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The Two of Cups Tarot Card Guide For Beginners

This is a blog post describing the different meanings of the Two of Cups tarot card in the Minor Arcana of the Rider-Waite deck. Read on to discover the different meanings of the Two of Cups upright and reversed for money, love, and other situations in your life.


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minor arcana two of cups

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Two of Cups Tarot Card Keywords

Two of Cups Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning - Learn How To Read Tarot For Beginners


Upright: partnership, love, balance, harmony, mutual attraction, equality, proposals, marriage, wedding, respect, emotional connection, positive relationships, happy couples, soul mate, twin flame, soul connections, positive energy, deep respect, deep emotions


Reversed: disconnection, imbalance, unhappy couples, breakups, divorce, losing friendships, dominance, abuse, bullying, arguments, fights, aggression, bad relationships, lack of trust, health issues, lack of harmony


The Two of Cups As Feelings

If you want to know what someone is feeling, the Two of Cups means there is a deep emotional and spiritual connection present. This could be with a significant other, platonic friends, or even yourself.

When it appears upright in a reading, the Two of Cups indicates that everything is in balance and harmony when it comes to relationships. There is mutual attraction between people and respect for each other’s feelings. The love felt between people is strong and positive, and there may even be proposals of marriage or wedding plans in the works.

When reversed, however, the Two of Cups indicates a disconnection from each other. There could be an imbalance in power within relationships, leading to dominance and abuse. Bullying, arguments and fights may be present as well.


The Two of Cups As How Someone Sees You

If you want to know what the other person thinks of you, the Two of Cups upright suggests that the other person sees you favorably and has a lot of respect for you. They may even feel like they have a soul connection to you or view you as their twin flame.

When reversed, however, the Two of Cups indicates that the other person’s feelings are not so positive.

They may not trust you and could be having issues with anger, aggression or even health problems due to the strained relationship.

It is important to try to reconnect in order to regain the harmony and balance that had been present before.


The Two of Cups As What Someone Wants From You

If you want to know what someone wants out of a relationship, the Two of Cups suggests that they are looking for a deep emotional connection and respect. They may be seeking someone to build a positive relationship with, where both parties feel heard and appreciated. Upright, they may also be searching for their soul mate or twin flame in order to experience true happiness and fulfillment within the relationship.

Reversed, however, the Two of Cups means they don’t see you as a positive partner. They may be looking for a way out of the relationship or ready to move on due to the lack of trust and harmony present.


Upright Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Generally speaking, the upright Two of Cups brings an energy of joy, abundance, and positivity to your tarot reading.

Most commonly the suit of cups deals with love and emotions (think of your emotions flowing like a river), but it is a mistake to only assume a tarot card means one thing.

You must consider the question you’ve asked.

Therefore, the Two of Cups tarot card represents balance, flow, equality, and harmony to any area of your life now.

Partnership is key with this tarot card and can represent anything from business to romantic relationships.

Compatibility and mutual respect are important in order to maintain the balance shown by the Two of Cups.

In regards to money, this tarot card generally indicates that you will be receiving an influx of cash, but it could also mean that a current financial situation will reach a more stable state.

We’ll explore each area in further detail below.


Upright Two of Cups Card Meanings For Relationships

two of cups upright

If you’re in a committed relationship and the Two of Cups shows up in your reading, it means that the relationship is in a good place.

Both partners are in balance with each other and there is a strong sense of love, unity, and compatibility.

There is also mutual respect and the relationship is based on equality.

This tarot card often suggests that the two of you are potential soulmates or even twin flames.

Allow yourself to experience the joy and pleasure of being in love now.

If there’s something you’re missing from your partner, ask for it!

The energy surrounding you now is open and honest, and you are likely to be able to communicate effectively to get your needs met.


Upright Two of Cups Card Meanings For Singles

If you’re single and the Two of Cups appears in your reading, it means that you are likely to find yourself very popular on the dating scene!

You have an air of balance and harmony about you that is very attractive to others.

This tarot card often indicates that you will meet someone with whom you have a lot in common.

There is potential for a very happy and fulfilling relationship with this person, based on mutual respect and compatibility.

In fact, this person could be your soul mate or twin flame.

If you’re not currently dating anyone, this card could suggest that you will meet someone soon.

The Two of Cups generally brings good news in regards to relationships.

But you should take care not to get too swept away in the emotion of it all.

Enjoy this phase of dating now for what it is.

Acknowledge there’s potential for it to go deeper and even blossom into twin flame or soul mate love, but don’t rush it.

There’s plenty of time for that later.


Upright Two of Cups Meaning For Money & Career

If your main concern is your career path when the Two of Cups shows up, expect strong and successful partnerships in business and at work.

