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5 Reasons You Keep Missing Angel Numbers By One Minute

Are you used to glancing over at the clock at 11:11, 3:33, or some other well-known angel number, then, out of the blue, you start to miss angel numbers by one minute? So, instead of seeing 11:11, you start to see 11:12 Instead of angel number 333, you get angel number 334? Instead of 999, you get 998?

First, I want to reassure you that nothing is wrong if you miss angel numbers by a minute or a number. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

But there are a few reasons you might start to miss angel numbers, and I want to share them with you today! So here are five reasons you keep missing angel numbers by one minute.


missing angel numbers by 1 minute

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1- You are out of alignment

The first reason you might start to miss angel numbers by one minute is that you are out of alignment with your life purpose, with the universe, and with spirit in general.

If your goal is to hear from the angels more, this could mean that you need to align with their frequency more often.

It’s not always easy for us humans- we have a lot going on!

But if it means hearing messages from our angels, then it can be worth the effort.

Getting into alignment isn’t hard, but it’s a continuous process that you need to work on daily.

It can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing, however, so I want to let you in on a little secret… 

Luckily, there’s a solution that can help you out, and it’s 100% free!

If you’re serious about communicating with the Divine regularly, you’re going to want to download a copy of your numerology report right away.

In just a few minutes — at no cost to you — you will discover so much information about your spiritual energy, your karmic path, and your communication pathways to the universe. 

It may not make sense to you now, but once you read the information in your personal report, you’ll get it. 

It’s like the light switch flips “on” and you can see exactly what aspects of your personality and events in your life have led you to where you are today! 

And you will instantly know what steps to take next to communicate more effectively with the universe (which includes both asking for blessings as well as receiving advice through angel numbers.)

Suddenly, all the worry and skepticism about whether angel signs are right for you or real completely melt away, because you have eerily accurate, highly-personalized advice and information that nobody else could have possibly known about you — all based on your exact date and time of birth!

It’s like magic (and well… it is to an extent.) 

But it’s the fastest way to make sure you’re in alignment. 

So you won’t have to worry at all about missing angel numbers by a minute or anything else.

You’ll know you’re getting the clearest information, straight from source, at the right time in your life.

Get your numerology report here (it’s free and only takes two minutes.)


2- The new number is your angel number

The first thing you should know is that despite the common belief that angel numbers always follow certain patterns, any number can be an angel number!

Every number has a meaning and holds energy.

It doesn’t have to be 1111, 222, 444, or 2222.

Angel numbers can be literally any number you can think of.

The criteria for a number to be an angel number is if you see the same number repeatedly in multiple locations over an extended period of time.

Therefore, if you are used to seeing angel number 11:11 for weeks at a time, then one day you start to see 11:12, it doesn’t mean you’ve “missed” anything.

1112 is an angel number as well, provided it meets the criteria.

If you no longer see 1111 but start to see 1112 multiple times, in multiple locations, over multiple days or weeks, 1112 is your new angel number.

If this happens to you, look up the meaning of 1112 and see how you can apply its message to your life.


3- You’ve stopped seeing angel numbers

Another reason you may feel like you keep missing angel numbers by a minute is that you’ve stopped seeing angel numbers at all!

If, for example, you start seeing 1111, then moving to 0111, it’s easy to think “oh now I see 0111  all the time that’s my new angel number.”

But remember, it has to be repetitive and persistent over a period of time.

If you stop seeing 1111, then see 0111 for a day or two (but no longer see 1111), you may have just stopped seeing angel numbers.

Which is fine, too!

You want to make sure you start to see the new angel number for a reasonable amount of time.

So if 1111 was your angel number for 4 weeks, then you see 0111 appear….

You want to give angel number 0111 at least a week of showing up regularly without 1111 at all before you can conclude it’s an angel number.

If you don’t see 1111 at all and you don’t see 0111 for more than a few days, you aren’t “missing” anything.

You’ve just stopped seeing angel numbers.


4- You’ve learned your lesson

Another reason you’ve started to miss angel numbers could be that you’ve learned the lesson that your angels wanted to learn.

It’s time for a new lesson and so they’re gone now, but not forgotten.

This is where you have to think for yourself a little bit.

Have you recently gone through a challenging time?

Maybe you’ve had to make a tough decision.

Think of any sweeping life changes or lessons you could have learned recently.

If they coincide with the slight change in angel numbers, it could mean that your angels are giving you permission to close that chapter of your life and move forward.

You would still want to check the meaning of the number you’re receiving, however, because it might be more divine wisdom for you to consider.


5- You need to take a break from manifesting

Additionally, if you’ve been missing angel numbers by a minute or so and you’ve been working on manifesting and the law of attraction, it could be a sign that you need to take a break from manifesting.

A common problem is when you set your manifestations out into the universe, it’s easy to get caught up in looking for signs that your manifestation is coming.

Angel numbers can be great indicators that your manifestation is close, but you must be careful.

It’s easy to overdo this!

Imagine asking the universe for something then completely obsessing over when it’s coming.

Looking for angel numbers and other sacred signs everywhere.

Getting frantic, wondering if every little thing is a sign.

That’s not what your angels want for you!

They want you to manifest from a place of grace, ease, flow, and gratitude.

So, sometimes when you’re frantically looking for signs, they’ll send you some — just not in the exact way you’re expecting!

If you’ve been obsessing over signs, don’t feel too bad.

It’s totally natural for us humans to get excited about receiving our manifestations and attracting our dreams!

Just consider if you’ve been doing it a bit too much lately.

If you start to miss angel numbers by a minute, your angels could just want you to relax!

And when you do, the law of attraction will start to work better for you.


6- Step back or move forward

Sometimes, you may be convinced that your missing angel numbers by a minute is a message for you. (Hey… if you know, you know! )

For this, you might want to consider the direction of the change.

If your missed number goes up – you’ll want to apply more energy, certainty, and force to your situation.

If your missed number goes down, you’ll want to pull back some and let things flow on their own. 

For example, let’s say you’re manifesting the attention of your crush…

If you think your target angel number would be 11:11, but you wind up getting 11:12 instead since the direction of the action is going forward, this could be a sign from the Universe that you should apply some pressure. 

Depending on your situation, you might directly ask them out, send a text first, or take some other action to nudge the process along. 

If you get angel number 11:10, however, this could be a sign that now is not the best time to force things. 

If your intuition tells you that they aren’t interested right now or that you need to focus elsewhere, for the time being, you might want to do just that.


Final Thoughts

So, what do you think?

Are you really missing angel numbers by one minute late, or is there something deeper going on? 

Just to be certain you’re covering all your bases and not missing anything, you’d do best to grab a free copy of your numerology report. 

Because think of it like this… 

If you’re missing angel numbers by one minute and it’s just because you’ve got new angel numbers coming around, or it’s because you’ve received your blessing, sure you’ll get the numerology report and it probably won’t have a big influence on your life choices. (Though it could certainly help!) 

But, on the other hand, what if you’re missing angel numbers because you’re out of alignment with your life purpose, you’re going in the wrong direction altogether, or your communication pathways with the universe are blocked — you’ll discover those issues right away and you can fix them! 

Can you imagine how unfortunate it would be to miss out on this critical information that could clear up so many issues for you? 

That would be such a waste, would it not? 



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