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How A Manifesting Journal Helps You Attract Abundance & Prosperity

One of the most powerful techniques that one can employ in the process of manifesting a vision into physical reality is the practice of writing in a manifestation journal. Journaling is a very simple yet effective way of creating the things we want in our minds, so we can manifest them into our reality. Many powerful and famous people in history swore by writing in their journals. And these same techniques can work for you, too! But before you start using a journal to manifest your desires, there’s something you should know…


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How To Avoid Failed Manifestations

Far too many people dive headfirst into manifesting practices without first ensuring that they are aligned.

Sure, manifesting sounds like a cute, fun way to get a ton of your wants and needs met without too much struggle and strife.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be disappointed when things don’t go as planned.

(I see this happen ALL the time!)

The most common reason manifestations fail is that you are out of alignment — and the worst part is, you probably won’t even realize that it’s happening!

To be honest, if you don’t check for these blockages first, you’re wasting your time!

A manifestation journal would be nothing more than ink scribbles in a notebook.

Luckily, there’s a fast, fun, and free way to cover all your bases.

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That way, you’ll know you’re not just scribbling lines in a notebook for no reason.


Journaling Is A Powerful Way To Manifest

Now that you’ve hopefully downloaded your free numerology report, you should know that journal writing is immensely powerful!

And if used the right way, it can set the stage for manifesting your dreams, especially in creating abundance and prosperity.

It is one of the best law of attraction tools around to help you manifest whatever you desire!

Here are five incredible ways journaling can help you in manifesting greater abundance and prosperity.


5 Reasons To Use A Manifestation Journal


1- Manifesting Through Words Is A Powerful Creative Force

Words, like visual images, are a creative force. There’s power not only in declaring and setting a clear goal, but more so in putting them into writing.

Much of the reason why is because of the way our brains work.

When we think and imagine our vision, we’re activating the right hemisphere of our brains, which is the imaginative corner.

By putting this thought into writing, we’re also activating the left hemisphere of our brains, which is the logical center.

When both sides of the brain make contact with each other, this creates a very powerful signal that communicates to every cell in our body, enabling us to transform our thoughts and ideas into something tangible.

This complex process simply means we are aligning our frequency to our desires.

When this happens, you naturally vibrate at the same level as your goals.

And making your dreams real becomes a lot more possible simply by putting those ideas into writing.


2- A Manifesting Journal Enables You to Clarify Your Goals and Vision

You could have hundreds of dreams in your life, and there’s no problem with that until you need to set a clear goal to achieve your vision.

Setting goals requires decision-making.

Due to the scarcity of our most valuable resource, which is time, we need to set priorities for our individual goals.

Manifesting abundance and prosperity in our lives requires a deep focus on a particular clear goal that we have in mind.

For example, a financial goal might be “to clear all personal debts by the end of the year.”

This gives you a clear scope of work to complete and a purpose to drive you to find solutions.

Through journal writing, you are able to clarify your vision and set clear goals by weighing different possibilities and choosing your priorities, which is essential in manifesting desire.

Somebody once said, “you can have it all.”

And yes, you can. Just not all at the same time.

You need to focus and prioritize.


3- A Manifesting Journal Helps You To Work Through Problems

Having a notebook to write your ideas in gives you the space to revise your methods and review your goals.

As a result, situations become clearer, and solutions naturally come to the surface.

Journal writing is a proven method to help reach solutions and conclusions on very important matters.


4- A Manifesting Journal Helps You Practice Gratitude

When we’re trying to manifest prosperity and abundance, it is very important to stay grateful.

Gratitude is the secret ingredient to abundance.

The more grateful we are for what we have, the more abundance we attract back into our lives.

We can even practice gratitude for things that we are still hoping for and desiring right this moment.

By living as if we have already received them (acting “as if”), feeling all the positive emotions they come together with, we are attracting them more easily.

Abundance and prosperity can’t help but come to you if you are grateful.


 5- A Manifesting Journal Helps You Gain Clarity

Finally, uncertainty and problems are an inevitable part of our journey.

A good channel for our perplexities may be contained within the pages of a journal we write.

In it, we gain more clarity, arrive at solutions with ease, and effectively work through our problems.

We can make better decisions by keeping a daily manifesting journal.

It’s a powerful hack to create more prosperity and abundance into your life.


Try One Of These Amazing Manifesting Journals

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A manifesting journal is certainly one of the best ways to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life. 

But there are SO many different things you can try. Different manifesting worksheets, exercises, and techniques that all works to help you manifest more money. 

The best thing you can do — even if you don’t want to journal — is to get a manifesting planner! 

That way, you’ll have a neat, organized place to look back on once they come true. 

Good luck!


Final Thoughts On Manifestation Journaling

Thank you so much for reading this tutorial on how to manifest with a law of attraction journal.

I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, hope that you’ve learned something you can use to attract your heart’s deepest desires into your life.

If you’re truly serious about making the law of attraction work for you and you haven’t found the time, I highly encourage you to download your free numerology report.

I can’t tell you how many people I know of who have transformed their entire lives just by following the messages hidden inside!


With love, light, and most of all — magic, 



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