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How To Manifest Someone Out Of Your Life (Once & For All)

You probably know by now that you can use the law of attraction to manifest someone into your life. But what about if you want to manifest someone OUT of your life?

There are often situations where people are toxic, annoying, bothering you, negative, or just bringing you down and you want to manifest them to leave you alone.

Luckily, there are some mindset shifts you can make as well as a few manifestation exercises to help you out.

Read on for the best tips to use the law of attraction to manifest someone out of your life.


How To Manifest Someone Out Of Your Life

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1- Two manifestation exercises to try

First I want to share two manifestation exercises you can try right away to set the wheels in motion to manifest someone out of your life.

The first is a visualization exercise you can try.

The second is a writing exercise you can do to manifest someone out of your life on paper.


1- Visualize they are gone

For the visualization exercise, what you want to do is sit in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for at least five minutes or so.

Take a few deep breaths and start to picture a scenario in your mind when you are talking to someone who knows both you and the person you want to manifest out of your life.

In the imaginary scenario, you are asking the mutual third person how they are, just chatting them up, and then you ask “have you spoken to (the person you want to manifest out of your life?)

Imagine the third party saying “Oh yeah haven’t you heard? They took a new job overseas and have been gone for a long time and said they won’t be coming back!”

Of course, you can fill in whatever imaginary scenario you want.

The idea is that they are long gone, won’t ever come back, and thus, you have manifested them out of your life.


2- Make a manifestation list

The next manifestation exercise you can try to manifest someone out of your life is to sit down with a piece of paper and pen and make a manifestation list of all the reasons you want this person gone.

It’s okay to write all the negatives here.

Usually, with the law of attraction, you want to focus on the positive, but for this purpose, you want to get all those negatives out first.

So, maybe they treat you poorly, always start arguments, steal from you, lie to you, try to interfere with your other relationships, and such.

Just get it all out on paper!

Then, you make another list that is the exact opposite of all these things you dislike about the person and want to release.

So for our example above, the opposite is that someone treats you well, communicates clearly and effectively, always brings you gifts or adds to your life, is always honest and truthful, and you have a healthy relationship.

Once you have this list, you focus on manifesting only the things in the positive list!

When you’re focused on manifesting good things, there’s no room for the bad.

The person will naturally fall away.


2- Understand you’ve attracted them

Now that you have two rituals and manifesting practices you can try, it’s time to work on some of the mindset shifts you need to make if you want to work on this further.

First, you need to understand that you have attracted this person into your life.

You must accept full responsibility for that or you’re going to have a hard time releasing them, and you’ll also wind up attracting more people just like them even if you succeed at manifesting this one person out of your life.

The thing about this is that if you don’t change what lies underneath the surface — the reasons why this type of person is attracted to you and stuck to you, you can’t possibly expect to have a different experience.

This person will only be replaced by another who is likely to have the same issues and treat you the exact same way!

So take some time and do some soul searching!

Again, the best way to get started with the practice of soul searching is with your numerology chart.

You’ll likely discover – in minutes – the exact thing in your spiritual and energetic makeup or personality that seems to be destined to attracting this type of person.

Then you can change it and start to manifest differently.


3- Have clear goals about what you DO want

Remember to always have clear goals about what you do want to experience and the types of people you want around you.

This is like making the manifestation list we talked about earlier, but keeping it front and center in your life every single day.

It also goes beyond just the opposite of the person you want out of your life.

It’s down to everything you want in your life, from the type of work you do, how your body feels, your hobbies and interests, your personal and spiritual development.

You have this one issue with this person you want out of your life, sure.

But you don’t exist in a vacuum.

This person is a fraction of your life!

When you are living in alignment with your goals, values, beliefs, and desires, it’s so hard for people who aren’t vibrating at the same frequency to enter or stay.

Know who you are. Live your values. And they will fade away because they don’t match.


4-Take inspired action

Next, it’s not enough to just identify what you want, you have to take action on it.

When you are taking action on your goals you send out vibrations that will either attract people and opportunities that match, or repel those that don’t.

