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How To Use The Magic Pillow Method For Manifesting (Reality Shifting)

This is your complete tutorial for how to use the pillow method for manifesting and reality shifting. The pillow method is one of the best ways to get started manifesting, especially if you’re a true beginner. So read on to discover everything you need to know about how to use this remarkable method to create lasting change in your life.

How To Use The Magic Pillow Method For Manifesting

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Before You Try The Pillow Method

There is one critical piece of information you must know before trying to manifest with the pillow method.

You gotta make sure nothing in your “karmic profile” prevents you from getting where you want to go, otherwise, you might not be able to successfully manifest what you want.

For example, if one of your life lessons is to overcome the idea that having money is more important than anything else, yet you find yourself hyper-focused on manifesting money, you’re going to have a hard time crafting your desires, affirmations, and intentions in a way that will be accepted by the universe. 

You might just say “I have an extra $500” when the universe would be more likely to support your intention if you envision attracting the extra money by creating something beautiful and valuable to share with others.

While you probably wouldn’t have a problem refocusing your intentions in a way that is supported by the universe — how would you know if that’s what’s standing in the way of your goals?

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

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It only takes two minutes, and you’ll have all the information you need to work the pillow method with complete confidence that you have the support of the universe.

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What Is The Pillow Method?

The pillow method is an easy manifestation technique that you use to activate the law of attraction while you sleep

In some ways, it’s like putting a wish under your pillow at night.

You can tweak the pillow technique in many different ways. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.

But the basic idea is you write positive affirmations for what you want to manifest on a piece of paper. Then, you’ll anoint the paper with a charged manifestation oil (I’ll explain more about this later, too.)

Then, you place the anointed paper underneath your pillow before bed.

While you sleep, your subconscious mind goes to work, the law of attraction is activated, and the Universe begins to bring you what you want! 

It really is that simple overall, but let’s drill down into the details. 


How To Create Pillow Method Affirmations

The first step to working the pillow method is to create your positive affirmations. 

You have wiggle room here, in that there are no hard and fast rules.

However, I’ve tried the pillow method many times and I have had better results some times over others. 

When you hear the word “affirmations”, you probably think of regular affirmations, like the one-sentence affirmations in this list of positive affirmations for money.

While you can have great results writing traditional affirmations on paper and sticking them under your pillow, there’s a better approach. 

Write your power affirmations as a letter or short story as if what you want has already happened! 

This process, known as scripting, is a popular manifesting method all on its own. 

But, by “stacking” your law of attraction manifesting rituals on top of each other, you can effectively multiply the energy output, and therefore manifest so much stronger and faster! 

Isn’t that neat? 

I’ve written a super in-depth tutorial about scripting (and even giveaway a FREE scripting template to help you get started.)

But, in the next section, I will quickly go over how you can mix scripting with the pillow method. As it’s a bit different.

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Example Pillow Method Shifting Affirmations

If you want to take the shortcut and write single affirmation statements rather than writing a long scripting letter, I wanted to share a few positive affirmation examples that you can use with the pillow shifting method. 

To manifest love, you can write “I am in a happy, healthy relationship with my soul mate.” 

To manifest money, you can write, “I joyfully receive unlimited income from multiple sources every day.” 

For peace & happiness, you can say “I enjoy a life of calm, joy, and peace.” 

Any of these types of affirmations will help you shift realities with the pillow method. 

But I do encourage you to write your own using language that resonates with your spirit.

You’ll always get better results that way!


How To Combine Scripting With The Pillow Method

So, as I said before, scripting is when you write a letter as a long, flowing set of positive affirmations. 

Generally, scripting exercises should be very long and extremely detailed. But, if you’re doing it specifically for the pillow method, you don’t have to go that far. 

I think of it more like a bridge between traditional scripting and one-sentence affirmations. 

Let’s say you want to use the pillow method to manifest an extra $100, for example. 

You could make a positive affirmation that says “I am so happy to have $100 extra dollars!” 

You’d write that down three times on paper, anoint it with oil (more on that later,) and slap it under your pillow. 

But I’ve had excellent results when I expand that to a few paragraphs.

Ideally, you’d sit down with a pen and paper, take a few deep breaths, and begin to visualize how incredible it feels to have the extra money. 

