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111 Angel Number Meaning For Manifestation

This is a comprehensive guide to angel number 111, what it means for your manifestations, and its meaning in numerology.

You will learn what angel number 111 is trying to tell you, the spiritual meaning & symbolism of the number 111, what it means for manifesting love, money, pregnancy, twin flame reunions, and more!



What Does Angel Number 111 Mean In Manifestation?

There are four main themes or meanings for numerology angel number 111 and the law of attraction.


  • Something new is coming
  • Abundance and prosperity
  • Spiritual strength and the independence that comes with it
  • Universal support


Angel number 111 is the number of new beginnings, abundance & prosperity, spiritual strength, and universal support.

It is the combination of the number 1 and the number 11.

The number 1 is the number of independence, individuality, and uniqueness. Furthermore, it can signify leadership from how a leader draws on their unique identities to lead.

Number 11 indicates a connection to a higher self, the spiritually aware part of your soul, and your link to the spirituality within.

When you combine these two numbers, you get a symbol that indicates spiritual strength and leadership.

Not only does it indicate that you yourself are being led towards aspects of yourself that accord with the spiritual soul within but it can be a sign of leadership in others’ spiritual journey.

When this number appears to you, it is a sign that your spiritual prowess is enabling great manifestations to occur.


angel number 111 law of attraction


Due to your abundance of spiritual strength, whatever your thoughts are focused on will be easily and quickly manifested in your life.

Furthermore, your intuitions, guided by your strong spiritual energy, are likely to be in line with the universe.

The universe has your back, has received your request, and your desire is coming to you now.

Additionally, angel number 111 can be a sign to lean into your intuitions and gut feelings.

If you are wondering if your intuitions are truly in line with a greater purpose and plan this is a sign that they are.

Listen to yourself, hear your inner voice speak to you—this is the message the angels are telling you with this number.

Numerology 111 is the universe’s way of encouraging you to trust in your inner spiritual self.

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What Is 111 Trying To Tell Me?

Angel number 111 is trying to tell you that you are a powerful creator and you can manifest anything you want into your life, now. 

Even if you’ve had struggles in the past, all of that is just that — the past. 

It’s a new day and your time has finally arrived! 

You have so much support from your angels and the universe. 

You are a divine being. 

It’s your time and you’re ready. 


What Do I Do When I See Angel Number 111?

When you see angel number 111 after manifesting, here’s exactly what you should do.

Lean into your purpose and goals using the spiritual intelligence of your intuition.

Use your spiritual strength to manifest your goals into reality.

is a time of progress and purpose. But progress does not happen without hard work, and purpose does not come without leaning into your spiritual awakening to find your calling.

Take every opportunity that comes your way – even if it’s not something you would normally do.

When things get hard, view it as a test. Keep moving forward.

Don’t be discouraged about this journey.

Your angels are also reminding you that just as you are connected to the higher aspects of the universe the universe is in line with you.

As you work and progress in your purpose, the universe—should you be wise and authentic in your pursuits — will be on your side.


Manifesting on January 11th (1/11)

woman with red lips touches her head with hands and yellow sweater glasses pink background 1211.

If you really want to supercharge your manifestation power, consider working with the energy of angel number 111 on January 11th of any year! 

The energy of angel number 111 and numerology 111 is so full of good luck, good fortune, and positive energy that you can work your manifestation rituals on this day and gain a boost that will help you manifest faster! 

There is no specific ritual that would work best on this day. 

Anything that feels intuitively right would work, and you’d get a boost. 

My favorite recommendation would be to light a candle, verbally call on the universe to support you, speak that you are activating the energy of the number 111, and then ask for what you want! 

Blow out the candle and thank the universe for delivering and supporting you, and that’s it! 

If you want to be more complex with your 1/11 ritual because it helps you to feel better, by all means, go for it! 

But if you’re short on time (especially if you’re stumbling upon this at the last minute), this simple 1/11 candle ritual would be plenty!


Things To Beware With Angel Number 111

However, be wise about your thoughts, goals, and actions.

This is a sign of the universe working with you towards manifestation, but you must be mindful of your thoughts.

While numerology number 111 is a sign of great love and support from the universe, you can’t get too comfortable.

Make sure you reinforce your life with positive thoughts.

Work on positive affirmations every day because if you hold any negative thoughts they can block your manifestations.  


What Does 111 Mean Spiritually?

Another interesting thing about angel number 111 could be that you can help others.

This sign of spiritual prowess can even be a calling towards a life’s purpose of facilitating the development of others’ spiritual strength.

111 may be a sign to align your purpose with the calling of a ‘lightworker’, whose purpose is to develop the spiritual light in others.

If you have an interest in becoming a healer, if you’re an empath, or even want to learn Tarot, number 111 is a sign that you can spread this light, love, and harmony throughout the world.


Is 111 Angel Number Good Or Bad? (Luck)

free LOA scripting template

Angel number 111 is also a symbol of good fortune.

Not all people are so lucky as to have the support of the Angels and the universe!

This is an opportunity for great things to manifest in your life.

Start a new project, be bold!

