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13 Money Mindset Hacks To Manifest Like A Pro (LOA for Money)

Manifesting money sounds simple, but there are some things you need to watch out for if you’re just getting started. Read this list of thirteen money mindset hacks that will help you manifest money like a pro!



13 Money Mindset Hacks To Manifest Abundance

13 Money Mindset Hacks To Manifest Like A Pro

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1- Focus on Self-Awareness

To cultivate a more abundant mindset, you must beware of the power of your thoughts. Listen carefully to your thoughts and how you talk to yourself.

Ask yourself if your ideas are grounded in fear or worry. And if so, what are you afraid of?  

When you notice scarcity thinking, ask yourself if there’s a positive way to view your situation.


2- Celebrate The Abundance Of Others in Your Life

Celebrate the happiness, success, and good fortune of other people in your life to create an abundance of your own.

When someone does an excellent job, comes into good fortune, earns an accomplishment, or has a milestone in their lives, focus on being unconditionally happy for them. Release any feelings of threat or jealousy you may be harboring.

When you feel yourself holding on to these emotions, ask why, and remind yourself that their success or happiness does not mean there’s less out there for you!

Look for things about the person or their success that inspire you. Use that to fuel your efforts toward finding possibilities and opportunities for yourself instead.


3- Beware of Negative Thinking To Manifest Abundance

Different types of negative thoughts, including all-or-nothing and “doomsday” notions, can derail your efforts to focus on abundance.

Scarcity thinking can lead to telling yourself that failure is the worst possible outcome. This can paralyze you into never even trying to go for opportunities that can increase abundance in your life.

When you hear yourself using these types of scenarios to justify your reasons not to try, stop, and ask yourself two things:

  • What’s the worst that could happen if you fail? Maybe you’d be embarrassed, but you could always try again, right?
  • What if you succeed?! You just might! You stand so much to gain if you just try!

Shifting to an abundant mindset will initially be challenging. It’ll take convincing yourself that your old ways of thinking are incorrect


4- Practice Daily Gratitude To Manifest Abundance

Developing a routine of acknowledging your gratitude every day is a powerful and popular strategy to manifest abundance in your life. The influence of appreciation on your well-being and outlook is undeniable.

Spending just a few minutes every day focused on those things for which you are grateful puts you in the right frame of mind to think and view the world with abundance. Scarcity thinking makes you think you will never have enough, while abundant thinking reminds you that you will always have more. Gratitude makes fear disappear, so take the time to write about at least five things for which you are grateful each day.


5- Share Your Gifts and Passions with Others

If you want to feel more confident in yourself and develop an awareness and appreciation for your talents and purpose in life, start by accessing your passions and strengths, and then find ways to share these with others.

Sharing what you love to do fosters confidence in yourself. The more you give of yourself to others, the more you accept the opportunities that are sent your way and appreciate all you have in your life.

Plus, sharing your passions gives you purpose, which helps you feel even more abundant in your life.


6- Use Affirmations to Manifest Abundance

Affirmations are statements you repeat to yourself that state the reality you wish to achieve as if it is already happening. Using affirmations is a proven strategy for shifting your mindset and helping you feel more positive.

Affirmations are best when they are personal, specific, and positive. And you should either repeat them aloud or write them down frequently.

By repeating this positive message to yourself, you help your brain to incorporate this new reality into your subconscious, where it becomes the foundation of your mindset.

Affirmations are an excellent way to counteract scarcity thinking and to rewire your mind toward more abundant ways of thinking.

Whenever you hear yourself dropping back into more negative thought patterns, repeat your abundance affirmation to yourself several times. This will help remind your subconscious mind of the outlook you are striving to attain.

Here are more ideas for how to use affirmations in your daily life.


7- Surround Yourself with Others Who Think Abundantly

The more you spend time with others who have positive mindsets, the better.

For starters, cut back on the amount of television and social media you consume. These sources are filled with scarcity thinking, telling you to get yours while you can, and making you afraid others are more successful or happy than you. If you want to watch TV, skip the commercials, where scarcity thinking is at its worst.

