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Why Am I Seeing So Many Angel Numbers? (Spiritual Meaning)

Are you wondering “why am I seeing so many angel numbers?”

Are you tired of seeing the same sequence of repeating numbers and feeling confused?

These numbers may show up on your phone screen, on receipts, on license plates, addresses, in phone numbers…

Anywhere numbers can be found, angel numbers will find you!

It turns out that these aren’t just regular numbers or coincidences.

They are spiritual messages that actually mean something – usually very good things!

If you notice a huge uptick in repeating numbers like 111, 222, or other numbers in your life, read on to find out what it all means.

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5 Reasons You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

212 angel number


1- You’ve Been Working With The Law of Attraction

Have you been working with the law of attraction lately?

If so, you are highly likely to receive confirmation that your request has been received, in the form of angel numbers!

The angels have no way of communicating with us directly.

So, you can perform a manifesting ritual like the scripting technique, then what?

Once you start to see so many repeating sequences of angel numbers, you can then decode the messages to see what they say!

That’s how you can know if you’re on the right track, or if your manifestation needs some tweaking.
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2- You Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

The second reason you may see angel numbers much more is that you ‘re experiencing a spiritual awakening. I’ve seen this happen to many people, and it is something that can’t be explained easily!

This comes down to your opening up your sixth sense – intuition. This doesn’t mean that all these messages will come through as clear-cut visions (just yet.)

But it means if you choose to work on developing such gifts, you are likely to have some very interesting experiences.

The more you work with it and allow it, the more it grows.

Seeing many angel numbers means it’s your time to move forward and experience this in your life.
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3- You’re Exactly Where You Need To Be

A third reason you’re seeing so many angel numbers is that you’re exactly where you need to be!

The Universe has had a plan for your life since the beginning of time, and it is all unfolding as planned.

You may not know what that full ‘plan’ looks like at this moment, but seeing many angel numbers is a sign that you’re on the right track.

So if you’ve been feeling low or like things aren’t working out?

Take seeing repeating angel numbers as a sign that you are exactly where you should be right now.


4- You Are Protected

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Seeing many angel numbers is also a sign that you are protected.

You may not know it, but the angels have your back and will be with you every step of the way on this journey called life.

So no matter what struggles, trials or tribulations come your way- they’ll all pass in time!

You are a divine being living a human experience.

Your angels will not let any harm come your way.


5- You’re Ready For Something New

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Another reason you’re seeing so many angel numbers lately is that you are ready for something new.

Spiritually speaking, things happen in cycles.

If you study the Tarot, for example, you will see a story told through The Fool’s journey.

It’s the journey of life.

We begin, go through different experiences, those things fade, then we start anew.

Seeing tons of angel numbers can also be a sign that a phase of your life is coming to a close and you are going to be “reborn” again.

But this is only going to be a good thing for you and in your life.

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Does seeing Angel numbers mean your manifestation is coming?

manifestation backfire

While angel numbers usually are good signs, it doesn’t always mean your manifestation is coming.

It could mean that your request has been received, but you’ve got work to do.

It could also mean like in the case of angel number 505, that things might get a little bit worse before they get better. But don’t give up!

In general, ANY angel number is better than none.

We want some confirmation of our efforts, do we not?

But just because you see a repeating sequence of spiritual numbers don’t automatically assume it’s great news.

Do your research on what the angel numbers mean each and every time.

That way you’ll stay informed!


Is seeing repeating numbers a good thing?

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Overall, yes, seeing repeating numbers is a great thing!

It means that you are tapped into universal energy and are in alignment with your higher self.

Many people are so clueless. But not you!

They don’t know the power they have and all the assistance that is available to them.

But when you see repeating numbers all the time, it means you are at least aware of what’s going on around you.

You can gain an advantage in life and experience more of the joy and abundance the world has to offer.

You are such a lucky person!


Knowing YOUR Angel Numbers Can Help

dreaming about ex spiritual meaning

Seeing repeating numbers on the clock and such is all well and good.

But imagine how much additional benefit you can have when you know YOUR unique angel number.

It makes so much sense that your personal numbers work better for you, does it not?

Imagine how good you would feel if you could identify your unique life path number and decode all of its mysteries.

It would be like your personal crystal ball.

You could see the future!

You would know the challenges that could potentially hold you back before they even appear.

You’d also know your secret, hidden talents and gifts, and could then use them to your advantage.

Then imagine how empowering it must be when you KNOW your personal angel number, THEN see THAT number repeated over and over in your life.

Let me tell you, that’s when you know you’re on to something special.

[Discover your personal angel number for free] by taking this 60-second quiz!

Good luck to you on your journey to a more fulfilled, happier life!


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