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7 Best Methods To Manifest By Writing (Law of Attraction)

This is a blog post about all the best ways to manifest by writing. All you need is a pen or paper to get started with these manifesting techniques! We’ll also answer some of the most common questions about manifesting by writing.


7 Best Methods To Manifest By Writing

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Before you even pick up your pen…

Naturally, you’re probably all rarin’ to go get started manifesting by writing (as you should be!)

But before you even grab your pen, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got one thing covered…

You need to make sure you’re in perfect alignment!

You see, so many people get excited about making the law of attraction work for them, but all too often, they don’t get the results they desire.

At least not the first time.


It’s simple… they’re completely out of alignment with the universe and with their true purpose and have one or more energetic blockages standing in between their success.

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Can you manifest something by writing?

Yes, you absolutely can manifest something by writing!  

In fact, writing is one of the best manifestation methods around.

The reason writing to manifest works so well is that it is completely aligned with the universe.

The universe loves writing, it’s a great way to communicate, and when you write about something you want to manifest on paper… you are connecting your intention (in your mind), through your body (your hands) and putting it on paper to create a physical representation of your desire.

Plus, writing is a creative process.

Engaging your creativity is one of the best things you can do to manifest faster.

Read on for the best ways to manifest by writing.  


369 method to manifest by writing

One of the easiest manifestation methods involving writing is the 3-6-9 manifestation technique.

All you do is create a positive affirmation about what you want to manifest, then set aside time to write it down every day for 33-45 days.

You’ll write it three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night.

That’s it!

Read on for more information on using the 3.6.9 method to manifest by writing.


Writing manifestations on bay leaves

Another simple law of attraction technique is to write your manifestations on bay leaves.

This works so well because bay leaves have many metaphysical and energetic properties.

People have used them for thousands of years to draw money and love into their lives.

All you have to do is write your positive affirmation or desire on the bay leaf, then burn it.

Any regular bay leaf that you’d find in your kitchen pantry works fine, which makes this so simple for beginners.

Learn more about writing manifestations on bay leaves here.


Spiritual writing prompts for manifestation

The next way to manifest by writing is with daily spiritual or manifestation journaling prompts.

This is easy and effective because if you do it every day, you’ll get a fresh injection of positivity and pure intention.

You’ll boost your manifestation powers, gain clarity on what you want to create in your life, and get the universe on your side.

Check out this list of 65 magical spiritual writing prompts to start today!


Writing numbers on your wrist

Another cool and easy way to manifest is by writing numbers on your wrist.

There are two different ways you can go about this.

First, you can find angel numbers to help you manifest what you want.

For example, you can choose angel numbers that mean love, like 222 for example, and write 222 on your wrist to help you manifest love into your life.

Or, you could try Grabovoi codes, which are like secret hacking codes that you can use to manifest almost anything you want using the energy and frequency of numbers.

You could experiment with both, over time, and see which you like best!


Writing a manifestation list

You could also try writing a manifestation list to bring your desires to fruition.

This could be as simple as jotting down your goals each day.

A quick list of your three top goals once in the morning is a great way to get yourself going on the right track.

Or, you could go deeper and do a Be-Do-Have list, where you would write out who you want to be, things you’d like to do, and items you’d like to have in your life.

Either option would be a quick, easy way to manifest on paper and would get you started in the right direction.

Learn more about how to write a manifestation list here.


Write a scripting letter to the universe

The next way to manifest by writing is to write a letter to the universe describing your dream life in vivid detail.

This process is called the scripting technique.

It’s great to do at the first of the month, but really any time is good as long as your intention is strong and pure.

You’ll want to make sure you have space and time to get into this exercise because the magic here comes when you can almost “see” and “feel” this happening.

It’s like you’re writing a movie script where you are the star and you’ll want to almost walk yourself through the scene as if it’s already happened.

This is a very powerful manifestation technique if you do it right, and you can experience massive shifts in your life!

Learn more about the scripting method here.


55×5 manifestation method by writing

The next manifestation method you might like to try if you want to manifest something small within five days is the 55×5 manifestation method.

This is effective but it isn’t for everyone, particularly if your mind wanders or you tend to fare poorly with consistency.

You’ll create a positive affirmation based on what you want to manifest, then write the affirmation 55 times in a row for 5 days straight.

It’s good if you can focus your attention long enough to make it through 55 repetitions without stopping.

But if you mess up and skip a day, you’ll have to start over from day one and that’s no fun.

Learn more about the 55×5 method here.


Can you manifest by writing on the computer?

Yes, you can manifest by writing on the computer in some cases, but you’ll have much more success if you use a pen and paper.

The reason for this is that you’ll have the physical sensation of the pen in your hand and you’ll be able to emotionally connect with whatever you’re writing.

If you write on a computer, it’s pretty much just an input device, which isn’t as powerful.

You can still try it though and see how you do!

Everybody is different and it just may work better for you than writing with pen and paper.

If it comes down to your writing your manifestations on the computer versus not writing them at all, choose the computer.


What is the best time to manifest by writing?

There is no “best time” to manifest by writing. Do whatever feels best for you.

Many people like to do their manifestation writing exercises at night, but as you’ll see, some require writing morning, evening, and night, so you’d have to follow protocol.


How much time to spend manifesting by writing?

There isn’t a set length of time that you have to spend manifesting by writing.

You can do it for just a few minutes, or you can take lots of time and write for hours.

The choice is yours!

If you’re brand new to the law of attraction, you might want to start with a shorter manifestation session and build up from there.

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself.

Remember — these exercises and activities are meant to make you feel good.

Not stressed or down.

If you feel overwhelmed, reduce your input and make things more simple.

Find your happy place.


Final thoughts on manifesting by writing

Now that you know several different techniques for manifesting by writing, you should be ready to grab your pen and get started!

Oh, and by the way — don’t forget to grab your free numerology reading.

If you’re serious about working with the divine to create lasting change in your life, it’s the first step you’ll want to take.

Much love,



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