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6 Spiritual Signs Your Love Manifestation Is Close (Get Your Ex Back)

If you’ve tried different manifestation rituals for manifesting your ex back, you might wonder how to know if it’s working. In this blog post, you’ll discover the top spiritual signs to look for that’ll tell you if your love manifestation is close. 


6 Spiritual Signs Your Love Manifestation Is Close

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1- Your ex texts you first

A sign your law of attraction love manifestation is close and you might get your ex back is that he starts texting you first.

If usually, you initiate texting and he may or may not respond, then you’re all too familiar with that sense of worry and despair.

But, if you tried a love manifestation ritual to get your ex back and he starts texting you first, it’s a sign!


A word of warning…

When your ex starts texting you first, it is an excellent sign that your love manifestation is working.

However, this is a critical time for your manifestation journey. 

Make sure you do all the right things to get him back!

You see, SO many women mess this part up.

They block themselves from successful manifestation without even knowing it!

They think “oh he’s texting me first, things are working, I can just do what feels right and we’ll be together!”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The way we women think and the way men think is totally different.

What we think is the right way to respond when we get their attention can completely backfire and drive them away!

You need to know exactly what to say, how to say it, and the most important part… when to say it!

Do you want to make sure you’re not doing all the wrong things to drive him away without even knowing it?

Would you like to make sure you don’t waste that precious window of opportunity and miss out on your happily ever after?

If you want to know — without a doubt — that you are following ALL the right steps in the right order, check out The Ex Factor.

It outlines some of the top mistakes women make when trying to get their ex to come back.

It’ll save you so much time and heartache down the line.

Curious as to how well it works?

Check out Shiela’s love manifestation success story.


2- You see angel numbers for love

One of the most common signs your love manifestation is close is that you start to see angel numbers for love.

Angel numbers are repeating sequences of numbers that have divine meaning.

Since the Universe doesn’t have a physical form, often you will see signs and symbols from your spirit guides that guide you on your correct path!

The realm of angel numbers is huge! So it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly what numbers you would see as confirmation that your love manifestation is close.

However, angel numbers 2 and 6 are great for love, romance, partnership, and family.

Whereas angel numbers 1 and 11 are powerful for manifestation.

If you see angel numbers that have many twos, ones, or where the single digits equal 6 — you can be reasonably confident that your love manifestation is working!

Angel number 222 is usually a great sign.

Your best bet would be to look out for repeating angel number sequences, then look their meanings up to see if they hold positive meanings for love manifestation!

3- Increase in synchronicity

One of the most reassuring signs of manifestation is synchronicity. 

It’s best for me to show you an example rather than explain it.

So, let’s say you’ve tried the 369 method for love manifestation to get your ex back.

You’ve been working consistently on manifesting your ex back for about a week or so now, and you’re just waiting to see him come back.

Seemingly out of the blue, you start to hear his name in different places.

Out at the grocery store, maybe a mom calls out to her son who is running around reckless and the name happens to be your exes name.

Or maybe you’re thinking of your ex while driving in your car, and suddenly “your” song plays on the radio at the same time.

It could even be that you’re out running errands one day, and you just so happen to run into your ex!

This is more than a coincidence.

Rather, this is synchronicity that comes when your love manifestation is close!

It’s a clear sign that the Universe is opening pathways to making your dreams come true.

Isn’t it exciting?!!


4- You start to feel a sense of calm

Another sign your ex is coming back to you and your love manifestation is working is that you suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of peace.

It’s almost as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and the stress that once consumed you is gone, replaced by feelings of relief, happiness, and comfort.

This happens when you let go of old emotions and look forward to the new.

You can cultivate this sense of peace on your own, but when you’re heartbroken and struggling it can be so hard!

It happens more naturally when your spirit knows on a subconscious level that your desire is on its way.

Often, this happens without any obvious reason, too.

So, if you start to feel more at ease and graceful about the situation, take it as a sign that your love manifestation is on its way!


5- You meet someone new

Okay, now this is a really fun one for many reasons.

But another way you know your love manifestation is close is that you meet someone new!

The thing about manifesting is that the Universe works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes if you’re manifesting money, for example, you will find that someone close to you manifests what you want.

It’s in your orbit but hasn’t made its way to you quite yet.

Manifesting someone new who has similar qualities that you admire or desire in your ex is on the same wavelength.

This could be a sign from the Universe that it’s not exactly that specific person you need. But that it’s positive qualities or traits that you desire instead.

So, you manifest someone new who is also cute, exciting, and a possibility if you allow it.

The thing about this, though, is that should you choose to move forward with this new person — your ex might come back to you!

If your ex is your soul mate or twin flame, they can likely “sense” that something has shifted in your bond.

They can tell you’ve been bonded to someone else, and sometimes that stirs the pot.

So, in more ways than one, the Universe sending you a cute, fun person can only be good for you!


6- You become more attractive

The last way you know your love manifestation is coming is by how much more attractive you become.

To be clear, it’s not that you physically change shape or anything (unless you go get a revenge body and a makeover which is TOTALLY a great thing to do after a breakup by the way!)

But as soon as you start doing love manifestation work to attract your ex, you will naturally become more attractive overall.

You will attract much attention from suitors of all kinds.

You will likely attract more money and other opportunities too.

Realize that any manifestation efforts tend to enhance your vibration overall. Especially if you’re working from a positive space.

Spending all that time thinking of what you do want, and how you do want to feel makes you a happier, more positive person.

When you choose to let go and allow the Universe to do its job, you become more confident.

The moment you decide that you are valuable and worthy of love, you become so attractive that you realize your ex would be a fool to be blind to it.

Frequently, this means your love manifestation is close.

If your ex can see you, they will likely wind up responding to this new sense of confidence and self-worth.

And that’s how you know your love manifestation is working!


Just one or two signs is plenty

I hope you gained insight from this list of signs that your love manifestation is on the way!

Keep in mind that no two situations are exactly the same.

So you don’t need to experience ALL of these signs to have confidence that things are moving in the right direction.

Just one or two of these signs is more than enough!

You want to make sure, if you experience even ONE of these, that you’re taking advantage of this special window of opportunity.

If you start to get wind of signs that your ex might be open to working things out, you don’t want to handle communication in the wrong way.

You can make critical mistakes to drive them away forever!

If you learn what to do, how, and when… then you and you can rebuild your relationship so much stronger than ever before!

So many women have had success manifesting their ex back once they saw the door wasn’t shut forever.

But others say they learned a little too late what they were doing wrong. And now their exes are married to other women. Some with one or two kids and a big, nice house.

You don’t want that to happen to you, unnecessarily, do you?

Learn the secrets to communicating with your ex as soon as they show signs of interest.

And start your happily ever after story.

You’ll be so happy you did!


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6 Spiritual Signs Your Love Manifestation Is Coming (Get Your Ex Back, Manifest Twin Flame Love)