memories

All the steps up to now were just pre-work, Shiela would soon discover.

The real secret that she never knew was that over their time together, her ex had built up negative impressions of her — without her even knowing it!

The reason he was so unresponsive to her efforts and so dismissive of what they had, was that in his mind, she was associated with things that made him unhappy.

She never could have figured that out on her own, but was so glad The Ex Factor taught her about it!

But that wasn’t all…

The Ex Factor also showed her the step-by-step process for replacing all those negative thoughts with positive ones.

She did exactly what the program taught her to do.

One step at a time.

And sure enough… it worked!


He Left His New Girlfriend & Came Back

After following the steps in The Ex Factor, she began to notice subtle changes.

He began texting her first. (She used to always initiate contact and he would barely ever respond.)

New photos of his girlfriend stopped showing up on Instagram at first.

Then a few days later, she scrolled through his feed and saw there were NONE. (Were they broken up?!)

And then, one Friday afternoon she received a text from him asking if they could talk on the phone.

She was floored!

When he called, he confessed that he left his new girlfriend for good and realized that he was still in love with her.

She almost fainted – but she held it together to finish the conversation.

He said that he wasn’t ready to get back together just yet, but he wanted to see her and “talk things out.”

Well… they met up to talk things out and have been together ever since!

They now share an apartment and are so happy in love. Happier than they’ve ever been before, and he’s even dropping hints that he wants to make it a forever type of thing.

So, between me and you, I expect Shiela to share big news of an engagement soon.

Isn’t that neat?!


Are You Ready For Your Success Story?

One thing I love most is hearing success stories (particularly about love and romance.)

If you join my Tarot Talk community at the top of this page, I e-mail free group tarot readings (usually about love and money but lately more and more about love), and always ask for people to share their romantic victories.

Shiela’s story stood out, especially because she was struggling for a while.

Before she shared her story, she had written me a few times about how bad things were for her.

So, to hear her finally wind up with her ex back was such a joy!

The thing is, Shiela’s results aren’t atypical or all that shocking.

Women message me ALL the time with results just like these!

If you’re sick and tired of struggling with lackluster results from basic methods to get your ex to come back then do what Shiela did!

Try The Ex Factor and see for yourself what a difference it makes in your love life.

Then, let me know how it goes.

If you want, I’ll share your story too!

Wishing you love, light, and most of all – magic,



P.S. A BIG tip I have for you is that the program is usually fairly high-priced. I’ve seen it at $300 or more. So if you are interested in it and you happen to catch it at a discount (I saw it ONE TIME at $47 and that was mind-blowing)… do yourself a favor and save yourself some money! You can spend those coins on a hot new little black dress to go on a date when your ex comes back!

Check the price now.


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