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How Long Does It Take To Manifest Something? (11 Answers)

How long does it take to manifest something? Depending on what you’re manifesting, what manifestation method you use, and your own vibration and beliefs, you can manifest something in as few as five minutes, as long as a few weeks to a few months, or never

In this blog post, you’re going to learn how long it takes to manifest something with the law of attraction. And you’ll discover exactly how to speed up the process, too!


How Long Does It Take To Manifest Something

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What determines how long manifestation takes?

Manifestation isn’t complicated and almost anyone can use the law of attraction to manifest what they want in life.

However, there are some things that will affect how long it takes for your manifestation to come into being.

The main things that determine how long it will take to manifest something are the following:


1- How clear is your request?

The more clearly you can state what you want, the faster it will manifest. The reason for this is that when you are clear about what you want, the universe and your subconscious mind can begin to work on bringing it into reality.

Think about it like this…

If you say “I want to manifest money” but you aren’t very clear about how much or what you want to use it for, do you consider it a big win if you find a penny on the ground?

Probably not… but that still counts as money!

If you approach manifestation with more clarity and say, for instance, “I would like to manifest $1,000 in the next 30 days” then you are much more likely to achieve your goal because you have a crystal clear focal point.


2- How strong is your desire?

The stronger your desire, the faster your manifestation will come into being.

One part of the law of attraction that is often overlooked is that much of the time you have to ask the universe for help and also increase your own efforts.

This means you might have to still actually put in extra work to get what you want.

Sometimes this is uncomfortable and less than ideal, but that’s why you must have a strong desire for what you’re asking for.

If your desire isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be, then it’ll be difficult to achieve your goal.

A prime example of this is with manifesting weight loss.

There are so many ways the universe will help you to manifest your dream body.

And you can definitely slim down much more quickly if you take that approach.

However, you will still have to make some changes to your lifestyle to get results.

Or else it’s going to take a long time to get anywhere.


3- How strong is your belief?

This is a big one.

How long it takes to manifest something is directly tied to how strong your belief is that you can actually have it.

This goes for two main reasons.

First, limiting beliefs.

Let’s say you grew up poor and never had any money. So, you’ve carried these thoughts with you your whole life that maybe good things don’t happen to people like you, you’ll never be rich, and you have to work extra hard to make money.

That set of beliefs right there will almost ensure that you are no longer a vibrational match for your desire.

This will stop your manifestation in its tracks.

You automatically think it’s going to be hard for you to receive money, so it will take you much longer to manifest it because of those blockages.

Another reason your belief is tied to how long it takes to manifest is that you are still working within the natural laws of the universe.

A good example of this is manifesting something that you already know can’t happen.

Like, manifesting a job that you haven’t even applied for.

When there is no room for your manifestation to come through and you are blatantly aware of this, it will take a long time to come or never come at all.


4- What technique are you using?

Next, the manifestation technique that you are using can influence how long it takes to achieve it.

We’ll go over different techniques and how long you can expect them to take in the following sections.

But for now, understand that some methods work more quickly than others.

And some are better suited for different types of manifestations.


5- How big is your manifestation?

Finally, the size of your manifestation can also play a role in how long it takes to come into fruition.

This is because the bigger the goal, the more effort and energy you’ll need to put in to achieve it.

For example, if it’s Thursday and you need to manifest an extra $50 by the end of the weekend, it’s totally reasonable to try the cinnamon money spell that night and receive the money overnight or at least by Saturday.

But if you want to manifest acceptance into a new college or graduate program, for instance, it’s going to take much longer to manifest that by default.

Let’s go over specific situations next so you can get a better idea of how long it takes to manifest different things.


How long does it take to manifest love?

Depending on the factors we talked about in the previous section, it can take between a few days and a few months to manifest love.

One thing to remember is that love is one of the most powerful manifestations you can go for, so the attraction process could require a lot of energy and effort on your part.

But if you’re fully committed to achieving it, the universe will respond in kind and send you your dream life with your dream partner.

The best thing to focus on when trying to manifest love is to get yourself into a positive vibration.

This means doing things that make you feel good, taking positive action, and spending time around people who support your dreams and aspirations.

Love will find you quickly and easily when you’re in this frame of mind.


How long does it take to manifest money?

If you need what you perceive to be a smaller amount of money and you have little resistance to the idea that you can have it, you can manifest smaller amounts from 24 hours to one week.

If you want to manifest an amount of money that is slightly more but not overwhelmingly so – and you still believe you can have it – it could take a few weeks to a few months.

To manifest a large amount of money could take 3 to 7 months.

If you want to manifest a recurring income stream like a successful new business, it could take years, but you would have signs that your manifestation is coming relatively quickly.

