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How To Manifest A Text From Your Ex In 3 Days (LOA Success Story)

Here is a law of attraction success story from reader Kayleigh, who manifested a text from her ex, Connor, in just three days! She chose to share her story because she wanted to show others that manifesting a text from your ex is possible and to spread the word so other people could open the doors to their love life too. Read on for Kayleigh’s success story about how she manifested her ex back in just three days!


How To Manifest A Text From Your Ex In 3 Days

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Background on Kayleigh’s story

Kayleigh had been dating her ex, Connor, for about a year and a half.

She had never had a truly serious boyfriend before (others were “situation-ships” but nothing long-lasting.)

This was the first guy she could really see herself with long-term.

They got on really well together and were very compatible- it seemed like they were literally made for one another!

It was a dream.

During the course of their relationship, they both shared what they wanted from their future together and it seemed like they wanted the same thing: raising kids, buying a house, and maybe even starting a business together.

For a while, it seemed like they were on top of the world, and nothing could stop them from living a long, happy life deeply in love.


Then everything changed

One rainy day, Connor asked if he could come over to Kayleigh’s apartment.

He said he needed to talk to her and that he was sorry for everything but he just couldn’t do this anymore.

He didn’t see any point in keeping their relationship going because he was no longer sure if he wanted to go the distance.

And that he cared for her, but didn’t want to waste her time.

He was still young and wanted to explore his options.

As if this didn’t hurt badly enough, Connor drove a final dagger through Kayleigh’s heart.

He said they shouldn’t be friends and should just go their separate ways.

He didn’t think it would be appropriate because it would keep them holding on to something that could never be, and it would be best if they no longer spoke.

Kayleigh was devastated and still in shock for several weeks after their breakup.

She tried reaching out to him via text but he never responded.

To make matters worse, she began noticing him on Instagram, out and about, taking pics and partying it up with other gorgeous women.

Her spirit and self-confidence were crushed.

Yet, she still wanted him back — and she didn’t know what to do.


Kayleigh considered manifesting him

At this point, Kayleigh had heard of manifesting and the law of attraction, of course, but never really gave it any serious thought.

She thought it was a bunch of fluff — not real, and didn’t really think it could help in her situation.

But after a few more weeks went by and she was still seriously agonizing over losing Connor, she figured at the very least she should try and see!

So she embarked on her journey to find success with manifesting her ex to text her.


She set a clear intention first

First, Kayleigh read all she could about different methods to manifest a text from her ex.

She noticed a common thread in all of them.

Have a clear intention of the specific outcome you want.

She knew she had that part figured out!

She wanted her ex to text her, on his own (not in response to her making contact first), as soon as possible.


She tried the 55×5 method first

Once she knew the specific thing she wanted (to have her ex text her ASAP), she decided to try the 55×5 method to help her desire manifest.

She set the positive affirmation “I’m so excited that Connor texted me and wants to meet up!)

Then, she wrote it 55 times in a row for 5 days and waited…


Nothing happened right away

Based on things she’d read online from others’ experiences, she thought for sure he would text within a few days.

She followed all the instructions, after all!

She got her emotions involved, she visualized the outcome of what she wanted and did what she felt were all the “right” steps.

But after day five when she still had not even a hint of a text from her ex, she started to worry.


She found something interesting

A little concerned that her plan to manifest her ex to text her wouldn’t work out, she hopped back online to see if she could find more insight.

Why wasn’t manifesting her ex back working?

Lucky for her, there was a promising solution that seemed like it could speed up her manifestation and get Connor back much more quickly.

It was a little-known manifesting technique that would help her manifest her ex back.

She weighed her options…

Either she could continue agonizing over waiting for him to come back (knowing with each and every passing day he was probably spending time with and bonding with those gorgeous women on his Instagram.)

Or, she could give this manifesting trick a try and hopefully put a stop to his shenanigans and get him back with her where he belonged!

And you’ll never guess what happened next…


One thing changed it all

Desperate to speed up the manifestation process, Kayleigh got a copy of the little secret book and read it all the same night — it only took her two hours!

