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The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning & Symbolism

The Hermit tarot card represents a time in your life when you may retreat from the outside world, take some respite and some personal time for soul searching, introspection and solitude.

But, as always, there are many shades of meaning depending on the situation and other cards surrounding this one in your tarot spread.

We will explore some of these deeper meanings today.

Read on to dive deep into the meaning and symbolism of The Hermit.



The Hermit Tarot Card Keywords

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning & Symbolism For Manifestation & Law of Attraction

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Upright: respite, inner guidance, contemplation, solitude spiritual enlightenment, soul searching, self-reflection, introspection

Reversed: anxiety, fear, isolation, paranoia, withdrawal, antisocial behavior



The Hermit Card Description

Deck of Tarot cards ; THE HERMIT .

The Hermit stands on a snow-capped mountain, which represents his personal growth, spiritual growth, and wisdom.

He has traveled alone and has mastered his self-awareness.

In his right hand is a lantern — symbolizing the path ahead slightly illuminated.

He can see his next steps, but not the full journey.

And he is aware that although he is prepared, there is no way for him to know the full journey until he walks that path.


The Hermit as Feelings

Upright, the Hermit represents respite and peace of mind. He seeks inner guidance, contemplation, solitude and spiritual enlightenment to help him find answers within himself. He encourages soul searching, self-reflection, and introspection. 

Reversed the Hermit may represent feelings of anxiety and fear. It could reflect a sense of isolation or paranoia that one is alone on their journey. He may also represent feelings of being overwhelmed due to a lack of direction or guidance. 


The Hermit as How Someone Sees You

Upright, the Hermit can represent being seen as wise or intelligent. It could also suggest being seen as a mentor, teacher, or guide. He may be seen as a source of support and stability due to the depth of his wisdom. 

Reversed he may be seen as aloof or unapproachable. This card could reflect feelings that others view you as unhelpful and uncaring. It could also suggest that people are wary of your advice or feel like you hold too much responsibility for their growth. 

All in all, the Hermit is a reminder to look inward and trust our own journey. It’s important to remember that we can find answers within ourselves with patience and self-reflection. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive the recognition or validation you deserve, but instead stay true to yourself and your own path. 


The Hermit as What Someone Wants From You

Upright, the Hermit card can represent someone wishing to receive guidance and wisdom from you. They may need someone to lean on or look to for insight and support. This could mean they are asking you to take a leadership role or provide helpful advice. 

Alternatively, reversed this card could signal that people don’t want your help or guidance. They might be pushing you away or ignoring your advice, feeling as if it’s not useful to them. In this case, its best for you to step back and allow them to explore their own path. 


Upright The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

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When The Hermit card appears in an upright position, the general meaning is that you are entering a period of soul searching, self-reflection, and spiritual enlightenment.

The Hermit in this position can suggest that you may be going through an introspective phase at present — perhaps feeling the need to withdraw from others for a while, to take time out, or to get away on your own.   

This is a good thing, however — as it will allow you to get in touch with your inner guidance, and to discover something new about yourself.

The Hermit is often an indication that there is much more going on beneath the surface than meets the eye, and this period of reflection will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your own spiritual path and truth.    

The Hermit is a time to listen to your inner voice, and allow yourself the space you need to contemplate your situation — perhaps even consider a particular direction or path that you would like to take.

You may also feel that you need solitude in order for this period of reflection and contemplation to be effective — so it will certainly benefit you to cut out and avoid unnecessary distractions and ensure that you give yourself the space for self-reflection.

The inner journey this tarot card represents can be difficult — but incredibly rewarding once you make it through to the other side.    


Upright Hermit Meaning For Love

the hermit card

If you are single and you receive The Hermit upright in a love reading, it means that you are coming out of a period of reflection, self-awareness, and solitude.

You may have been on your own for some time and The Hermit upright signals that you may be ready to move forward.

However, The Hermit could also hint at your needing to move on from past traumas or heartbreak that could keep you metaphorically “in the dark” when it comes to love.

You can’t have a fresh start if you don’t heal old wounds.

