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Manifest ANYTHING In 3 Days (Neville Goddard Technique)

If I told you that you could manifest ANYTHING in 3 days, what would you say? Would you get excited, suspicious, or even scared?! The idea of manifesting something in three days has resurfaced from the past lately, and I wanted to give you some insight into whether it’s possible or not – and if so – how you can do it for yourself.

So let’s dive in and see if we can get you manifesting anything you want lightning fast!


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Why manifesting in 3 days?

If you’ve paid attention to manifestation for a while now, you’ve likely heard of Neville Goddard.

Back in 1948, he gave a lecture where he stated the following:

The Bible gives it as three days; the duration is three days for response in this world. If I would now assume that I am what I want to be, and if I am faithful to it and walk as though I were, the very longest stretch given for its realization is three days.

Though he said this long ago, for some reason, people have latched onto it lately and it’s become a “thing”… and with good reason!

But this got the wheels in my brain turning because there are so many ways to look at this!

Is it literal, or is it figurative, why do we necessarily need to even care what the Bible says? (Not everybody is religious!)

Here’s what I believe and what makes natural sense to me…



manifest anything three days


1- Anyone can manifest ANYTHING in 3 days

What I firmly believe to be true is that anyone can manifest anything in 3 days. But still, some will succeed and others will fail.

The reason why some people can and some people cannot 100% boils down to belief!

If you’ve ever heard of this idea of being “delusional” to manifest, sometimes it’s required to be completely batsh*t insane delusional because depending on where you’re starting – you may not have evidence of your manifestation ability in the 3D yet.

But that belief and certainty and energy of feeling, and better yet – KNOWING that you can easily and automatically manifest in 3 days is what’s going to make it come true.

It’s all about your energy and your subconscious beliefs.

Now, if you want to manifest a ton of money in 3 days, you’re going to believe it’s possible if you already have obvious avenues for that money to potentially flow through.

But believe me – this is NOT necessary to actually DO it.

Your resistance to this belief will make it so that you may not manifest money in 3 days while someone else who does not have that resistance absolutely can!

The things that you want don’t have to come through expected avenues. It’s not your job to focus on how or why…

It’s your job to feel into your new reality and assume and expect things to go your way.

Then you will start to see some of these magical results you hear about.


manifest in 3 days


2- Time doesn’t matter for many things

The next point is that for many manifestations, time is wholly irrelevant.

When you consider that feelings of lack bring restriction, you will start to see that time qualifiers and requirements are also components of lack.

Time is such a limitation.

What if you don’t even have to wait 3 days?

Why would you limit yourself by just 3 days?

Why focus on three days when you can manifest instantly? Overnight? Within 5 minutes?

Focusing on 3 days shows YOUR lack of self-belief and lack of the idea that you are the ultimate creator of your reality and that your energy is off.

Because on the other side, what if it takes more than 3 days?

What if it’s better for your overall outcome in life that things take longer?

Will you reject your manifestation if it comes in 10 days or a month? If it’s not in three days do you feel like you have failed?

More lack.

That will prevent you from feeling good – which is the entire principal behind manifestation in the first place.


3- Live persistently in the end state for 3 days

The best thing you can do if you want to manifest in 3 days is to practice, practice, practice!

You absolutely can’t go wrong… this can’t HURT.

The honest truth about manifestation is that it is a skill and takes practice – just as lifting weights and growing your muscles takes practice – so does becoming skilled at mastering your mindset, emotions, and intuition.

Most people want to do a few affirmations here and there and pick bits and bobs out but your energy and your subconscious beliefs are what’s going to attract.

If you obsess over your manifestation and your desires (not in a desperate way of lack) but placing yourself joyfully in the realm of that which you wish to achieve… for 3 days… as much as possible… you WILL manifest.

You have to LIVE. BREATHE. SLEEP in your desire.

If you really go all in on this and do this for three days, you will see major shifts in your outcome.


A different way to look at it

Sometimes it can be helpful to imagine a scenario to illustrate the point of how you should approach things.

So, imagine how you would approach things if you were in a major contest or competition and it was to occur three days from now.

What would you do?

You’d be practicing, rehearsing, making sure you had everything right. You’d have visualized and seen yourself successful and winning the prize.

If you had to go on stage and had access to the stage, you’d go over your position, lighting, sound, and other preparations.

You’d have performed your routine through and through several times both in real life and in your head.

Heck, you probably would be unable to sleep because you’d be SO excited about doing your best.

And not for one second would you be wavering and thinking ‘I don’t know if I’m performing in 3 days, I don’t know if I will succeed, I’m not sure if this is what I want’…

No, there’s no room for that!

You’re laser-focused, you’re consistent and persistent in your goal and your dream, and you’re IN the reality of the thing…

THIS IS THE ENERGY YOU NEED to throw into and go all in on your desire!

Apply this level of obsession for three days and you will be on the right track.


A simple trick to manifest in 3 days

So I’m sure you wondering by now what to actually do to help you saturate your mind, thoughts, and actions enough to believe you will manifest in 3 days.

The whole thing is that you have to put yourself on a mental diet where you feast as much as possible on beliefs and thoughts that support your end result – while avoiding and self-correcting anything outside of that.

The truth is any combination of self-affirming activities that help you “drop in” to the mind space of knowing, feeling, and believing – at your core, that it’s already yours will help.

And thus, no one method is better than another.

It’s SO important to pay attention to the types of things that work for you because we’re all different.

Now, with whatever methods you choose, there’s one thing that always works really well for me and it’s the act of REMEMBERING.

Unless you’re super experienced with manifesting and have been working on your subconscious mind for a while, you are likely to still experience resistance if things in your 3D don’t really match up with your confirmations or assumptions.

So what I recommend doing when you’re doing any manifestation exercise – positive affirmations, scripting, working with crystals, imaginal acts, SATS (state akin to sleep) – anything at all – is that you first REMEMBER elements of success in your past.

This is to think of something similar that has happened so you can “recall” those feelings, pull them up and re-experience them as real.

Then use this as proof that you’ve already and always been on this exact path, so the next natural step is just for you to get even more.

manifest anything in 3 days

I can share a fairly recent example from my own life. 

My husband and I were manifesting a house and of course, it was a long and grueling process. 

Well, we went to an open house and found a home that we loved and really wanted… but it didn’t look like we would get it. 

I wanted to manifest getting our offer accepted in 3 days so I dove right into obsessing and visualizing and imagining getting the notification from our Realtor that our offer was accepted… 

And to do it, I drew on past experiences and memories of other acceptances I’ve received.

I remembered getting my application approved for ALL the apartments I’ve had in the past…

I remembered getting my acceptance letters for college and grad school…

I remembered getting job offers before…

And those feelings of excitement bubbled right to the surface. I REMEMBERED that I am a person who ALREADY gets offers accepted, RECEIVES many good things, and this is just another EXTENSION of what is already right and true for me. 

(I’m getting those feelings of excitement bubbling in my heart center right now… that’s how powerful our memories are!)

So my challenge for you is to latch on to that as PROOF that you ALREADY receive and a PROMISE that what you want already finds you.

Past proof is such a powerful hack and I encourage you to use it with your favorite manifestation method!

Good luck and happy manifesting! 🙂


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