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How To Manifest Using Candles (Candle Magick)

This is a blog post that will teach you how to manifest using candles.  By the end of this article, you’ll learn all about candle magick and how to use it to activate the law of attraction and manifest good things into your life. So, read on to discover how to use candles for manifesting.



How do manifestation spells work?

Candle Magick Color Meanings For Manifestation (Candle Spells & Rituals, Color Magick, Dream Life)

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Generally speaking, manifestation spells and rituals work because they serve as a formal process of asking the universe to grant your request.

Keep in mind, there are other steps you need to follow before you ask the universe for things (get a free roadmap of the 5 Steps To Manifesting in your free guide by signing up on this page,) but overall you can use spells and rituals to ask.

Candle magic rituals are great to do on the first of the month, but anytime is great because your intention is what matters most.


What is candle magic?

Candle magic, or ‘candle magick’, is a spiritual practice that involves using an external source of energy in order to amplify your intentions and enable you to manifest.

In this case, the external source of energy is fire.

Fire is a powerful force and has been used as a catalyst for change for centuries.

You can use candles with your manifestations to amplify your intentions and bring you closer to achieving your goals – so this is an excellent manifestation technique if you want results quickly.


What do I need to practice candle magic?

First, you need candles.

Any candle will do for this ritual, but the most important consideration for your candle is the color of the candle.

Contrary to what you may see online, you don’t need fancy, expensive candles supposedly created for different purposes.

Those are just going to rip you off!

The most important thing is the clarity and strength of your intention.

Next, you need a safe place to practice your manifestation – somewhere where candles can be safely burned.

Be very careful and cautious with candles and fire – always exercise common sense when it comes to candle magic.

Third, you will need matches or a lighter to light your candle.

If you can’t find these items easily in your home, you may want to purchase them – especially if you plan on using this manifestation technique often.


What kind of candle should I use?

Again, any candle will do.

You don’t need any specific material or type of wax, unless you have ethical concerns.

I actually like buying candles on sale, in bulk, from the dollar store!

I’ve been doing this for years and I always get amazing results.

It’s not about the amount of money you spend.

It’s about your intention and how connected you are to the universe before you ask.


How do intention candles work?

Any candle that you use to set an intention and bring about your manifestation is an intention candle.

You can take your regular candle and dress it with intention oil, (I recommend Art of the Root), add magical herbs like bay leaf to your candle, or even sketch angel numbers or Grabovoi numbers into the wax on your candle to boost your intention.

There’s no perfect way to add these things to your candle.

You kind of have to go with what feels right to you.

What follows next is a sample candle magic spell for you to follow.


How to use candles to set intentions

Here’s a simple candle magick spell for you to follow, assuming you already have your candle and know what you want.

You’ll need your candle, paper and a pen, and a match or lighter.


1- Set your intention

Get your candle and your pen and paper. Think about what you want, and light the candle while holding that intention. Feel free to say aloud “as I light this candle, I set the intention that xyz…..”


2- Write out your intention

While your candle is burning, write a letter of one or two pages discussing how happy you are now that your desire has manifested. Make sure you visualize your intention manifesting while you write your desire, and use lots of descriptive words that make your desire come to life!


3- Let the candle burn for 6 minutes

Ideally writing your letter would take about 6 minutes. If it takes longer, that’s fine but if it takes shorter, let it burn for at least 6 minutes. Make sure you hold your intention for the entire time you’re burning your candle because this intense focus and clarity is how the universe will receive your request.


4- Blow out the flame

After 6 minutes have passed, blow out the candle flame.

When you blow out the candle, say “so be it, so shall it be.”

And that’s it! 

Now, we’ll go over the different colors of candles and their uses.


White candle meanings for manifestation

White Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

White is the universal color candle that you can use to manifest anything.

If you need a different color or type of candle and you can’t get your hands on one, you can always use a white candle to substitute for any other.

Beyond that, white is the color of purity and perfection.

You can use white for rituals when you want to cleanse or purify something, or when you want to achieve a state of perfection in some area of your life.

When you want to draw in spiritual support or get your angels to guide you, you can burn a white candle.

Also if you want to manifest peace and an overall sense of happiness into your life, you can use a white candle.


Black candle meanings for manifestation

Black Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

You can use black candles to manifest things you want to get rid of in your life.

This includes spiritual protection, banishment & removal spells.

Black candles are also used in spiritual cleansing and spiritual housekeeping.

If you feel your energy is off or someone is trying to hex or curse you, burn a black candle.

If you want to break bad habits, you can burn a black candle on the way out of your home every day.

Black candles can also be used for manifestation spells involving spiritual protection and psychic shielding against negative entities who are trying to drain your energy.

It’s good to keep a black candle around because you never know when you’ll need it!


Red candle meanings for manifestation

Red Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

Red is the color of passion, courage, and strength.

You can burn a red candle when you want to manifest something that requires bravery or motivation from yourself.