Don’t be discouraged by obstacles but be happy and confident for you have everything on your side that’s needed to help you succeed.

Where you fall short, the Angels will be there to push you forward and guide you through the difficulties.

You must be willing to call on them and push through adversity with positivity in order to manifest their aid and continue on your progressive path.

Now is a great time to be a risk-taker—but one whose wise to the path that the universe has set before them.

With all this support, take on new things and be open to the work that comes with it for you are strong, independent, unique, and the universe is poised to go to your aid whenever you call.



What Does 111 Mean In Love & Romance?

If you’re using the law of attraction to manifest love, manifest your soul mate, or get your ex back, 111 can be a sign that new love and relationship is on the horizon.

It may also be a call to end any bad relationships you are holding on to.

With new love on the horizon, it’s time to make space for the new by clearing out whatever old might not be aligned with your highest and greatest good.

Order your own affairs or end any bad relationships with persons or things that could hold you back from the relationship that is coming to you.

Clear the mental, spiritual, and physical spaces of your life in preparation for a new love.

Keep your thoughts positive, or the angels cannot help with your manifestations of love.

If you allow the evil emotions of love—jealousy, deceit—to enter into your thoughts you will prevent the powers of the universe from working towards your manifestations.


What Does 111 Mean For Twin Flame Reunion?

Angel number 111 is a message from your angels that you will be reunited with your twin flame soon. If they are not already in your orbit. 

Your reunion will be fiery and passionate. You can think of the ones like candlesticks. 

You may bump heads a lot because your twin flame is your mirror. You two are so similar that you sometimes conflict. But this is not a bad thing. 

This energy can be good if you allow it to be.


Angel Number 111 Meaning For Love

universe messaging law of attraction

Angel Number 111 also indicates the love for you that the angels and the universe have for you. They want you to succeed, and they are there for you loving you at a higher vibration than any human love can be.

If you’re open to it, you can draw happiness and strength from this love and use it towards manifesting your purpose and progress as you go through this transformative period.

Lean into your loving platonic and family relationships as well.

This is a time where all the loves of your life can give you strength and aid you in your manifestations.

Where you can’t find love, give love, and this is a sign that it will always return to you.

If you stay true to your positive loving outputs, you will always be able to find love and strength when you need it.


Angel Number 111 To Manifest Your Ex Back

If you’re manifesting your ex to come back into your life and angel number 111 appears, this is a special message from your angels. 

You must make sure that you love yourself first before your ex will realize your worth. 

You may have been compromising your true desires. Sacrificing yourself because you put them ahead of you. 

It may seem like putting them first will help bring them back, but when you forget about yourself, that energy is magnified.

With the energy of the 1 and with 11, you are a powerful manifestor.

Your guardian angels want you to know that how you treat yourself is how others will treat you. 

So, make sure that you are coming from a healthy place when manifesting your ex back.

When they come back, they will treat you so much better than before.


Angel Number 111 For Manifesting Money

If you’re manifesting money or financial wealth, success, and prosperity, angel number 111 has a special meaning for you.

Be bold but intentional with any financial decisions you make.

Angel number 111 is a sign that you are poised to manifest whatever you put your mind to.

Such a situation can be advantageous to business ventures and financial investments

However, without accurate guidance from intuition, you may find your manifestations to be counterproductive towards your purpose and goals.

Remain aligned with your intuition, stay focused, and you can’t go wrong.


Angel Number 111 For Pregnancy

When you receive angel number 111, it is a sign that your pregnancy will come provided all things are in the right place.

The number 1 represents starting something new and the ability to create possibilities for yourself.

Master number 11 is a number that amplifies the energy of numbers surrounding it.

Your chances are quite high.

The most important thing you need to do now is have patience, have faith, and avoid stressing out about it.

Your guardian angels are by you and sending you uplifting support as you work to bring new life into the world.


What Happens When You Stop Seeing 111? 


You may stop seeing angel number 111 for all sorts of reasons. 

Most likely it either means that you have learned the lesson you needed to learn from number 111 or that your desire has either manifested or is very close to manifesting. 

In rare cases, it could mean that your message has shifted and you could be seeing a new angel number message soon. 

So keep your eyes open to different signs and symbols coming in when one goes out!


What Should I Do When I Keep Seeing 111?

-Lean into your intuitions

-Take time to look inward to discover your true self through reflection

-Focus on manifesting authentic goals that are based on your true self’s purpose

-Guard against negative thoughts that could easily be manifested by your spiritual strength

-Be thankful as this is a sign of abundance and prosperity

-Be wise and intentional in your thoughts and actions as they are backed by your spiritual strength and the workings of the universe.


Final Thoughts on Angel Number 111

money mindset law of attraction manifesting

I hope you enjoyed learning about what to do and what it means if you keep seeing 111 for manifesting!

The next step is to get your free numerology reading.

It’ll help you manifest faster and easier because it strengthens your connection to the universe and also shows that you’re a serious student of the divine!

Beyond that, all you have to do is keep an open mind, take advantage of all opportunities that come your way, and know that the universe has your back.


With love, light, and most of all – magic,




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