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How To Manifest Love Into Your Life (Law of Attraction for Love)

This is your comprehensive guide on how to manifest love into your life. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to riding into the sunset with the love of your dreams. So read on to discover exactly how to manifest love.


How To Manifest Love Into Your Life

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1- Examine Your Self-Image

Self-image is the key to any manifestation.

It’s important to be centered and grounded if you want a fun and healthy relationship.

Your thoughts, words, and behavior need to be in harmony and balance to line up to your desire.

Otherwise, you can manifest a relationship that is entirely off-balance and totally wrong for you!

This is why introspection is so important.

Take a look at how you feel.

Do you feel worthy? Are you confident in yourself? Do you feel content with who you are? Are you already happy? What brings joy and fulfillment to your life? What sets your soul on fire?

When you’re in alignment with your happiness, you become more attractive to those around you.

Inner peace with yourself if the first step. Be content with who you are so you can begin to attract another whole, centered, healthy person into your life.

When you treat yourself well, you invite more of the same.


How Do You Feel When You’re Alone?

When you’re alone, do you feel peaceful and happy?

If the answer is “no,” you need to change how you treat yourself.

Make yourself a priority. Treat yourself with more love and kindness. As you do, you begin to raise your vibration.

Begin with self-love affirmations like “I now choose to make myself a priority.” “I love myself more and more each day.”

Loving yourself more without requiring anyone else to create that for you is powerful.

Click here for self-love affirmations


2- Avoid The Trap Of Wanting

Having a strong desire is equal parts important and unavoidable. Yet, when you think about this desire, it should be more like the icing on the cake rather than the cake itself.

You want to avoid focusing on the feeling of lack. That downgrades desire to desperation.

When you focus on lack, you get more of the same – more lack.

Whenever you’re feeling lonely, sad about being single, or like you’ll never find your soul mate, offer yourself more appreciation. Find ways to bring yourself more joy.

The more comfortable you get with bringing yourself out of a negative mindset, the better.

An idea for you is to place yourself around other people.

Place yourself around others, and single out people who seem to match the qualities you desire in a mate.

For example, go out for a little bit when you’re feeling lonely, and pay attention to who you see.

Do you admire someone who is tall, well-dressed, stylish? Is there someone displaying dynamic behavior that you find attractive? How about someone a bit more reserved?

Take note of these qualities that you admire in others, and get excited, knowing this type of person is coming your way soon!


Step-By-Step Instructions To Manifest Love


1- Get Clear About What You Want

The first step to manifesting the love you desire is to get clear about exactly what you want. The universe rewards clarity. Muddled intentions get confusing results.

Do you ever wonder why sometimes you get attention from the wrong types of people? It’s because the universe hears your request, but it’s not clear enough. So, make sure you know precisely the kind of person you want to manifest.  


2- Write It Down

Once you have it all clear, pull out your journal and write it all down.

This is the juicy part.

The trick is to be descriptive in ways that elicit feelings of joy, happiness, romance, and love within you. You want your list in your manifestation journal to resonate.


Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • How do you spend your free time together?
  • How frequently do you see them? Do you live together?
  • What do you have in common?
  • What kind of music, TV, hobbies do they enjoy?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • What are the pet names you give each other? (This one is fun – I freaked out when I made a mantra of ‘he calls me sweet face and I love it’… then on our third date or so, my current partner called me sweet face and still does to this day)!

Seriously, this part is so crazy. When you manifest this person, chances are you’ll review this list sometime later and be amazed at how spot-on they are when it comes to matching your intention. 


3- Be Open To Receiving

Finally, become open to receiving!

This may sound simple but it’s easy to miss if you’ve been stuck in a dating rut for a while. And no, it doesn’t mean putting up a profile on a dating site. That’s one way to be open to receiving. But what I mean is open your mind, your heart, and even your body language.

Make yourself available mentally, emotionally and physically.

Say yes to invitations that you’d normally decline. Your new love may be there waiting to meet you.

Consider the type of person who may not necessarily appear to be your “type”. Opening your mind to new possibilities just may surprise you.

And put more effort into your appearance. Watch your body language. Sometimes you can subconsciously give off “closed off” vibes, that can make you seem more difficult to approach.


Additional Tips To Manifest Love


1- Avoid manifesting a specific person

Take the qualities of the person that you like and focus on those.

You can’t put a spell on someone and make someone fall in love with you. (Well you can, but you probably shouldn’t.)

This is taking away someone’s free will.

If you try this and succeed, you might wind up with a bigger problem on your hands – like a stalker. (Don’t ask me how I know).


2- Focus On Feelings More Than Physical Attributes

While it’s okay to desire physical traits – we’re human and it’s biology, after all, try to understand why you find these traits valuable.

If you desire a muscular guy, for example, sure you love the way he looks. But what is the feeling you’ll get? Will you feel safe and protected? Do you like feeling petite and small? Or is this a symbol of someone who works out and cares about their health?

If you want someone wealthy, why? Is it that they make your life easier? That they can take you places and you’ll have more fun? Is it for higher social status?


3- Set Affirmations In Present-Tense

Finally, if you want to manifest love, you must remember to always think and write in the present tense.

Instead of “I want a boyfriend who walks with me hand in hand on the beach on romantic date nights,” it’s “I love my amazing boyfriend who walks with me hand in hand on the beach on romantic date nights.”

It’s a simple distinction, but critical! Mess this up, and your entire manifestation could fall apart. You’ll manifest more of the same, and you don’t want that!


You CAN Manifest Love Into Your Life

Whether you’ve been single for a short while or for what feels like forever, be confident that you can manifest the love of your life. Follow these simple tips, keep your vibration high, elevate your sense of self-worth, and simply ask.

The Universe is listening.


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