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Manifest ANYTHING in 10 Seconds or Less (2 Neville Goddard Techniques)

If I told you that you could manifest ANYTHING in 10 seconds or less, what would you say? Today I have not one, but TWO Neville Goddard exercises for you to try (even if you’re super lazy!)

These manifestation methods are quick and easy ways for you to call in your desires and get more of what you want, faster.

Diving right in…

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1- The 10-second “sticky note method”

The first method is the “sticky note method”, and it’s best if you prepare by doing it at night before you go to bed.

The reason you want to do this is first to embed the intention in your mind before sleep, but then you want to wake up first thing in the morning with a fresh outlook.

Most people wake up and dive straight into their phone, go back to sleep, or worse – dread the day ahead.

But this method will help you get your day started off on the right track just by switching your frame of mind.

All you do is take a sticky note. (A regular piece of paper will do, but a sticky note is better and you’ll see why…)

You think about the major desire that you want to manifest and write a short few words about that thing.

Let’s say you want to manifest your specific person. You’d say something like “I am adored.”

That would include your specific person, but you want to open up ALL avenues to getting what you want.

So you’d write “I am adored” on the sticky note, post it on your bedside somewhere where the first thing you see in the morning is that intention.

Then when you wake up, you gaze at the note and focus on that intention for 10 seconds… just 10 seconds… and you’re already setting yourself up for success.


manifest in 10 seconds or less neville


Two tips for the 10-second sticky note method

If you just stop there you’re already ahead of the game. But here are two boosters that can help you get even MORE out of of the 10-second sticky note method.

First, you want a sticky note because if you take the note with you when you go to brush your teeth and get ready in the morning, post it on the mirror, and focus on that intention for ANOTHER 10 seconds, you’ll “drop into” the manifestation even MORE!

THEN… if you have another ten seconds here’s another cool tip for you…

Set a notification on your phone to remind you later in the day of your intention.

So for this example, right away, I’d tell my phone to “remind me that I am adored at 3pm!”

It’ll save the message and then later on in the day, you’ll get the reminder and you’re already setting an anchor in your mind that it has to happen.


manifest in 10 seconds neville goddard


2- The 10-second “eavesdropping method”

Next, the eavesdropping method also only takes 10 seconds and you can do it at any time for any reason.

It’s so simple and another of Neville Goddard’s teachings… all you need to do is imagine you’re hearing someone else’s conversation talking about you manifesting what you want.

You really don’t need to do this for a long time (you can obviously go longer) but 10 seconds of this quick scene, this “imaginal act” is all you need to seal the deal.

The specific example Neville Goddard gives is about money but it works for anything.

If you manifested your dream relationship and were happily married or whatever you want, you would be “couple goals”.

You can imagine eavesdropping listening to people say “wow they look so happy that was such a BEAUTIFUL wedding.”

Or if your thing is social media you can imagine you’ve posted a picture of you and your SP together and people are commenting “couple goals” and whatnot.

You want to make it authentic to you.

And yes, it only takes about 10 seconds!

One huge benefit of this on another level is if you tend to be more socially anxious or shy or worry about what people think about you – a lot of that is in your head, but it can impact how you show up in the world.

If you spend time practicing this technique – I mean make it a regular part of your daily mental diet, you’ll start to naturally and automatically assume that people are speaking well of you.

It just becomes a part of “who you are” “how you think” and “what you do”…

And I know this may seem like it’s not directly related to manifesting, but I promise it is.

You are ALWAYS manifesting!

Therefore, the more confident, strong, in control, powerful, joyful and hopeful you are, the closer you’ll get to your goals.

I love you and I believe in you and I can’t wait to hear what you manifest next 🙂




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