Even if you’re not actively partnering with anyone, your relationships with your bosses or coworkers should be pleasant and favorable to you now.

There is a sense of balance, flow, and harmony in these dealings.

Money may also be coming your way soon, although it’s important to note that this tarot card doesn’t always mean an influx of cash.

It might just mean that the current financial situation will reach a more stable state.

So if things have been up and down for you as of late in your financial life, you can expect them to even out.

You may not wind up swimming in cash, but you shouldn’t be worried about paying your bills either.



Reversed Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

two of cups reversed

When the Two of Cups appears reversed, it represents significant blockages and even total breakdowns of your expectations.  

This can run across all areas of your life, not just romantic partnerships, so don’t make the mistake of thinking it has to do with your love life.

You can have arguments with friends, coworkers, other family members or even have issues within your community.

Furthermore, this imbalance can even be with yourself… between what you want to do and what you need to do.

It’s important to recognize and address the source of these problems because, otherwise, they will only get worse.

The Two of Cups reversed often signifies an emotionally charged situation.

Make sure you are grounded in the present moment before trying to unravel whatever is causing this discord with yourself or others because you don’t want to worsen your situation.


Reversed Two of Cups Card Meanings For Relationships

If the Two of Cups is reversed in your reading, then it could suggest that there are some delays or disappointments in your relationship at the moment.

There may be a lack of passion or feelings of boredom.

This tarot card also suggests that you may be trying to make a relationship work that is clearly broken.

In fact, it could even suggest an abusive situation here if there have been violence or control issues previously.    

The Two of Cups reversed usually symbolize disharmony, disconnection, and imbalance in a relationship.

This is not a healthy situation to be in and will only lead to heartache in the long run.

If you do not feel like your relationship has run its course just yet, then you should take this time to work on yourselves and try to repair the damage that has been done.

You can potentially work through the blockages, but it will likely take a lot of work and is an uphill battle.

Furthermore, this is not a quick fix and will require time, patience, and dedication.

If you are not up for that kind of challenge, then it may be time to let go.


Reversed Two of Cups Card Meanings For Singles

If you’re single and the Two of Cups shows reversed, it means that you are not currently in a good place to find love.

There is a lot of negativity and chaos going on in your life at the moment that is preventing you from opening up your heart to someone new.

You may be feeling down, unfulfilled, and even resentful.

It’s important to get yourself into a better headspace before you start looking for a relationship because you will only attract people who match that energy.

This may be difficult if you’re not feeling good about yourself, but it is definitely doable.

Start by doing things that make you happy and spending time with people who make you feel good.

When you are in a better mood, it will be easier to notice when a potential match comes along.

In the meantime, focus on yourself and your own personal well-being because you can’t expect someone else to make you happy if you aren’t already.

If you ignore this advice, you are likely to run into the wrong kinds of people who feed off of the energy you’re putting out.

These relationships might make you feel good in the moment, but long-term they will not be satisfying.

You’ll wind up worse off than where you started.

So, take some time to focus on yourself and get yourself into a good space before looking for love again.


Reversed Two of Cups Meaning For Money & Career

The Two of Cups reversed in a career reading means that you are not in sync with your current situation.

There is a lack of balance and harmony between what you want to do and what you are doing now for or at work.

This may manifest as feeling overworked or stuck in a job you hate.

You may also be feeling undervalued or unimportant.

This tarot card suggests that it is time for a change and that you should listen to your intuition on this matter.

This is not the right situation for you and it is causing you a lot of stress.

You’re likely to have disagreements with your coworkers, business partners, or superiors and it could lead to some serious consequences.

When it comes to your money, the Two of Cups reversed symbolizes imbalance.

You’re either spending way too much or hoarding money and being so cheap that you’re not enjoying life.

Neither of these are good solutions, so you need to find a middle ground that works for you.

Take some time to figure out what it is that you want and what you need to do to get there.

Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life, they can help you grow!


Final Thoughts On The Two of Cups Card

Two of Cups Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meaning - Learn How To Read Tarot For Beginners

Congrats on taking the first step to work with the tarot and learning to read for yourself and those you love!

The Two of Cups is a great card because it represents partnership and harmony.

It tells you that things are looking good in your love life, career, family relationships, friendships, etc., or at least they can be!

All that you need to do is make the first step towards bringing balance into your life, which you’re showing just by learning more about the tarot now.

Now that you’ve already begun your journey, the next natural step is to make sure you receive your free numerology reading.

Few things are as powerful as numerology for helping you improve your tarot readings.

But I’m not going to tell you that the information you’ll uncover will make you a better tarot reader.

It’s better for you to get your reading and find that out for yourself.

That way, it’ll be a much more personal, special, and beautiful experience. 

Get your free reading now. 


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