If this person is doing things that are toxic, low-vibe, disruptive and negative, yet you are so focused on things that bring love, light, health, positive energy and vitality into your life and the world — they will not be able to handle it!

It happens so many times.

If you’re arguing with someone and going back and forth in a chaotic scene, then you choose to take a breath, stop fighting, go do something positive and let them flame out… there’s nothing left for them to argue with!

If you don’t match that negative energy, it stays stuck with them, and you are then free to attract something better.

The same is true on a grander scale.

This goes beyond just one petty argument or situation.

If you do this ALL the time, and ONLY focus on the good… they will either level up to match you in your new high-vibe state (which makes them tolerable to be around), or they will be so irritated by your positivity that they will just leave you alone.


5- Feel good about yourself without them

Something that may not seem obvious because you think you just want them gone is to understand and acknowledge if there is some part of you that feeds off of the energy and attention they give you.

Much of the time those toxic, dramatic people who stalk you on IG, text you or call you all the time, and beg for your attention?

Part of you doesn’t want that from them, but in some small way you can get a little ego boost from all the attention.

Who doesn’t at least somewhat enjoy feeling like someone desires them so badly that they won’t let go?

If you find yourself in this situation, first understand that nothing is wrong with you.

It’s perfectly natural to enjoy feeling desired.

However, you can’t hold two intentions at the same time.

If you’re serious about manifesting someone out of your life, you can’t also send out vibrations that you feel good about what they’re doing too!

To move past this, accept that some small part of you likes the attention, but allow yourself to release this emotion.

Then, honor yourself by working on building your self-confidence and self-worth without toxic admiration.

Once you no longer base your good, happy feelings on the energy they give you, it’s going to be much easier to release them from your life.

It’s so worth it!

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6- Accept the idea of releasing them

Next, this may sound obvious but really it’s not.

You have to accept the idea of releasing them fully.

This is not always easy and can sometimes be painful.

Especially if the person you want to manifest out of your life is someone you were once close with, shared a special bond with, or is a close family member who you “should” (by society’s standards) keep trying with — like your mother, for example.

This may sound extreme, but if you really want to manifest them out of your life, you have to make sure that’s what you really want, and that you are okay with closure.

You have to accept the idea that if you choose to manifest them out of your life completely, you may never ever speak to them again.

How would you feel?

You need to be comfortable with that idea.

If you’re not, maybe there’s some more work you can do to soften the relationship rather than completely manifest them out of your life forever.

Which leads to the next few points about softening the relationship by creating distance rather than removing them from your life altogether.


7- Tell them how you feel (boundaries)

Sometimes this is often overlooked, but have you considered setting strong boundaries, telling them exactly what you want and need, and setting strict consequences if they don’t cooperate?

So many times we want people to read our minds.

Or we lack the confidence to just ask for what we want.

Boundaries are extremely important!

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of never speaking to this person ever again (like if they were to pass away), consider how you can set boundaries that have consequences instead.

If you have an ex who keeps harassing you, calling you, popping up at random places, you can tell them specifically and directly that you want nothing to do with them, you want them to leave you alone, and that if they don’t you will file a restraining order for harassment.

It may sound extreme, but it’s literally the type of boundary-setting that you might need to get them to leave you alone.

If you’re not willing to set boundaries, ask yourself why?

Revisit point number 5 above.

If that has something to do with it, you’ve got some work to do.


8- Create physical/time distance

Finally, the last thing you can do if you are unwilling or not quite yet ready, or are otherwise unable to manifest this person completely out of your life, is to create physical or time distance.

Spend far less time with them than before, don’t answer their calls or texts.

Train them to have zero expectation of your attention at all!

You always have the power to decide where you spend your energy.

Sometimes if you starve people of your time and energy, they naturally fade away.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have insight as to how to manifest someone out of your life!

I hope this post was helpful and that you took a few things from it and that you can apply them successfully to achieve your desired result.

And please make sure you download your free numerology report!

It really does make a difference when you understand the root cause behind why you keep attracting toxic people in the first place.

That way, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Thanks for reading! Take care!


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