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How To Manifest Your Ex Back (Even If You’re Blocked)

Do you desperately want or need to manifest your ex back with the law of attraction?

If so, this post is for you!

We’ll discover everything you need to know about how to manifest your ex back into your life, even if it seems totally hopeless (like if you’re blocked or they’re with someone new)!

That way, you can move on with your life, happily in love, with the love of your life.

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Want To Manifest Your Ex Back In DAYS?

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There’s a little-known trick that can uncover secret, highly personal information about you that could help you manifest your ex back in days — not weeks, months, (or never).

I know it sounds kind of crazy, but if you’re serious about manifesting your ex back into your life quickly this is one thing you should do to get on the right track.

Get a copy of your numerology report.

Your numerology chart is a complete blueprint of the hidden information in your personality and energetic makeup.

I’ll show you how to use it to uncover deep secrets from the past that could be blocking your ability to manifest something amazing — like getting someone back into your life.

These powerful insights alone could help you overcome whatever is keeping you from manifesting your ex sooner… or maybe even at all!

Jackie struggled so hard with manifesting love until she got a copy of her numerology report.

When she read the report, she discovered that she was destined to struggle with maintaining healthy romantic relationships because her birth chart said that she had a naturally jealous, codependent nature.

This was a huge insight for Jackie, as she had never even considered that she could have “natural” relationship challenges in the first place!

Knowing this information, Jackie was able to change her approach when dealing with her ex, and do you know what?

He came crawling back in just THREE days!

Do you have as few as THREE days to change something in your personality that you didn’t even know was there, holding you back from manifesting love?

Of course, you do!

Do yourself a favor, take a shortcut, and get your free numerology report!

(it takes less than two minutes to grab)

Use it to your advantage to create the life and love of your dreams.



Things That Will NOT Help You Manifest Your Ex Back

manifest ex back loa

Though this article is about helping you get your ex back using the law of attraction, it’s SO important that you understand what NOT to do.

You see, you can do all the law of attraction tricks in the world.

You can think positively, you can raise your vibration, you can recite get your ex back affirmations and do anything under the sun, but if you behave in unattractive ways it’s so easy to further turn them off and add fuel to the fire.

Make sure before you even try to manifest their attention, you’re 100% certain you’re not making any of these mistakes.


1- Contacting Them All The Time

fun manifesting games to play inside

First, though I know heartbreak sucks and you feel like you’ve lost your better half – don’t blow up their phone, like all their pics on social media, or otherwise bug them.

If they broke up with you and aren’t contacting you, chances are they really need a break. When someone pulls away, it is NOT your signal to push harder!

You might feel like you and your ex are meant to be together and if you don’t try they’ll fade away forever.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You just might have a chance at using the law of attraction to get ex back – but not if you annoy them and make them really want nothing to do with you.

Leave them alone for a bit and use your time more wisely.


2- Allowing Them To Walk All Over You

mental health manifesting law of attraction

Secondly, it can seem hopeful if your ex actually talks to you and wants to see you – even if they’re treating you poorly. It’s easy to think “at least they want something from me”.

But this is so, so bad for you.

If you let them use you, abuse you, ridicule you or otherwise walk all over you just to be in their presence, it means you’re being completely devalued.

You want your ex back, but you want them to respect you and value you just the way you do them!

You are worth so much more than being treated poorly. If they come back into your life, it needs to be on positive terms.

There are so many better ways to get your ex back.


3- Begging, Crying, Throwing A Fit

how to get back your ex

Third, if you want to get your ex back fast, you have to present as a mature individual who has their wits about themselves.

Begging, crying, throwing a fit, pleading for their love and affection? No. That’s just not the way.

You have to have some self-control, which is why it’s a good idea – at least in the early days of a separation when it’s the hardest – to go back to point #1 and not contact them.

If you’re not talking to them, you’re not going out of control with your emotions, right?

Give it a little space and time until you’re no longer as keyed up about the breakup, and you just might have a chance to communicate in a healthier way that might allow you to get your ex back.


4- Rushing Into Another Relationship Straight Away

how to manifest soulmate love

“The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else”.

There may be some truth to this, but it’s not always the best course of action.

Sure, it’s easier to just go on a rebound and throw yourself into another romantic or sexual relationship just to get over your ex. But what you really need if you’re serious about attracting your ex back to you is to love yourself.

It’s okay that you’re hurt, and you don’t feel good right away. But you have to know that everything passes eventually – even the worst of the worst times.

