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How To Manifest Someone To Think About You (& Be Obsessed)

If you want to manifest a phone call, a text, or even a relationship with someone specific, first you have to do one thing — get them to think about you!

In this blog post, I want to share 9 pieces of advice for how to manifest someone to think about you.

Hopefully, from there, you can get them to take action and go further down the path you want them to go.

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How to Manifest Someone to Think About You Now

how to manifest someone to think about you fast

Before you use these new methods to manifest someone to grow obsessed over you, there’s a teeny weeny little secret you need to know.

Many people, you see, dive headfirst into working with the magic of the universe eager to turn their love lives around, only to feel disappointed and discouraged when nothing goes to plan!

I don’t want you to fall into that trap, so I want to tell you what to look out for!

The number one reason people fail to manifest is that their alignment is way off — and they don’t stand a chance.

In fact, if you’ve got energetic blockages, are living outside of your life purpose, and trying to chase the wrong things at the wrong time, you’re actively working against yourself. 

And the universe will not help you support that.

Try all you wish, but every manifestation exercise you do will be utterly pointless. 

There will be no magic or divine support behind it, you know what I mean?

The bad news is that so many people fall victim to this problem without even knowing it.

They send their request to the universe then wait for that special someone to send a text, DM or call, and then wonder why they get nowhere.

But the good news is that there’s a sweet n’ simple solution to this problem — and it’s FREE!

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That way, you can ensure that you’re not simply writing words on paper or speaking intentions into the air for no reason and getting nowhere.



1- Set a clear intention

manifest someone to think about you

If you want to manifest someone to think of you, the first step is to set a crystal clear intention.

You need to know exactly what you want and be specific about it.

Make sure you focus only on one person at a time while doing this.

You can’t ask for Kris one week, Alex the next.

Pick one target, stick with it, and it’s okay to go even a little deeper.

You can set the intention “I want Kris to think about me non-stop.”

Simple, clear, done!


2- Positive Affirmations

The next thing you’ll want to do to manifest someone to think about you is to work with positive affirmations.

The thing is, you want these to be present-tense.

Everything you do with manifesting should always be present-tense. Or else you’ll be manifesting more of the desire to get what you want.

You want to manifest the existence of what you want.

A positive affirmation for Kris to think about you non-stop is as simple as “Kris is thinking about me all the time.”

“I’m always on Kris’s mind.”


3- Present-tense visualization

creative visualization for manifesting money

Next, you can manifest this specific person to be obsessed with you by visualizing in present-tense, what is going on.

Imagine Kris thinking about you a lot. Looking at your social media, scrolling through pictures of you.

Wondering how you are, what you’re doing, and how you’re feeling.

Allowing your mind to run free here is a great idea…

Maybe they are considering calling you or writing a letter.

Just allow whatever creative imagery to pop up and run away with the story.

Have fun with it and see where it takes you!


4- Present-tense gratitude

The next step is important — have gratitude for this person thinking of you!

This can come in the form of a positive affirmation as well.

Just go around happily through your day thinking about how excited and happy you are that they are thinking of you constantly.

It’s a foregone conclusion that they are.

How do you feel about it?

Get into it!


5- Mix it up 

333 angel number meaning

This next step is important because you’ll be doing all of these things for a while.

You don’t need to have the same process day in and day out.

You’ll want to recite your positive affirmations in the morning and at night sometimes.

Maybe you want to write them down.

But you also want to do little visualizations throughout the day.

Sometimes you want to express gratitude in a gratitude journal, through a quick little prayer, or just by speaking aloud.

Other days you’ll want to manifest someone to be obsessed with you on paper through the scripting method.

But other days, you do nothing! You go about your life because remember… you know this is already happening, right?

You don’t need to go full-speed ahead into this 100% of the time.

Mix things up for yourself every now and then so your mind doesn’t get bored of doing one thing over and over again.

Or you can… whatever feels right to you.

But the reason why you’ll want to mix things up is because…


6- Don’t be in a rush

606 angel number meaning

You can’t be in a rush to manifest someone to think about you.

It’s got to happen in its own time. And it might take a little while, depending on where you’re starting out.

If you’re starting from a place where you haven’t spoken to this person in years, then they probably aren’t going to be thinking of you within a day or two.

If you start to spazz out and get frantic because you’re rushing to the end goal, you’ll never make it.

All that chaotic energy will work against you.

So, if you know you’re going to be in this for the long haul, you’re going to want to mix things up.


7- Make yourself your top priority

dreaming about ex spiritual meaning

While you’re waiting for signs and signals that this person has begun to think about you, you need to make yourself the top priority.

When you’re focused on someone else or some external goal, it’s quite easy to neglect yourself.

But this is a big mistake!

The more you care for yourself and take care of your needs, the easier it is for you to attract things and people to you.

When you’re eating clean, high-vibe foods, working out, sleeping well, staying hydrated, connecting with Source energy, meditating, journaling, caring for your beauty and physical appearance?

All of these things help you attract all good things to you.

And you stop worrying about when you will receive your manifestation.

You’re too busy enjoying living your life and feeling great about yourself, regardless.

That’s the energy you need!

You need to feel good for more good things to come to you.

In between manifestations arriving is the perfect time to manifest self-love and work on boosting your self-care game.


8- Use the whisper method

how to manifest somebody to think of you

Once you make sure you’ve taken care of yourself and you’re feeling as high-vibe as you can, you can begin sending subliminal messages to them via the “whisper method”

It sounds a little crazy, but try it!

You don’t need to spend a ton of time on it.

But what you’ll do, maybe before falling asleep at night or even in short bursts throughout the day, is you imagine they are sitting or lying next to you.

Imagine leaning over and whispering in their ear “I know you’re thinking about me right now. You can’t stop thinking about me. I’m running through your mind and you love it. You’re missing me so much and wondering all about me and it feels so good.”


The thing is you actually whisper this out loud (so make sure you’re alone!)

It’s such a powerful exercise to do when you’re actually feeling good about yourself.

You know, without a doubt, that you are a gift, a treat, and a light. And it would benefit them to think about you right now.

So… whisper that in their metaphorical ear, and feel it.

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9- Relax & have certainty

signs love manifestation is working

The last thing is if you’ve followed all these steps (skipping none), you should relax and have certainty that they will eventually think about you.

You may not know for a while because they will likely have to take some action before you know they’re thinking of you.

They’ll have to text, call, or reach out to you through friends or family.

Or you might start to receive angel number signs or other spiritual signs that they’re thinking of you.

But it could take some time.

So don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about when it’ll happen.

Just know that it will, continue to focus on caring for yourself and living your best life, so when they finally come around you’ll be ready to receive them!


Manifest Them To Obsess Over You Once & For All

manifest love

I hope you’ve learned some tips and ideas for manifesting that special someone to think about you (and even become obsessed!)

Love is such a beautiful thing, and you are so deserving of all the happiness, joy and adoration your heart can handle. 

Make sure you try some of the ideas in this blog post. 

And if you’re truly serious about tipping the scales in your favor and getting your special one to want to be with you, don’t forget to reveal the secret codes hidden in your birthdate! 

People have said that they had some success manifesting love before reading the information.

But after things really took off…

I’m talking marriages, engagements, moving in together, meeting the parents, pregnancies… you name it! 

Don’t deny yourself what’s rightfully yours.

Get your free reading and live out loud.


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