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9/9 Manifestation Ritual For Good Fortune (September 9th)

If you’re considering any manifestation rituals at all during the month of September, you should know that September 9th (9/9) is one of the best days to try! Numerologically speaking, September 9th is one of the luckiest days of the month and, as always, serious students of the divine (like yourself) will want to work with the energy of the universe. Read on to discover why 9/9 is such a lucky day for manifestation and to get some ideas for the best manifestation rituals to use on that special day. 


9/9 manifestation ritual

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Before Working Within The 9/9 Manifestation Portal

Before you even start working on 9/9, make sure you’re prepared to achieve the best result for your efforts. 

You see, so many people jump straight into working with manifesting on “lucky” days and think it automatically means success. 

But that’s not the case. 

If you’re out of alignment, chances are slim to none that you’ll really get anywhere.


Because it’s extremely difficult — if not downright impossible — to manifest your dreams and desires if they are out of alignment with your energetic profile, your life path, and the soul urge that is predetermined by your date of birth and your name. 

It’s all about the numbers. 

The best way to discover if you’re in alignment and are therefore working with the universe (instead of against it), is to get your free numerology reading.

People who get their numerology readings manifest twice as fast as those who do not. 

And furthermore, they manifest much better things too. 

Why manifest a text from your crush three weeks from today, when you can manifest them asking you on a date, tomorrow? 

It’s a no-brainer, is it not? 

Get your free numerology readingbefore working within the 9/9 portal and experience stronger, faster, more purposeful manifestations.


Why Is 9/9 So Lucky For Manifestation?

September is one of those months that can make or break your year.

It’s late enough in the year to when you start planning for the year ahead, but still, there’s enough time to tie up loose ends with the goals and dreams you set out in January. 

So, 9/9 is a good day to start working with manifestation if you have any left-over goals and dreams from last year that you didn’t get around to achieving.

But why is September 9th such a lucky day for manifestation?


The Numerology Of 9/9

In numerology, the number 9 represents ending and resolution so that you can move forward to something bigger, better, and new.

Numbers are so influential in our daily lives.

So, working on releasing limiting beliefs or negative energies that no longer serve you on this special day can help you reclaim your power and create space for more helpful, beneficial energies as you move through the rest of your year.

This is the perfect time to release any stagnant energy and boost the success of your current projects. 


Here’s more about how 9/9 is a great day for manifestation rituals:  

1. It’s the number of personal power.  If you’ve been feeling like your powers are dwindling lately or even if you feel powerless, then it’s time to reclaim them on September 9th.

2. It represents spiritual awakening and rebirth.   If you’ve been feeling stagnant lately, this is the day for you to take a good, hard look at your life and make changes that will ensure more happiness in your daily life.

3. It’s the number of high potential.  This means that 9/9 is one of those times when you should feel like anything is truly possible and you should be on your A-game when it comes to manifesting dreams.


3 Things To Focus On During 9/9 Rituals

1- Release negativity

Releasing negative habits, personal traits, and characteristics, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Along with this, if you have yet to reach some of the goals you set for the year, consider how the feeling of “failure” could be holding you back even more.

Releasing that feeling of failure and choosing to be gentle with yourself can free up your mental and spiritual energy going forward.

And, it will help you maximize your potential and open up space in your life to create possibilities that are more aligned with who you really are and where you’re trying to go.


2- Express gratitude

9/9 is also one of those days when you want to make sure that you’re celebrating and expressing gratitude for all the positive changes you have made up until now.

For example, if last year at this time, you were feeling like a failure for not making it past round 1 of your ideal job interview but now you’re working at a job that pays the bills, express gratitude for what you have.

Or, if you were feeling like you couldn’t make any friends this time last year but since then someone or a group of people have come into your life, you can express gratitude for those beings who vibrate on your same frequency.

The reason why it’s so important to focus on your successes and the lessons learned from them during 9/9 is that it will help you maintain a positive outlook as you move forward into the next phase of your life.

One of the main principles of the law of attraction is “like attracts like”.

You will naturally attract more of how you feel and what you think.

Using the energy of 9/9 to express gratitude as you clear out the old will help you attract more of what you want.


3- Set intentions

Finally, once you clear negative thoughts and beliefs from the past and feel genuinely grateful, happy, and positive about the manifestations you’ve already achieved, it’s time to plan!

You see, clearing out old beliefs and negativity means that you have so much space in your mind, heart, and life — and you need to fill it.

This is where intention-setting comes in.

Think about what you desire most within the last few months of the year, and get crystal clear on attracting it into your life.

In the next section, we’ll go over a few ideas for how to put all of this into play and you’ll be good to go!


When To Do Your 9/9 Manifestation Ritual

You can do your manifestation ritual at any time of day or night that feels right to you.

You can make it work with your schedule or routine.

If you feel more energized during the day and can spend a few minutes working on this before you start your day, it may make you feel uplifted and motivated to have a great day.

Or, if you prefer winding down at night with a soothing ritual that can help you relax into sleep, that works just as well.

Try this Past-Present-Future ritual to cover all your bases.


The 9/9 Past-Present-Future Manifestation Ritual

As with any manifestation ritual, you want to set aside some time where you won’t be disturbed.

It’s important to feel like you have sacred space and time with yourself to get into your thoughts.

You want to avoid any frantic energy or feeling rushed.

Ten minutes or so is plenty for this.

If you’d like, you can light a candle, burn incense, cleanse your space with sage, or play spiritual music.

But these things are optional.

What you must do, however, is feel relaxed and comfortable.

Take a few deep breaths, center yourself, and then you’re ready to go!

What you’ll do here, is take a piece of paper and a pen and write three things that you’re letting go of and leave in the past.

Then, write three things that you’re grateful for in the present.

And finally, write three things that you welcome into your life in the future.

This is a total of 9 items and helps you harness the energy of the number 9.

The key thing here is that you will write your future manifestation items in present-tense (the same way you have written your present-gratitude items.)

Subconsciously, this ties what has already happened (and is real) in with the same “reality” of what you want to manifest in the near future.

Your subconscious mind won’t really be able to tell the difference, and it helps make the manifestation that much stronger!


9/9 Manifestation Ritual For Love & Romance


  • I lovingly release painful memories of past relationships.
  • I accept the lessons previous romances have taught me.
  • I am thankful for the mistakes I’ve made in my past because they help me learn what I need.



  • I am thankful for many opportunities to meet new people.
  • I am grateful for my renewed self-confidence and self-worth.
  • I appreciate the love that surrounds me now.



  • I am overjoyed that I have so much fun with my new boyfriend.
  • I am excited to spend time with my new love through the holiday season.
  • I love waking up to breakfast in bed with my boyfriend every Sunday morning.


Now, as you’re setting your intentions for the future, make sure that you are concentrating on what it is you want and how you will get there!

Don’t be preoccupied with negativity or doubt about whether or not your intentions will manifest.

Fear and doubt won’t help you achieve the results you want — but positive, confident thoughts certainly will!


Final Thoughts On 9/9 Manifestation

Good luck on using the special healing and spiritual power of the number 9 of September 9th!

Follow the steps in this guide, or use any other manifestation ritual that feels good to you.

As long as you take advantage of this unique time, you will be uniquely positioned for success.

Oh and by the way, if you’re really ready to make the last few months of the year count, then make sure you get your free numerology reading before doing your 9/9 manifestation ritual.

You’ll want to make sure your intentions and desires are in alignment with those of the universe.

And thus, you can knock down any barriers standing in between you and your dreams.

Happy manifesting!


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