Then, you’d write about it! 

Write about it as if you’ve already received the money, what you’re doing with it, how you feel to have it, and what it means for your life!

It should take no more than a few minutes because ideally you really want this thing so you already have strong emotion behind it. It’s just getting it out on paper as a turbo-charged affirmation. 

Once that’s done, you’re ready for the next step of the pillow manifestation method!

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Adding Manifestation Oil To The Pillow Technique

Now that you know what the pillow method is and how to craft the most powerful affirmations, it’s time for the next step. 

Add oil (yup — it’s just like a cooking recipe!)

I will say that, again, there are many ways to do this. 

In fact, you don’t have to do it at all. 

But, in my extensive experience, I’ve found that intention oil is the magic ingredient that takes the pillow method to the next level. 

Remember the example of manifesting $100? 

Adding manifesting oil is the difference between manifesting that money in 1-3 days vs. 1-3 months

It just makes sense if you can swing it. 

But if you can’t do it I would still try the exercise without it and see what happens. Some effort is better than none, no matter what!


Two Ways To Get Manifestation Oil

Okay, so there are two main ways to get your hands on intention oil. We’ll go over both below.


1- Make your own manifesting oil

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First, if you have knowledge of essential oils and/or are willing to do a little research on the best oils to blend together for your desires, you can make your own! 

I’ve gone this route and it has its benefits and drawbacks. 

On the upside, you pick and choose what oils (and therefore, energies) you want to include.

You know exactly what’s in your product. And just like how cooking food from scratch makes you feel more involved and connected to your food, preparing your own oils places you more in alignment with those products, too. 

However, if you don’t already own a set of oils, you’ll quickly find it’s expensive to buy a bunch of different aromas. 

Also, you’re probably attracted to the pillow method in the first place because you want to manifest on autopilot without all the extra work! Blending oil takes time to research which you want to include, and then time to blend it just right. 

Furthermore, it’s messy! I hate that part! 

But it does work and it works well

If you’re feeling creative, have a set of oils already, or want to go 100% and put ALL your energy into this — go for it and make your own oil. 


2- Buy Ready-Made Manifestation Oil For Your Intentions

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The second method of finding oil to anoint your pillow method affirmations is to buy one! 

I used to be skeptical of buying manifestation oil because it was in a gray area of what I trust. 

But if you work with crystals, you also don’t know where they’ve come from, whose been handling them, etc… 

You just clean them first with your energy, and that’s what I’ve done with all the manifestation oils I’ve bought and things have gone great! 

My favorite brand of manifestation oils is, hands down, Art of the Root. I can recommend any of their oils for specific purposes. 

You can even look at some of their product reviews to see what I’m talking about! I’m not the only one who loves their stuff.


Now, they do have multiple oils that could work for the same purpose, so here are some suggestions:


Money Manifestation Oil

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Love & Romance Oil

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Safety & Protection Oil

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Heartbreak & Grief Oil 

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My advice would be to pick the best manifestation oil for your desire. Once you have your positive affirmations or letter, dab a few drops of oil on it, fold it, place it underneath your pillow and go to sleep! 


How Long Do I Do The Pillow Method?

You want to do this for at least eight days straight. 

The way I do it is since I’ve written a scripting letter, I have something to read and reflect on before bed each night. It doesn’t work as well if you’ve written standard affirmations. 

Since you put so much emotion and visualize when you write your scripting manifestation letter when you read the letter each night, you’re almost transported back into that vibration and it works better. 

So, for eight nights, read your manifestation note and put it back under your pillow. 


What Do I Do After The Pillow Manifesting Method?

After you complete the LOA pillow technique, you have a few options. 

You could store the paper with your other manifestation exercises if you have a manifestation journal (which I highly recommend!) 

Another option is to light it with a match outside and let the wind carry the ashes out into the Universe. 

You could also fold it and put it somewhere safe, but where you won’t see it regularly. Like in your wallet or purse. 

The idea is you want to let go of the intention and trust that the Universe will deliver. You don’t need to keep thinking about it or looking at it every day. 

It’s up to you!


Can I Do The Pillow Method With My Phone?

