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Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex? (Spiritual Meaning)

If you’ve been dreaming of your ex a lot more than usual lately, you may be wondering what on Earth is going on! Today, we’re going to talk about the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex.  These potential spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex can help you gain clarity and comfort in your situation. 


Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex

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Could dreaming of your ex be a sign?

Clearly, dreaming about your ex could be a sign that the universe wants the two of you together.

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1- Dreaming of your ex requires context

When it comes to analyzing dreams about your ex, you must remember that context is important. 

A dream about your ex when you’ve just been dumped can mean something completely different than dreaming of your ex the night before marrying someone else. 

Make sure you consider the context when analyzing spiritual dreams about your ex.


2- Dreaming of your ex means you want them back

Rest assured that dreaming about your ex doesn’t always mean you secretly want them back. 

Of course, if you DO want your ex back, it should come as no surprise that you dream of them. 

But whether or not you want your ex back doesn’t really matter here.

If you dream about your ex there are different spiritual meanings you can apply to your situation. 

We’ll explore each in further detail. 


3- Your ex represents unfulfillment

The first spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex is that you have an unfulfilled need in your life. 

Dreams are our mind’s way of processing and filtering out information and feelings in our waking lives. 

As such, dreaming about your ex can be your mind’s way of coming to terms with your feeling of lack that comes from a failed relationship. 

It doesn’t always mean that you feel unfulfilled in relationships. Be mindful of that. 

The general lack of fulfillment in your relationship with your ex can come into your dreams and represent unfulfillment in your financial life, your social life, or any other area that you aren’t exactly thriving in at the time. 


4- Your ex has qualities you desire

Secondly, dreaming of an ex could mean that they have qualities or traits you desire in a relationship. 

This is not the same thing as wanting your ex back, however. 

It’s possible to admire things about someone with who you have no desire to rekindle the romance. 

When it comes to spiritual meanings, too, it’s possible that your ex is your soul mate, your twin flame, or otherwise a kindred spirit. 

You would feel pulled to this person and find many qualities that you might miss — even if you don’t want them back. 

If you DO want your ex back and you dream of them, however, it is probably a sign that you are spiritually connected in some way. 


5- Dreaming of your ex is a warning

Again, the context of your dream about your ex is critical. 

If you have a dream that is unsettling or disturbing in some way, it could be a warning. 

In this case, your ex could either literally mean your ex — or they could symbolize something else in your life that you should watch out for. 

For example, if you have a dream where your ex is following you around, it could mean that you’re holding on to something from your past that is preventing you from moving forward in your life. 


6- You still have feelings for your ex

Another spiritual meaning is, in fact, that you might still have unresolved feelings for your ex. 

Whether you “want” to get back with your ex or not, sometimes the heart wants what it wants. 

In your logical, rational, daily life, you can ignore these feelings. 

But in your dreams they become harder to escape. 

You still have full control over your actions and do not need to worry about making poor decisions based on your dreams. 

However, it is possible that dreaming about your ex means you do still desire them — at least a little bit. 


7- You are destined to be with your ex

Finally, a dream about your ex could mean from a spiritual perspective, you are destined to be together in the future. 

It could be a signal to you that if you have broken up and still think there is a shred of hope in getting back together — your mind and spirit know that you should not give up. 

If this meaning resonates with you and you do, in fact, want your ex back, consider how you can use the law of attraction to manifest your ex back. 


8- Your ex misses you

If I dream about my ex does that mean he misses me? If your ex appears in a dream, it usually means he misses you!

Dreaming about someone is the most common way to know if they’re thinking of us.

This psychic ability can tell you more than just that too.

Dreams are able to portray both our subconscious and conscious desires so be sure to pay attention for meaning when this happens with your ex.

Especially if you really want them back.

And you want to know another synchronicity that’s really cool that you might find out later if you try to manifest your ex back?

Sometimes you discover that they were dreaming of you at the same time too.

If you discover that both of you were dreaming about each other like that, it’s a sign that it might be a twin flame connection.


9- Your ex is dreaming of you

Sometimes, but not always, dreaming of your ex can mean that they are dreaming of you too. 

If you are spiritually connected (if you’re meant to be), or if your ex is manifesting you, then there’s a very good chance you are dreaming of your ex because they are dreaming of you at the same time!

If your ex IS manifesting you and you don’t want that to have an effect on you, check out this blog post covering ways to stop someone from manifesting you.

Now that we’ve covered some of the more general meanings of dreaming about your ex, let’s explore in-depth dreams in particular. 

That way, you can get a more complete picture of what may be going on.


10- Dream about your ex kissing you

If you dream about your ex kissing you, it might be a sign that you are still attracted to them physically.

