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How To Write Your Manifestations So They’ll Actually Stick

One of the best ways to use the law of attraction is to write your manifestations.

But how do you write your manifestations so they’ll actually stick?

Here are the best tips and tricks for writing more powerful affirmations so they’ll actually come true with speed, grace, and ease. 



1- Get guidance from the universe

how to write manifestations

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Before you even think about writing your manifestations, make sure you’re tuned into the frequency of the universe and ready to receive guidance.

You need to do this because of course, it’s easy to send out your request, but a huge part of the manifestation process is receiving guidance, intuitive hits and other signs from the universe for actionable steps to take next to receive your blessings.

So many people jump headfirst into manifesting because it sounds cool and exciting, only to flame out when it doesn’t work the way they’d hoped. 

The most common reason manifestations don’t work out is that you’re out of touch with the universe.

You’ve taken all the steps to send out your requests.

You’ve followed your favorite manifestation method or manifestation technique, but have no clear method of knowing what to do next!

Can you imagine wasting all that time writing out your manifestations on paper only to experience radio silence thereafter?

What a waste!

The best way to make sure your “spiritual antenna” is ready to receive is with your free numerology reading.

The reason this is such a critical step is because just by opening, reading, and digesting the information in your report, the universe “knows” that you are serious.

How would you feel if someone came to you asking for you to give them money, for example, but when you ask if they’ll come to pick it up, they don’t even want to make the effort to meet up with you?

You’d be annoyed that they want you to do all the work for them, right?

It’s the same with the universe!

All you have to do to show true interest is take one small step, at least see how the universe wants to communicate with you.

And it’s 100% free — you have nothing to lose, but the opportunity of a lifetime to win high favor with the universe.

And that means unlimited blessings flowing into your life pretty much whenever you ask.

So much abundance, so much love, so much peace.

It’s a no-brainer!

Download your free report instantly to unlock the door to your rightfully abundant future.

That way you’ll be sure you’re not just pointlessly writing words on paper for no reason.


2- Write in a manifestation journal

Once you’ve cleared the pathway for communication with the universe, the next step to make sure you write manifestations that actually stick is to have one focused location for your writing.

So many times people approach manifesting with this jumbled energy of clutter.

Tons of pieces of paper all over the place, some notes hastily taken in their phone or on their computer.

The universe rewards order.

So, do yourself a favor and get a notebook of some kind to hold all your manifestation writing exercises.

It’ll make it so much easier to manifest.


3- Have clarity when you write

Just as the universe rewards cleanliness and order of your physical space, it also rewards clarity of intention.

You should always approach your writing manifestations with total clarity on what you want to experience or manifest.

Have a crystal clear vision of what it looks and feels like.

Use all five senses to write that manifestation so you can create the experience in your mind’s eye as vividly as possible. 

Imagine actually experiencing what you want, even if it’s just for a moment or two.


4- Write in present tense

The next best tip for how to write manifestations that stick is to write in present-tense.

Sometimes people write “I will fall in love and get married.”

The sentiment behind that is nice, but as long as you are thinking “I will (eventually) fall in love and get married,” you are manifesting that it will always happen in the future.

You want every affirmation you write to be present-tense.

“I am” is a great way to start any manifestation that you write because it calls your desire in to reality.

It helps you to claim it as your truth.

“I am married to my soul mate and we are happily in love.”

That’s perfect!


5- Write from a place of positivity

The next tip to write manifestations that stick is to write from a place of positivity.

Even if you want to manifest something out of your life, it’s still important that you focus on what you want.

Focus on the positive emotion during the process of manifestation.

Never focus on what you don’t want.

You already have enough things in your life that you don’t like or want.

If you write a manifestation saying “I am no longer sick,” what you are thinking about is being sick.

You can’t talk about being sick without thinking about sickness.

It’s kind of like right now I say “don’t think of a bright, red apple.”

What do you see in your head?

You can’t not see a bright, red apple.

You will always manifest what you think about, even if it’s the removal of something.

So if you are sick and you want to get well, you focus on manifesting perfect health.

“I am perfectly healthy, full of energy and vitality.”

You always want to focus on the positive outcome that you want to manifest.


5- Focus on emotions as you write

Next, it’s a common mistake to think of manifestation writing exercises as just about the writing.

Really, you should always focus on the emotion as you write, or it’s pointless.

In fact, if you had to choose between writing your manifestations or just spending time visualizing, not writing, but feeling the emotional result of turning your desires into reality?

The feeling activity is more powerful.

Writing is important too because if you do it right, you’re writing and feeling and the intention flows through your mind and body onto the paper.

So it’s integrating your mind, body and spirit at the same time.

That’s what makes it so powerful.

But if you’re doing the 55×5 manifestation writing exercise, for example, and just writing the affirmations without connecting with the emotion behind it?

You’re going to waste your time.

Emotion is everything with manifestation.

Remember that and you’ll go very far!


6- Write regularly

Next, another excellent tip for writing your manifestations is to write frequently!

You can do some sort of goal-setting or manifestation writing exercise every day — even multiple times per day if you wish.

That’s not to say you do tons of complicated manifesting exercises every day.

But something as simple as writing out your top three goals every morning still counts as manifestation writing.

And it’s totally safe to do!

Sometimes we think of manifesting as these big, sweeping actions.

But they don’t have to be!

You want to create daily rituals and intentions that support your goals on auto-pilot.

You can even write dollar signs in the steam on your shower door while you take a shower, while imagining golden money showers running over your body.

That’s totally a writing exercise that gets you into the feeling of manifestation and will help you to attract money if that’s what you want!

Of course, you would combine it with a regular manifestation journaling practice where you write out your affirmations, visualize them, etc.

The small actions you take throughout the day to write your manifestations are just as powerful as the larger write-it-down-on-the-back-of-a-napkin things.

Everything counts.

Throw everything you have at it!

But most importantly…


7- Have fun with it

Last of all, write your manifestations in a fun way.

I mean, write them with a little bit of playfulness.  

Imagine like you’re writing to a friend or something and write it the way you’d write it to him or her: charming, funny, interesting…

Believe me: if you write your manifestation like it’s an old friend, you’ll write one that sticks!

And have fun with the entire process.

Listen… not everybody enjoys the same writing exercises.

Some people I know hate the 369 method.

They find it to be too much of a time commitment, they tend to forget, they think 33 days is too long to commit to a single exercise.

For them, it would not work because it goes directly against the principle of feeling good!

If you’re not having fun working with the energy of the universe, you will not manifest anything good.

The universe doesn’t want you to be unhappy, to struggle, or to be miserable!

You’re supposed to be happy and view this as a playground for you to create some of the things you desire and deserve!

So, make sure whatever writing manifestations you choose to do, that you’re doing them because they feel good and interesting to write!


Final Thoughts

Think of manifestation journaling as a way to write the things you want into existence.

This involves writing down your desires, seeing them clearly in your mind, and feeling good about them and what they’ll do for you in life!

Hopefully, you’ve learned a little bit of what makes for really good manifestation writing and how to write your manifestations so they stick more quickly and easily.

As always, be sure to write your own version of manifestation journaling that feels right in line with the principles you know you need to follow.  

And make sure you handle first things first — get a copy of your numerology report, so after you have tons of fun getting into the vibe of writing your manifestations, you’ll have clear communication on the simple steps you need to take next to accept your blessing when it arrives!


With love, light, and magic —



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