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8 Ways To Stay Inspired When You Can’t Manifest

As I’m writing this, the world is in tatters, and everything seems turned upside down.

So, if you’ve turned to manifesting and the law of attraction hoping to create a little goodness, beauty and positivity (or money) into you’re life – chances are you’re not alone!

The thing is, though, sometimes even if you’re following all the law of attraction and manifesting rules, it can feel like the Universe has different plans.

Believe me, I totally understand how frustrating it is.

That’s why I’m here today to tell you that now, more than ever, you need to trust and believe in the process.

The law of attraction does work.

You can manifest what you desire – even if you’ve experienced recent doubt or setbacks.

The best way to reach your desired result is to keep going!

Quitters never win, and winners never quit, after all.

But how do you actually do it?

How do you stay inspired and trust in the process even when life’s got you down?

Read on for 8 tips for staying motivated and inspired when you’re stuck in a manifestation rut.


8 Ways To Stay Inspired When You Can’t Manifest

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How To Stay Inspired When You Can’t Manifest

1- Focus on Gratitude

It might seem counterintuitive to try gratitude when you’re trying and asking for something, doing all the affirmations and meditations and manifesting games possible, and still can’t manifest.

But believe me – gratitude is SO important.

Anytime you can find ways to express gratitude for what you do have in your life, you’re raising your vibration.

When you have a higher vibration, you open doors for more good to come your way.

Think of it this way – you always have the power to choose what you focus on.

Even if you’re to receive no manifestations, would you prefer to focus on the negative aspects of your life, or the positive?

Which is more likely to leave you in a better mood?

It’s always better to feel grateful and appreciative of what you do have. That way you pave the road to receiving more.


2- Allow Yourself to Feel

Something that’s easy to get wrong, however, is that while it’s ideal to practice gratitude, when you’re feeling less than stellar you’re not really supposed to suppress your emotions.

You need to feel.

You’re human, after all.

It’s perfectly fine to be angry, sad, or have any emotion you naturally experience.

The trick, however, is to go there, but don’t stay there!

When my manifestations are stuck in limbo and I’m experiencing what seems to be the polar opposite of what I desire, I like to set a timer for 10-15 minutes.

During this time I allow myself to be pissed, angry, sad, disappointed, and let those emotions out!

I’ll either cry it out, write in my journal, or my personal favorite – yell into a pillow in my car. (It sounds crazy, but it helps to relieve the tension)

Once that time is up, I’m done.

I choose better thoughts and move on.

It may not be your cup of tea, but try it! You’ve got nothing to lose ?



3- Learn to Breathe

When you’re struggling to manifest and are going through bad times, it might surprise you to know that you are likely holding your breath a lot.

Take time each day to simply breathe.

The oxygen you take in will enable you to relax, improve brain function and again – raise your vibration.


4- Stop Asking Why You Can’t Manifest

When you’re trying to manifest something big (or even something small) and it’s not coming, the biggest question is often why.

But that sometimes has no good, obvious answer.

And nobody to really tell you anyway.

It just may not be your time. It could be right around the corner. Or any other answers that may be out there.

So, stop asking why and instead ask what.

What can you do, if anything, to make yourself feel better at the moment?

What actions can you take, or habits can you shift to increase the odds of manifesting your desire?


5- Focus On Your Language To Help Manifest

If you’re having trouble manifesting, consider focusing on your language.

While of course, you want to speak, think, write and communicate in terms of what you do want rather than what you don’t want, it’s a bit unrealistic to expect 100% positivity when things suck.

A cool tip that I like to use a lot when I’m not feeling rainbows and sunshine is to at least be neutral.

Neutral can make you more positive because you’re not focused on the negative and is often easier to do when you’re in the thick of the problem.


6- Disconnect for a While To Manifest Faster

I’ve found with manifesting, sometimes disconnecting from social media and the outside world can help.

This is for two reasons.

First, the energy of social media and the news is all over the place – and usually not in a positive direction.

Either you’re flooded with ads telling you what’s wrong with you, looking at other people showing the best parts of their lives (and hiding the worst), or hearing doom and gloom news that brings you down further.

I’m a huge fan of unplugging and choosing different forms of entertainment when I find I can’t manifest.

Usually spending some time in nature and reconnecting with my higher self helps my manifestations come much more quickly, or at least helps me feel better, which helps indirectly, too.

Try it!


7- Focus on Mindfulness

Being super aware of what you are doing right now instead of what comes before or after is an excellent way to help yourself out a manifesting funk.

Anytime you feel yourself getting anxious about how the law of attraction isn’t working for you, double down on really experiencing and feeling what you are doing in the current moment.


8- Do Things You Love

If possible, when the law of attraction isn’t working and everything else sucks, find ways to do things you love.

If you’re stuck in the bed sick, watch movies, read, or just use your imagination to dream up unusual things.

Keep in mind that while we usually want to manifest physical things (new house, more money, sexy soul mate), the driving force behind these things is how they make us feel.

At the end of the day, we want these things because they make us feel good.

The fastest way to feel good, is to do things that make you feel good!

Try to think about what feeling your manifesting desire will bring you, and see if there are other ways you can create that feeling for yourself while you wait for the law of attraction to work.



Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to see the end of the road when life is weighing you down and the law of attraction isn’t working out the way you thought it would.

However, nothing lasts forever.

This really will pass.

Even if you think it’s never going to work out because it feels like that at the moment, do not give up. Keep going, believe and trust in the process.

When you hold on to that and just take your time making it through the hard times, you can find inspiration in the smallest things if you just try.  



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