Some have asked if you can do the pillow method with your phone. 

Meaning, write your affirmation on your phone and then sleep with your phone underneath your pillow. 

I do not recommend this because the intention does not manifest as strong if you text it rather than writing it on paper. 

Plus, you don’t get the option of adding other rituals to this manifestation if you do it on your phone. 

For example, if you want to add manifestation oil to your pillow method affirmation, you can’t if you’re doing it on your phone. 

Or, if you want to burn the paper and let the ashes fly into the universe, you can’t if you use your phone. 

You can always try it and see what works best for you. 

But if you don’t want to waste your time and energy, I suggest you manifest on paper first. 

When you get more comfortable with manifestation overall, then you can try to do the 369 method on your phone.


Pillow Method + Perfume Method Combination

For an extra-special and completely unique manifestation trick that works even faster, you can combine the pillow method with the perfume method and get great results! 

The perfume method is so simple. All you do is charge your favorite perfume with your intention and then wear the perfume every day while allowing yourself to embody the energy and vibration you’d have once your manifestation completes. 

Though not necessary, for an added boost you can then put your charged perfume under your pillow at night, along with your written affirmation, and you can get amazing results that way! 

I recommend trying this technique if you’ve had issues with other methods or if your desire is taking extra long to manifest.


Sleep With Money Under Your Pillow

If you specifically want to manifest money, you could also sleep with money under your pillow. 

I’ll be honest – sometimes this has worked for me in the past, sometimes not. Everybody’s different and then you’ll also find that even the same person can get different results using the same exact technique. 

So you might want to try it for yourself and see. 

There are a few different ways you can do this. 

The first way is to put paper money underneath your pillow along with your pillow method affirmation for money. Just put them both together and sleep with them both under there.

For this, I recommend using the largest bill you have.  

Another method if you’re not afraid to write on your money is to take a sharpie marker and write your affirmation directly on the money. 

I have found better results with the second method, but it’s understandable if you don’t want to write on a larger bill. 

Again, you’ll have to try different techniques to see which works best for you.


Sleeping With Keys Under Your Pillow

Some people sleep with keys under their pillow for different reasons. Mostly because they want to keep their keys safe if they feel a need to protect them. 

But sleeping with your keys under your pillow can be a unique way to manifest things, depending on what keys represent to you! 

When I wanted to manifest my new house, I slept with a key underneath my pillow because I created a symbolic link between a key and unlocking the door to my new house. 

And of course, I wrote the affirmation for the new house, too.

I would visualize every night before going to sleep that I would take the key and open my front door and go into my big, beautiful home and feel so safe and happy and at peace. 

And it worked! Even in a crazy economic climate – I got my house. 

Other people might symbolically link keys and love, like “getting the key to someone’s heart” sort of thing. 

If that’s the link you create in your subconscious mind, you can use it to manifest love. 

Just visualize your ideal scenario, make sure you have your affirmation, then put the key next to the affirmation paper underneath your pillow before you rest at night.


Sleeping With Tarot Cards Under Your Pillow

Last but not least, if you’re learning tarot, it can be extremely helpful to sleep with different tarot cards underneath your pillow at night.

You will find that you either have dreams related to the tarot card you sleep with.

Or, you will wake up with a deeper and more intimate understanding of that card and what it would personally mean for you. 

As an experienced tarot reader, I find that if I ask a question, pull tarot cards, then sleep with those cards underneath my pillow, I have crystal clear dreams that enhance the meaning of my reading and I download so much more detailed information that I can then practically use in my daily life.

It’s great! 


Does The Pillow Manifestation Method Work?

pillow method manifesting law of attraction

The pillow manifestation method does work if you have clear intentions, follow all the steps, and have patience.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this all-time favorite nighttime manifestation routine!

It can really help you realize and harness the power of sleep manifestation and create new positive patterns and habits that can change your life. 

With love, light, and most of all — magic, 




P.S. Don’t forget to clear your path to success by aligning with the universe and its intentions for you and your life! Get your free numerology reading and get on the right track in minutes, for free.



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How To Do The Pillow Method for Manifesting While You Sleep (Shifting Realities Law of Attraction)


How To Use The Pillow Method For Law of Attraction Manifesting