You could start to see signs as soon as a few weeks. For example, your business loan application could go through quickly, or you might stumble upon the perfect suppliers or contacts you would need.

Keep in mind that if you have limiting beliefs about money or don’t believe you deserve it, it will take longer for the law of attraction to work its magic.


How long does take to manifest a specific person?

You can manifest a specific person in a few weeks to a few months. But if you’re trying to manifest someone who is not into you, it could take a lot longer.

Remember that the law of attraction always gives you what you focus on, so be sure that you are putting all your energy into manifesting someone who is compatible with you and wants the same things as you do.

It also depends on what you want from this person.

If you want to manifest a specific person to date or marry you, it could take several months to a year.

If all you want is to manifest them to text, call, or pay attention to you, you could have this in a week.


How long does it take to manifest an ex back?

You can manifest your ex back in a few weeks to a year. The wide gap is because it will depend on the state of your relationship as it stands, whether they have a third party that needs removing, and how much resistance you have to the idea of getting them back.

Remember that it’s always best to manifest what you want, not what you don’t want.

So if your goal is to get your ex back, focus on all the good things you want to experience with them, not on anything negative.

If you’re really serious about manifesting your ex back and you want to get them back fast, then you should follow the step-by-step advice written here.

People tell me all the time that they waited months and months with no movement in their ex-back manifestation process. Then boom – they followed these tips and they were getting texts, phone calls, and even date invitations from their exes in three days. It’s crazy!

Imagine that happening to you!

But yeah it’s a good plan so check it out now if you don’t want to wait for results like most people wind up doing.


How long does it take to manifest a text?

Manifesting a text is probably one of the fastest and easiest things you can do. I know people (myself included) who have manifested a text in five minutes.

Most people – even the inexperienced – can manifest a text within a week.

Two weeks, tops.


How long does it take to manifest a new job?

It can take several weeks to several months to manifest a new job. However, you will start seeing clues and signals that your manifestation is working as soon as a few weeks.

For example, you might get a call from an old colleague asking if you’re interested in a new opportunity, or you might come across an amazing job listing that’s too good to be true.

Keep in mind that manifesting a job is one of those requests that you have to put in extra work on your end while you allow the universe to work its magic in your life.

So now that you know how long it takes to manifest different things, let’s talk about how long different manifestation methods generally take to work.


How long does it take to manifest with scripting?

The scripting method is one of the most powerful law of attraction techniques. All you do is write your ideal reality in the form of a letter to the universe and wait for it to manifest.

Scripting can take about one to three months to work, depending on your request.

But the good thing is that scripting is likely to bring you results that are eerily similar to what you have pictured in your mind.

It’s worth the wait.


How long does it take to manifest with the 369 method?

The 369 method takes somewhere between 33 to 45 days to manifest. It’s good for medium-sized requests.

You might start to see results before 33 days but you should continue to work with the method until the end so that you can have results that stick.


How long does the 55×5 method take?

The 55×5 method is another popular law of attraction technique where you write a positive affirmation about what you want on paper 55 times in a row for five days straight.

This works best for small, easy requests and most people I know of get results within five days or at least within 1-2 weeks after completing the exercise.


How long does the pillow method take?

The pillow method, where you write a positive affirmation on a piece of paper and then sleep with the paper under your pillow at night, is best for small requests.

You can get results from the pillow method within 24 hours to 8 days.


How to speed up your manifesations

The #1 reason people fail to manifest as quickly as they’d like (or at all) is that they have zero connection to the universe.

That’s like wanting to ask your friend if you can borrow money but writing it on a piece of paper and never giving it to them.

That’s so silly, is it not?

The best way to establish a connection to the universe is to get your free numerology reading.

You’ll want to do this because it will literally tell you directly exactly what you need to do and focus on from a spiritual perspective.

And not only that, but just by reading and paying attention to this information, you are sending a sign to the universe that you’re actually serious about your stuff.

You’re not just asking for things and saying “gimme gimme gimme” without doing the bare minimum of at least checking to see how to best help the universe help you!

Total no-brainer, I know…

Anyway, it’s totally free and it only takes a few minutes.

You have nothing to lose but SO MUCH to gain!

Get yours now so you can bypass the lackluster results so many people wind up experiencing.

That way you can start to experience the magic of manifestation firsthand.


Final thoughts

And there you have it… everything you need to know about how long it takes to manifest something with the law of attraction.

Remember that the time frame for manifestation will vary depending on what you’re trying to manifest and which method you’re using, but as long as you stay positive, focused, and put in the work, you’ll get there eventually!

Happy manifesting!