Alternatively, it could also represent something that they did for you that you really liked and appreciated.

This dream could also be a way of your subconscious mind trying to process the fact that your intimacy is gone. That sense of trust and openness that you once had to let someone get that close to you.

If you have this dream and you are still in the process of grieving the loss of your relationship, it is worth exploring those feelings in a journal.


11-Dream about your ex repeatedly

Dreaming of the same person over and over again means they are constantly in your subconscious mind.

This does not always mean something romantic.

It just means that you subconsciously have a tie to them.

Maybe you feel guilty about something or have something you’d like to say to them.

You could even feel like they’ve done you wrong and deep down you need closure.

If it’s not the exact person in question, there could also be an unresolved feeling related to what this person represents for you.

For example, if you keep dreaming of your ex repeatedly and you don’t have any conscious ties to them anymore, think about what they represent to you.

Maybe they had a very quirky nature and didn’t care what others think, and were always 100% true to them.

You might want to analyze where in your life you feel you aren’t showing up fully as yourself.

This dream could be telling you that you need to make some changes in your life.


12- Dream about your ex calling you

If you dream about your ex calling you, it’s your subconscious “calling” out for your attention.

You still have some subconscious attachment to your ex or what they represent, and this is your subconscious mind calling you to pay attention to the message.

If you have a dream about your ex calling but you don’t answer, you might not be ready to deal with whatever it is.

Consider if you’re running from something in your waking life.

Dreams like this can really be scary for some people, because they think something has happened to their ex.

This is not usually the case, rather, it’s your subconscious mind telling you that you have some unfinished business to clear.

If you dream about your ex calling and then they hang up, it is a message of closure.

You have made peace with the relationship you had with this person and they are now a part of your past.

If you dream about your ex calling you and you answer, it is a message of hope.

You have a new possibility for your life in the future, or you can open up to something that is calling out to you and you didn’t even know it yet!

If they call while you are busy doing other things, then it means “wait”.

Give yourself some time before dealing with whatever is right in front of you and you can handle it later.


13- Dream about your ex and their family

If you dream about spending time with an ex and their family, perhaps as you did when you were together, it could be just a residual memory of something that was a big part of your life.

Or, it could be a way of grieving for being part of a family that you once had but was now gone.

These types of dreams usually surface closer to a breakup and not so much years later.

So if this is happening to you and it’s early after your breakup, you can expect these dreams to fade over time.


14- Dream about your ex with someone else

When you dream of your ex with someone else, it is your subconscious mind’s way of coping with the idea that they have — or will be — moving on.

Your dream is not necessarily a reflection of the truth, but rather your subconscious mind’s way of coping with this change.  

If you are dreaming this consistently and it’s really bothering you, consider how you feel deep down inside.

If you have thoughts of reconciliation, acknowledge them for what they are, and maybe consider acting on them if you think it’s in your best interest.

It could also be a sign that you have moved on, though, particularly if you have this dream but either in the dream or in your waking life you don’t care that they’re with someone new, or are happy for them.


15- Dream about your ex cheating on you

If you dream about your ex cheating on you, it could be a sign that you are still feeling insecure about the relationship that you once had.

Even though the two of you are no longer together, this dream might be a way of your subconscious mind trying to work out those feelings of insecurity.

Try to pay attention to other aspects of the dream, such as what the ex is doing or who they are with, to see if there are any other clues about what this dream might mean for you.

Furthermore, this could represent an insecurity that you have in a totally unrelated area of your life. Usually, this represents something in your past, however.


16- Dream about your ex getting married to someone else

If you dream about your ex getting married to someone else, it might be a way of your subconscious mind trying to tell you that you are not over them yet.

This dream might also be a way of your subconscious mind trying to warn you about something.

It could be a sign that you are in danger of making the same mistakes that you made in your past relationship.

Alternatively, this dream could also be a sign that you have moved on from your ex and are ready to start a new chapter in your life.

Pay attention to how you feel about this marriage in your dream.

If you feel happy and content, it is a good sign that you have moved on.

If you feel jealous, resentful, or angry, it might be a sign that you are not over your ex yet.


17- Dream about getting married to your ex

If you dream about getting married to your ex, consider what they represent for you beyond just being your ex.

Did they have strong qualities that immediately come to mind when you think of them?

Was there some personality trait that they brought out in you?

If so, this could be a sign that you are ready to move on and find someone who brings out those qualities in you again.

Alternatively, this dream could also be telling you that you need to work on developing those qualities in yourself.

Think about what your ex represented for you and what you might need to work on in yourself before moving forward in your love life.


