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How To Manifest Your Dream House With The LOA (Guest Post)

Today I’m so excited to share a guest post with you Law of Attraction coach, Patrick Woord, of Affirmations Life. It’s all about how to use the law of attraction to manifest a house. I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it! 


How To Manifest Your Dream House With The LOA

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How To Manifest A House 

I am pretty sure you have heard people trying to manifest things like money, love, or maybe a new car but have you ever heard or tried to manifest your dream home using the Law of Attraction?

Well, that is what we are going to discuss today.

But before we move any forward let us understand what exactly does the Law of Attraction mean?

Law of Attraction simply means that like attracts like.

We attract back the same energy which we send into the Universe in the form of anger, sadness, and self-doubt.

Below are the five steps you need to follow to manifest your dream home.


Step 1- Deciding Your Goal

The very first step to a successful manifestation is deciding what you want. You need to be clear about your desires and should be able to imagine them.

Try to be as precise as you can about your dream house. Make a list of the number of rooms, how much area it should have and etc.

Do you want a swimming pool or a private bar? Or maybe you’d like a Jacuzzi!. Decide everything and write it down somewhere where you can read it every day and visualize your dream home.

Last but not least, also decide what kind of view do you want from your house.


Step 2- Practice Visualisation

The next step to your dream house is visualizing it.

The way you do visualization is by creating an image in your mind and start imagining it as if it has already become your reality.

You can start by visualizing yourself in your dream home sitting on your favorite couch and drinking coffee while watching your favorite TV show.

Repeat this process every day for 1-2 times by lying down and closing your eyes.

Visualization helps feed your desires into your subconscious mind which helps you align yourself with your goals.

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Step 3- Manifesting Abundance

Buying your dream home is not easy as it requires a lot of investment but always being negative and saying things like “ I cannot afford this” or “ I can never buy a home like this” only attracts negative energies.

This is one of the reasons why most people are unable to achieve or manifest their desires. The only thing limiting you from your dream life is your mind and imagination.

Start feeling more abundant and say things like “ That house will be mine soon” or start imagining yourself standing on the front porch of the house. This will help you raise your vibrations and help you manifest an abundant life.

Start feeling more confident about your financial condition and thank the Universe for your beautiful home, your car, etc


Step 4- Being Realistic

Well, the Law of Attraction says that nothing is too big to attract into your lives but if you are just starting with the Law of Attraction it might be suitable if you go for a goal that is a bit more realistic.

So try to manifest a house that you believe can actually manifest and don’t start dreaming of the villa or a mansion which you deep down know cannot be achieved. It will just not work and also bring your morale down.

The Law of Attraction is all about confidence and making up your mind. So it is always advised to start small and slowly and gradually step up.

Always remember for you to successfully manifest your desires, every fiber in your body must believe that it can be achieved. 


Step 5- Use Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to accelerate your manifestation process and also helps in aligning yourself with your goals.

Writing down affirmations increases your vibrations and also puts you in a better position to manifest whatever you desire.

The best time for affirmations is in the morning when you are fresh and full of positive energies. In the morning your mind is in the alpha state and affirmations tend to work better.

Here are some affirmation examples to manifest your dream home-

“ I deserve a  beautiful home and be happy”

“ I will move into my dream home soon”

” I am so excited to be in my dream home”

If you are someone who usually forgets things , setting a reminder is a good option. You can use affirmations in a number of ways such as reciting them in your mind, writing them down, or making notes of them and keeping them in your sight.

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Remember that the Law of Attraction is not magic and all your dreams will not get fulfilled overnight. You will have to be consistent and patient while practicing the LOA in order to manifest your goals.

Stick to the tips provided in this article and do not lose hope. Your dreams might take some time but if you do everything properly and consistently, you are bound to achieve your dreams.


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How To Manifest A House With The Law of Attraction (Dream Life Manifestation)