You may also find that you’ll exercise poor judgment when you’re acting out of desperation and pain rather than with a clear mind and heart. So, give it a little time.

Plus, how complicated will things be if you use the law of attraction and actually get your ex back, while you’re comingled with other people?

Chill out for a bit and see if your manifesting efforts work before fake-moving on.


5- Involving Others In Your Drama

View of beautiful young woman with creative lips makeup through cutout in color paper

Finally, involving others in your drama is just a no-no if you want to get your ex back.

If you share mutual friends or are close friends with your ex’s sibling, it may be tempting to try to pump them for information about your ex’s whereabouts or life.

Or even to pass messages along through those shared friends and associates.

But please, for the sake of everybody involved – don’t do this!

It makes you look so desperate, it will really annoy your friends AND your ex, and just makes everything so much more uncomfortable.

Just relax and work behind the scenes… quietly… to get them back. Okay?


How To Attract Your Ex Back

manifest love

Okay, now that we’ve gone over what NOT to do to get your ex back. We can talk about the fun stuff!

Keep in mind, not everything will work for everybody. So, see what works best for you.


1- Practice Visualization Techniques

manifesting ritual intentions

First, you can practice a wide range of visualization exercises that may help you use the law of attraction to win your ex back.

A quick and dirty example if you want to do something right now is to try Shakti Gawain’s pink bubble technique.

To do this, first, close your eyes, then take a few deep breaths.

Envision a specific outcome you’d like.

Maybe you and your ex are back at love, cooking dinner together at your shared home. Or holding hands, strolling down the beach on a romantic date. Whatever floats your boat.

Now, take that image and in your mind’s eye, put it inside a big, beautiful pink bubble… and “send” it up through the sky The floating away of the pink bubble is representative of you “letting go” of the intention, as you’ve seen that it has already happened.

Sending the bubble/intention away up into the universe is symbolic of you not worrying or stressing about it anymore, and letting the universe bring it down to you.


2- Try The 55×5 Method

manifesting crystals law of attraction

If you have a bit more time and patience, you might like to try the 55×5 method.

Let me tell you, this really works like a charm for manifesting things.

First, you create an affirmation that describes how you feel once your goal has been met.

For example, “I feel so loved and adored now that John and I are back together”.

Something like that.

You set aside time either first thing in the morning or the last thing before bed (if possible), to write this statement 55 times in a row. Do this for 5 consecutive days.

If you can’t do it first thing in the morning or the last thing at night, anytime is fine. But make sure that the 55 lines are done all in one sitting. And that it’s 5 consecutive days.

Click here for more detailed info on the 55×5 method. It’ll answer all the questions you have!


3- Use Law Of Attraction Scripting

manifest your ex boyfriend

Another law of attraction exercise you might try to get your ex back is a little trick known as scripting.

It’s so easy!

You write a letter dated about a month or so in the future, explaining exactly how your life is.

For example:

Dear Universe,

I’m SO happy and excited to share all about how John and I got back together. He turned his attitude all the way around and realized that he missed me, and now we are back even better than before. He’s so sweet and gentle and kind and makes me feel amazing each and every day….

The trick here is to work yourself up into kind of a frenzy with good emotions from how you’ll feel once you get your ex back.

Without the feeling behind it, it’s just words on paper.

You don’t want that.

So, give this exercise the time and attention it deserves because you really want it to work!

Click here for more info on scripting!


4- Meditate On Your Ideal Life With Your Ex

free spells to bring back your ex

Finally, meditation is an amazing way to use the law of attraction to create the life you want. It will even work for getting your ex back.

I recommend this excellent “ideal life” meditation from Jason Stephenson.

It’s only 15 minutes long, but it is so powerful.

Be sure to bookmark it for later if you can’t try it right now. And grab a pair of earbuds for best results.



You’ll Say “I Manifested My Ex Back!”

love spell to bring your ex back

You really can use the law of attraction to manifest just about anything into your life. Including getting your ex back.

While it may be a bit more challenging to manifest things involving other people (because there’s always free will), if you follow the tips in this article, you’ll know both what NOT to do as well as what TO do.

And that combination will definitely raise your chances of attracting the love you desire.

If you’re finding this all a bit overwhelming, CLICK HERE to check out the #1 resource to help you manifest your ex back quickly and easily. So you can go back to living and loving again.

Best of luck to you.


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