Pretty much as soon as she read through the first few pages, it became glaringly obvious why her manifestation wasn’t working.

She followed the advice in the book immediately, jumping right in with one of the visualization exercises it recommended, and she felt her actual energy shift.

It was like the lightbulb switch flipped on and she could just feel her body and spirit becoming a magnet that would attract Connor.

That night, she slept more gracefully than she had in a long time.

She knew she’d find success and that her ex would text soon.


She committed over the next few days

The next morning after Kayleigh woke up, she noticed she felt so light and happy!

She vowed to follow all the advice in the book, so she focused on implementing some of the other manifestation tips, tricks, and strategies throughout her day.

One thing she noticed through following the advice was that she seemingly became a magnet to all of the men.

Running errands, so many guys were staring at her, holding her doors open and asking for some of her time.

It was a little overwhelming at first, but deep down inside it only confirmed what she expected all along — she was becoming attractive to them, just as she would to Connor.

Then, what’s more, inside the book she learned of two “Magic Words” to repeat as a mantra…

She committed to doing this several times per day too and it totally worked!

By the end of the third day, Kayleigh was feeling so good about herself, getting so much attention from guys everywhere she went, and just enjoying life that the unthinkable happened…

She actually forgot about Connor texting her!


She manifested her text on the third day

As Kayleigh took off her makeup and prepped for bed — fully confident with herself and in excellent spirits — on the third night after reading the secret manifesting book, her phone buzzed.

Confused as to who could be texting her so late, she picked it up, opened her messenger app, and guess who it was…?


And he said exactly what she hoped he’d say…

He was sorry, he thinks he made a big mistake, and he wanted to see her to talk things out soon!

It was too late on a work night, so they planned for their date the following day.

And the rest is history…


The ball was in Kayleigh’s court

So happy that she didn’t have to sit around wondering and worrying, Kayleigh accepted Connor’s apology with open arms.

However, she remembered one section of the Manifest Your Ex-Back book that talked about how to create your dream relationship after they come back.

And she heeded that advice.

Kayleigh told Connor she thought they should take things slow and rebuild their relationship on a stronger foundation.

She followed all the advice in the book 100% perfectly, and now they are in a happy, healthy relationship full of love, laughter, and bliss.

It’s not a fairy-tale ending (at least not yet), but it turned out better than anything she could have ever imagined!

And it all started with the desire to manifest a text and the belief that she would get out what you put in!


Ready to manifest your ex back?

So, what about you?

Most likely you want your ex back but you’re either in the friend zone, he’s blowing hot one minute and cold the next, or you’re blocked altogether.

You know that the first step toward manifesting him back into your life is to get him to initiate a text message with you, but you don’t have the know-how.

It’s probably been months since you’ve seen or heard from him in a way that gives you hope, and the pain of being dumped is still fresh (though your friends think you should be over it by now.)

The truth is it’s only a matter of time before he forgets about you altogether and winds up married to another woman.

They’ll probably wind up living in your dream house, enjoying romantic vacations together, while you’re still sleeping alone in your cold, empty bed every night.

Lucky for you, there’s a solution.

The manifesting book will help you manifest a text from your ex in as few as three days by following these exact steps just like Kayleigh did.

She followed the instructions on exactly how to manifest her text and now she’s in a happy, healthy relationship with him.

They’re doing even better than they were before he dumped her in the first place!

Imagine your phone buzzing when you’re not even thinking about it, and it’s your ex apologizing for hurting you — asking to meet up?

Imagine what you could do with all that positive energy and how much lighter your spirit will feel after feeling sick and tired of waiting around for him to get back together with you.

You can find success manifesting your ex to text you then go on to create the relationship of your dreams.


But the bottom line is: it’s up to you…

Option A: You can choose to manifest a text from your ex the slow way (which may never come, then you see photos of his wedding on Instagram later)


Option B: You can have success manifesting him to propose to you instead!

It’s your call.

(Choose option B)


Manifest Your Ex Back Success Story (How Kayleigh Manifested Her Ex Back In Just 3 Days)