If you are single and dating or open to it, The Hermit can also signal an older, wiser partner coming into your life, so be on the lookout for that.

If you’re in a relationship and The Hermit shows, it could be a sign that you are disconnected from your partner.

If you’ve been feeling a bit distant lately — or that they are distant, it’s not all in your head.

The Hermit shows that one or both of you are going through an introspective phase.

You may need to make more of an effort to connect rather than keep to yourselves and do your own thing.  

If issues surrounding communication have been a struggle, you may need to have a frank and honest discussion about your feelings in order to get back on the same page.  


Upright Hermit Meaning For Money & Career

the hermit

When The Hermit shows upright in a money, career, and finances reading, it may mean that you’re putting too much emphasis on chasing money and you could benefit from drawing back a bit.

Even if your finances are in tip-top shape, you may feel the need to “unplug” because something is probably missing.

This could manifest as you having loads of overtime pay which is good for your bank account, but it leaves you physically, emotionally, and spiritually depleted.

As such, The Hermit is often an indication that you’re wondering if it’s time to move on with your career or job.

It could also represent taking some time out to think about your future.  

This is a good thing and while you are away from work, use this downtime to reflect on your career goals — if you see yourself doing the same job in the next few years, why is that?

If you don’t have any pictures of what’s ahead, now would be a great time to take a trip to your local career counselor or planner.


Reversed Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

the hermit reversed

The Hermit reversed generally shows up when you have taken isolation and solitude to the extreme and have pulled yourself too far away from the world.

Hence, The Hermit reversed could symbolize a period of reflection and self-awareness that has turned into loneliness.

You might be feeling lost in your journey as it may feel like you are having to go through the motions to get by — almost like you have lost meaning in your life.  

You may even want to take some time to reflect on the fact that you are disconnected from yourself, other people, and your purpose.

The Hermit reversed can also indicate that you are not giving enough attention or care to some part of your life — such as career, finances, personal relationships, etc.

Or, it could be that you’ve focused too hard on one area of your life almost to the exclusion of all others.

So you’ve found yourself in a box of sorts.

At some point, you’ll need to come out and work on achieving more balance across all areas of your life.


Reversed Hermit Meaning For Love

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When The Hermit is reversed in a love tarot reading it indicates that you are not opening up to new love or you could even be closing down your current relationship.

This is usually a result of having some sort of inner conflict regarding the state of your romantic life and could also mean that you’re having an internal dialogue about how much time you have left in a relationship — as if it’s almost over.  

The Hermit signals the ultimate sign of loneliness — so it doesn’t really matter if you’re single or in a relationship. Right now it’s lonely either way.

It also signals that you may be longing for something from your past, like “the one that got away.”

Right now, the advice is to stop and look around as you are missing out on some of the most amazing people in your life who really want to connect with you.

If you’re single, The Hermit reversed may also be a sign that you are not striking out and meeting new people.

You will have problems manifesting love if you don’t take steps to put yourself in love’s path.


Reversed Hermit Meaning For Money & Career

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If you receive The Hermit reversed in a money and finances tarot reading, it could mean that you are limiting yourself by avoiding putting yourself out there and making connections with others.

Even if you enjoy and prefer working alone, sometimes you need to collaborate with others to reach the next level.

So, if you’re wondering about career advancement, it’s time to consider how you can come out of isolation and be more visible, or at least collaborate with others to expand your ideas, offerings, and success.

Furthermore, this reversed card can mean that you are spending too much time focusing on the “what ifs” and have doubt or impostor syndrome about making it big in your career or business.  

You might be wondering if the effort and energy will pay off, as well as questioning whether you really have what it takes to succeed.

Don’t let fear keep you complacent and in your head.

The Hermit is the card of introspection, but the downside is that you can overthink and never take action.

Finally, when it comes to your money, The Hermit reversed can signal that it may be time for you to seek help with money management.

If you are moving into making major money decisions such as investments or large purchases, find a wiser, more mature person or someone with professional expertise to guide you.

Avoid going it alone on this one.



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