Red is an excellent color to use for manifesting love and romance into your life.

However, you need to be careful if you want to manifest long-term love over a fling because the color red will bring attraction but not necessarily long-term love.

Red is also the color of physical energy, so if you want to boost your ability to manifest something requiring great physical energy, red is an excellent choice.

I recommend using white candles for long-term goals that require a lot of patience and perseverance because red can be shortsighted in terms of results.


Pink candle meanings for manifestation

Pink Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

Similar to white, pink is a universally good color that means “good” and “openness.”

Pink candles are excellent choices for love.

While red candles are good for passion and flings, red candles are perfect for romance, long-term commitment, and courtship.

Pink candles are also great for beauty manifestation and self-love rituals because that soft essence will help you get in touch with your feminine side.

Pink candles are also good if you’re trying to manifest something that requires you to release feelings of insecurity or self-doubt.

You can combine pink candles with rose quartz crystals for an even bigger boost!


Orange candle meanings for manifestation

Orange Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

Orange is the color of creativity, and in some cases, fertility.

If you’re trying to manifest something creative like a success with a new job or hobby, orange is an excellent color choice.

Great for improving your self-confidence, orange candles are also great if you want to manifest something that will help give your life more meaning or purpose.

Orange is also associated with the sacral chakra, which is your center of creativity.

Since the sacral chakra is located around your reproductive region, it is associated with the creation of life.

So, if you are trying to manifest a baby, you might want to work with orange candle magick.

If you are an artist, writer, or performer and need help with creative ideas, the best thing to do would be to get an orange candle, dress it with creativity intention oil, and work your magick!


Green candle meanings for manifestation

Green Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

Green is the color of abundance and growth.

It’s also the color of the heart chakra, which encourages love for yourself and others.

That means if you’re trying to manifest something that involves love, money, or growth, green is an excellent color choice.

Green candles are great for manifestation spells involving money because they bring prosperity and abundance into your life.

They are also good if you want to attract new customers or clients for your business.

Another fun thing you can do with green candle magick is work with green candles if you want to manifest something that requires new growth in your life.

The color green is all about flourishing and nurturing so it’s great for long-term stability with your money.

Quick wins are more for gold color candles, which you can also find online.


Yellow candle meanings for manifestation

Yellow Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

Yellow is the color of mental or psychic energy.

It’s also the color of the solar plexus chakra, which governs your self-confidence and personal power.

Work with yellow candles to manifest something that requires mental stimulation or the ability to think clearly.

If you need help focusing your thoughts so you can make a decision, yellow candles are great for helping you get in touch with your gut instincts.

Yellow is also good if you want to attract fame because the solar plexus governs your ego and how you view yourself.

Yellow candles are perfect for those who want to manifest new love because they encourage self-confidence and boost your personal power, which makes you more alluring.

So, if you’re a shy person and find it difficult to show your feelings or make the first move, a yellow candle will help give you a little boost of confidence.


Blue candle meanings for manifestation

Blue Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

If you’re trying to manifest something that requires wisdom or self-knowledge, blue is an excellent color choice because it’s the color of the throat chakra, which governs your communication and creativity.

You can also perform a manifestation ritual with blue candles if you want to attract new opportunities into your life.

Blue candles are great for manifesting new employment opportunities.

Blue is also the color of inner peace and truth, which makes it perfect if you want to attract mental or emotional stability into your life.

If you’ve been feeling stressed lately and things feel like they’re falling apart, a blue candle can help bring back balance and get rid of the chaotic element from your life.

Blue candles are also excellent if you want to manifest anything related to water, such as overseas travel.


Purple candle meanings for manifestation

Purple Candle Meaning & Symbolism For Manifesting (Candle Magick & Law of Attraction)

As a combination of red and blue, purple is associated with both passion and serenity.

It is the color of the crown chakra, which governs spiritual energy and connection with your higher self.

If you need a stronger sense of clarity or have trouble making decisions that take both your mind and heart into account, purple candles are perfect for manifestation spells because they work to balance logic with instinct.

Purple candles are also good if you want to attract deep emotional connections into your life.

Their combination of passion and tranquility make them perfect for manifesting friendships or romantic relationships that are deep, stable, and fulfilling.

Purple candles are also great if you want to attract stability in any area of your life because they can help balance out the elements.

If some areas of your life feel overbearing and intense, a purple candle can help bring in a calming element.

If you have been feeling upset lately because too many forces are acting on you at the same time, a purple candle will help balance them out so that things don’t feel so chaotic.


Final thoughts on candle manifestation

Congrats on making it to the end of this article on the magical practice of candle manifestation!

By now, you should feel comfortable working with the quick and easy candle spell and you should start seeing results.

Oh and by the way, keep in mind that spells and rituals work, but they won’t work as well if you don’t make it through all the essential steps to manifestation first!

Download your free 5-Step Manifestation Cheat Sheet on this page to make sure you take all the right steps in the right order and set yourself up for success straight away.


Happy manifesting!




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