18- Dream about having a baby with your ex

If you dream about having a baby with your ex, it does not necessarily mean that you want to have a baby with them or get back with them.

Instead, it’s a representation of something that was created or birthed when you two were together.

This could be something physical like a business venture or a creative project.

Alternatively, it could also represent something metaphorical like a new way of thinking or a new attitude.

If you have this dream, think about what was created during your time with your ex and see if there is anything that you need to take with you into your new life.


19- Dream that your ex died

Dreaming that your ex died represents the closing of that chapter of your life once and for all.

This is not an omen or a sign that something bad is going to happen to them in real life.

Rather, it is a way of your subconscious mind dealing with the fact that this person is no longer a part of your life.

If you have this dream and you are still grieving the loss of your relationship, it is a good idea to talk to somebody about it.

This dream could also be a way of your subconscious mind trying to tell you that you need to let go of the past and move on.


20- Dream about your ex crying

If you dream about your ex crying, it might be a sign that they are going through a tough time in their life.

This dream could be a way for you to express your concern for them, even though the two of you are no longer together.

Alternatively, this could be a sign that you are still grieving the loss of the relationship, or that you wish they would have expressed or would express this grievance in a noticeable way.

Furthermore, tears represent the flowing of emotions. It could mean that your ex is in touch with their emotions and they are not afraid to show it, which is a good sign if you are hoping to reconcile.


21- Dream about an ex you don’t talk to anymore

Dreaming about an ex you don’t talk to anymore could represent something that you miss about them or something that they represented for you.

It could also be a way of your subconscious mind trying to process the fact that this person is no longer a part of your life.

Think about what this person meant to you and what being with them brought out of you.

If you feel that you are missing some of those qualities in your current day-to-day life, this is your subconscious mind’s way of telling you to find ways to develop those qualities for yourself.


22- Dream about your ex calling you

If you dream of your ex calling you on the phone, it means that you should consider how you used to communicate with your ex in the past.

If you and your ex had bad communication problems, this could also be a warning not to carry those communication patterns into future relationships.

Usually, this is not a sign that you necessarily miss your ex or want to talk to them.

It just means that something about the way you communicated with them could have an impact on your life.

So, make sure that you are communicating in a way that is healthy in all of your interpersonal relationships going forward.


23- Dream about an ex coming back into your life

Dreaming about an ex from the past usually has to do with unfinished business.

This could be directly related to unfinished business you had with your ex, or it could be related to another area of your life altogether.

The main thing to consider is that this will relate to a deeply emotional and intimate part of your life – something that weighs heavily on your heart and mind.

So, consider everything that’s going on in your life right now and things from the past as well.

Is there anything that maybe you feel guilty about that is causing you grief? Could it cause grief if it was to resurface?

Do you need to ask someone for forgiveness or make peace with someone?

This dream could also be a sign that you need to deal with some unresolved trauma from the past.

If this is the case, make sure to seek professional help to deal with those emotions in a healthy way.


24- Dreaming about an ex years later

If it’s been several years since your breakup and you’re dreaming about your ex, the spiritual meaning is that there is something you miss or remember about that phase of your life. 

Whether good or bad, you’ll have to pay more attention to the dream. 

On the good side, it could be a way you felt in their presence that is missing from your present life. 

For example, let’s say they always made you feel physically safe and secure, but now you may be single or with someone who doesn’t have that attribute. This dream could allude to that need that you feel missing (though you don’t necessarily want to be back with your ex.) 

On a more negative side, let’s say that your relationship with this ex was toxic, and they made you feel insecure about some aspect of your personality, and you’re up for a job interview soon…

You could be dreaming of this person many years later because those insecurities are rearing their heads. 

In this case, your dream is a way of reminding you to leave those negative thoughts in the past – just the way you did that relationship – and build yourself up better.


Final thoughts on dreaming about your ex

I hope you enjoyed this article about the spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex! 

Hopefully you feel a bit more comfortable about what spirit and the universe are trying to tell you. 

Much of the time, the universe will communicate to you through your dreams.

Especially if you are generally unaware of other signs and symbols in your waking life. 

The thing is, though, that you would be better served to at least be mindful and aware of all forms of communication from the universe. 

Missing out on information that could help you have an easier path in your day to day life would be terrible, would it not? 

To make sure your channels of communication are as open as can be, and that the universe knows you’re seriously ready to pay attention and work with it and not against it — get your free numerology reading

People who get their numerology readings tell me all the time how much more connected they feel on a spiritual level, and that this helps them attract more of what they want into their life.


With love, light, and most of all — magic, 




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Why Do You Keep Dreaming About Your Ex? (Spiritual Meaning)