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10 Signs You’ve Raised Your Vibration (& Can Manifest Faster)

There are many ways to raise your vibration, including watching your diet, meditating, and practicing gratitude among others. And if you’ve been working diligently to raise your vibration, you may wonder how you can tell if it’s working. In this post, you will discover ten signs that you’ve successfully raised your vibration. That way there will be no doubt in your mind that you’re on the right track!


10 Signs You’ve Raised Your Vibration

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How To Tell You’ve Raised Your Vibration

1- Starting Your Day With Excitement

Are you the type of person who begrudgingly turns off the alarm in the morning, trying to sneak in five, ten, or even more minutes of sleep?

Do you dread starting a new day, feeling like you don’t have much to look forward to?

Once you raise your vibration, life is much more exciting, energetic, and positive.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you’re in alignment is that you have a much easier time springing out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day.

You’ll be ready and waiting for anything, and will begin each day with joy, excitement, and passion.


2- Your Health Improves

Accessing higher vibrational states not only affect your spiritual body, but your physical body as well.

The positive energy you feel can actually help boost your immune system, speed up the healing process in case of injury, and also cause you to make better micro-decisions throughout your day that preserve good health.


3- You’ll Feel Stronger

Not only will you feel physically stronger, but emotionally and mentally stronger as well.

You will have more confidence in yourself and the Universe.

You’ll know that there is nothing you can’t do – and if you don’t already know how, you’ll believe you can learn, find help, or at least give it your best try.

This type of mindset will help you manifest faster because one of the main reasons people fail to manifest their dreams is that they don’t even try.


4- Clear, Effective Communication

Higher vibration means your chakras (energy centers along different parts of your body) open and clear.

You can see this with improved communication as your throat and heart chakras open.  

You may find that you are better able to identify how you think and feel, and can more clearly express your desires and wishes to others.


5- Financial Abundance

With higher vibration, you effortlessly drop bad patterns and unhelpful behaviors.

Making better financial decisions, you’ll attract more money into your life and more easily attract financial rewards and opportunities.


6- You’ll Go With The Flow

You’ll come to the realization that even when you’re in alignment, sometimes life still throws you curveballs.

The difference between having low-vibration and high-vibration, however, is that with the latter, you’ll find yourself rolling with the punches.

Where something may have devastated you in the past, now you can cope with life challenges, see what you can learn from situations, and apply that knowledge to future situations for overall better life outcomes.


7- Time Speeds Up

You know that saying “time flies when you’re having fun?”

When your vibes are high, this is always the case!

Higher vibration causes your perception of time to speed up in general, because you’re enjoying your entire life.

This richness of perception and experience causes one moment to blend with the next.

Time flies when you’re having fun – and you’re always having fun.


8- Expressing Kindness And Love

The higher your vibration, the more self-love, and compassion you have.

The thing about this is that these positive states also vibrate to others.

You’ll start to more deeply understand others – even if they hold different beliefs and ideas than you do.

You begin to see yourself as part of a greater whole and experience more connectivity with others.

You may even begin to inspire others to change, just by radiating outward to others.


9- Improved Intuition

Once you raise your vibration, your intuition will improve so much that sometimes you’ll think your psychic.

(Shocker: We’re all psychic anyway!)

The thing is, psychic awareness and intuition are natural phenomena that we’re all capable of. It all boils down to observation, awareness, and understanding.

When your vibration is low, you experience all sorts of mental and spiritual clutter that prevent you from filtering critical information for overall awareness.

Once you raise your vibration you can filter out unnecessary information and better hear your inner voice.  


10- Looking More Beautiful

Finally, one of the most fun and pleasant experiences that come when you raise your vibration is that you will look just as incredible as you feel!

You will wear your high energy, positive sentiments, self-love and compassion, appreciation of others, deep connection to the Universe and all that is, and subtle confidence like a second skin, and this will reflect in your physical appearance.

In fact, one of the best ways to manifest more beauty and better looks is to raise your vibration.

High vibes make you glow!



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