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How To Do The Powerful 888 Manifestation Method (Law of Attraction)

If you like the idea of using the power of numbers and numerology to help you manifest, then you’ll love the new 888 manifestation method. While you can use this manifestation technique to activate the law of attraction and manifest anything — from love, to a new house, to a new job and everything in between, it’s best to use the 888 method for money.

Why? Because in numerology, the number eight holds positive energy for wealth, abundance, and prosperity. So, if you’re ready to manifest in a quick, easy, fun way, look no further. Read on to discover how to use the magical 888 manifestation method.


How To Do The Powerful 888 Manifestation Method

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Before You Start With The 888 Manifestation Technique

Before you start using the 888 method for manifestation, there’s one thing you need to do…

Make sure you get your numerology reading.

Many people jump into the law of attraction for the very first time (or second time if the first time didn’t work), having no clue what they’re doing.

They don’t understand their energetic profile and the specific way they are aligned to the universe – much less their purpose in life.

In fact, without an understanding of this information, you’re just wasting your time.

It’s like having a big wall standing in between you and your blessings — and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

The best way to clear all blockages and make sure you’re on the right track is with your free numerology reading.

It’s totally free and is personalized to you based on your birthdate and the letters in your name.

Get your reading now to make sure you are on the right track.

That way you can make sure you’re not just wasting your time with manifestation methods that won’t work.


Why Does The 888 Manifestation Method Work?

As I said before, all numbers have energy, and in numerology, the number 8 represents wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Even look at the number 8 turned on its side — it resembles the infinity symbol.

Angel number 888 is one of the luckiest angel numbers for this very reason, so anything you see or do spiritually with the energy of number 8 is likely to be blessed with good fortune and goodwill.

However, most people don’t know that you can use numbers for manifesting.

One way is with Grabovoi numbers, which I encourage you to look into if you’re curious about manifesting super-specific changes with numbers.

But for your general purposes, the 888 manifestation method will work just fine!

Let’s learn how it works.


How To Do The 888 Manifestation Method

The 888 method works much like the other manifestation methods that deal with numbers and time.

All you do is set your specific, clear intention, convert it into a short, positive affirmation, then do two things… hold that intention or visualization for eight minutes every day, and write the positive affirmation eight times a day, for eight days straight.

The key here is to meditate and focus on the energy of the number eight and welcome it into your life to boost your manifestation.

We’ll go over a few specific examples of how to do the 888 method for money, for a specific person, and for a new job.

Just so you get the full idea of how to use this method.


888 Manifestation Method Example For Money

When the 888 method is used for money, you want to be as specific as you can about the amount of money you’d like to receive.

You don’t need to include when or how just the amount you desire.

Make sure you include an “emotion” word like “grateful”, “excited”, “relieved.”

You want to make sure you’re connecting with the emotion behind

For example, “I’m grateful to have received an extra $500”.

Once you have your positive affirmation, take a few deep breaths and connect with the energy of the number eight.

You want to think about the keywords and themes associated with the number and pay attention to how your body feels.

The keywords associated with the number eight are wealth, prosperity, abundance, infinite, success, expansion, and such.

Even by reading this now you probably feel some tingly good vibes within!

Anyway, once you connect with the energy of the number eight, then you close your eyes and spend eight minutes visualizing your desired reality.

Set a timer on your phone to help with this.

What do you feel like when you manifest this extra money?

What does it mean to you?

Do you get to experience something you couldn’t before?

Is it a sense of relief, calm, excitement, joy?

It might be helpful to pick a specific scenario where you can envision receiving the money.

It helps to connect your subconscious mind to your new, desired reality.

Then, once you’re feeling high-vibe and fully connected with your visualization, simply write the affirmation eight times.

Do this for eight days straight.

Either discard the paper afterward, store it with the other documents in your law of attraction planner, or combine it with the pillow method and sleep with it under your pillow at night.


How To Manifest A Specific Person With The 888 Method

To manifest a specific person with the 888 method, you’ll follow all the same steps, with one addition — you can add a photo of the person you want to manifest.

It can be a digital photo, like something from their social media, or you can print out a physical picture if you plan to hold on to your affirmation paper one of those days and store it under your pillow at night.

All you do is first get crystal-clear on your intention.

You need to understand what you want with this person.

Because simply wanting to manifest them to notice you is different than desiring that they ask you on a date.

If you ask to manifest a text from your specific person but what you really want is a relationship, sure, you can get the text, but it may not lead you to where you truly want to go deep down inside.

They could text you by accident even — and it would still count — but not in the way you’d like!

So, let’s say you want a specific person to ask you on a date.

All you do is first connect with the abundant, prosperous energy of the number eight.

Let it fill your mind, body, and spirit with positive energy and good vibes.

Then, create your positive affirmation for your specific person asking you out.

“I’m so thrilled that they asked me out on a date!”

Next, visualize this fun, romantic, exciting date!

What are you wearing, what do they look like?

Where are you? How do you feel?

Spend eight minutes exploring the joy of this date — and have fun!

Finally, write your positive affirmation eight times.

If you want, you can print out a picture of them and write one day of affirmations on the back, and sleep with it underneath your pillow.

And that’s it!

Do this for eight straight days.


How To Manifest A Job With The 888 Method

Finally, here’s an example of how to manifest a job with the 888 method.

This is super easy and extremely powerful because a job is connected to money.

And, as you probably know by now, the number eight is awesome with money!

So, you would do the same steps as before but just focus on the job you want!

Again, get clear in your mind’s eye about the perfect job for you.

Then, connect with the energy of the number eight.

Think about how abundant, prosperous, secure, and happy you’ll be once you start your new job.

Next, write a positive affirmation that focuses on what you want.

For this, it’s actually best to think about smaller steps.

So, if you’re currently unemployed and want a new job, you might start with just manifesting new job opportunities.

You don’t want to jump straight from being totally jobless with no prospects to trying to manifest a 100k salary overnight.

What you want is the universe to bring you subtle hints and guides pointing you in the right direction, then you can follow them.

Then, once you start to get interviews lined up, you can go back in and manifest success at nailing your job interviews.

You may not want to do the 888 method for every step — mind you — but this is just an illustration of where to start.

So, your positive affirmation for a new job might start with “I’m so thrilled about all the new job opportunities opening up to me!”

Then, visualize yourself finding tons of opportunities everywhere … word-of-mouth, online, maybe people calling you and asking your availability.

Do this for eight consecutive days and you’ll discover so many hot leads for new jobs!

It’ll be great!


Final Thoughts On The 888 Manifestation Method

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the 888 method and how you can manifest your desires in just eight days.

I’ve had lots of fun with this method and think you’ll like it a lot.

Oh, by the way, make sure you don’t forget to get your free numerology reading too!

It’ll help you uncover any blockages that could be standing in between you and your money, love, or anything else you want to manifest into your life.

Happy manifesting!


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