Spend more time with friends, co-workers, mentors, family members, and others who have an abundance mentality. These people will inspire you through their actions as well as their outlook.

You can also get inspiration from books, videos, blogs, and other sources, which are great when the people in your life have less-than-positive attitudes.

The more you surround yourself with examples of abundant thinking, the easier it will be to transition your mindset.


8- Focus on Growth To Improve Your Money Mindset

Abundant thinking is related to a growth mindset. A growth mindset includes beliefs that we continue to grow and evolve throughout our lives. Furthermore, a growth mindset holds that everything we encounter should be viewed as a possibility.

Those with a growth mindset enjoy learning and value growth, both of which can be immensely helpful in cultivating abundant thinking.

When you want to continue growing, you see possibilities instead of challenges. This is essential to abundant thinking, too.

Adopting a habit of curiosity can help you focus on growth.

Ask more questions, consider “why” as well as other possibilities, and listen to others’ perspectives in more situations in your life. Practice active listening to enable you to hear others’ ideas, and be willing to learn from anyone, especially those whose mindsets or perspectives differ dramatically from yours.

Remember to frequently reflect on your own beliefs and consider why you believe or assume the things you do, too.


9- Build with Collaboration and Consensus

One of the hallmarks of a scarcity mindset is that there is one “right” way or “right” answer, and it is crucial to winning.

People often become so focused on their need to win that they forget that they also believe that others must therefore lose.

Instead of worrying about making yourself the winner, focus on ways that everyone can win. How can an outcome be mutually beneficial?

Can both parties get what they need? It may seem hard at first, but finding ways to make everyone a winner is a necessary skill for abundant thinking. The more you can practice this, the easier it becomes.


10- Open Your Perspective To Manifest Abundance

When you have scarcity thinking, your awareness of the world is often contracted. Focusing specifically on one thing limits your ability to see other opportunities or possibilities, giving you tunnel vision. In fact, the more intently you focus, the fewer other ideas you notice.

When you loosen your focus or accept that there may be more than one way to get what you need, you start to become more aware of possibilities.

Many people do not even know they are doing this. Still, once they learn to open their perspective, they immediately see a difference in what they notice about the world.


11- Become a Beginner To Boost Your Money Mindset

To think abundantly, you must be willing to learn and grow. That means you must first accept that you do not already know everything.

This is true for everything in your life, even about your most competent skills.

It is hard to remember what it felt like to be a beginner once you’ve advanced, but this is essential.

Beginners are enthusiastic and open to ideas, right? So, ignore your preconceived notions and ask yourself, “What would a newbie do?”

Try taking up a new hobby, learning a new language, or visiting a foreign land. You’ll quickly remember what it feels like to be a beginner.

Keep these lessons close in all that you do.


12- Watch Your Language

The words you choose to express yourself say a lot about your outlook and attitude.

Not sure if you have a positive money mindset? Listen to the words you regularly use. Especially in new situations or when confronted with an obstacle.

When you hear yourself using negative language, choose positive instead.

The more you use positive words, the more likely you are to have positive thoughts.

For example, instead of saying, “I’m sorry,” switch to “thank you.”

“Thank you for waiting” shows abundant thinking when you arrive late, whereas “I’m sorry I’m late” shows scarcity.

 “Thank you for listening to me” shows abundant thinking when you have had an emotional upheaval. Rather than “I”m sorry for talking your ear off.” 

“Thank you” allows you to express gratitude and focus on what is good in your life.


13- Reflect Often


Intentional reflection on your thoughts keeps you learning and motivated. And makes it more likely that you will change your thinking and be successful in reaching your goals.

 Be patient, give it time, and evaluate your progress periodically to see if you need to try new approaches.


Final Thoughts On The Manifesting Money Mindset

If you want to manifest abundance in your life, it starts with one thing – altering your mindset.

A mindset of abundance allows you to welcome  the possibilities of the world.

With this attitude, you accept that there are enough happiness, success, and resources for every single one of us.

When you shift your thinking from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, you will realize “The secret to having it all is believing you already do.”

You’ll believe you can manifest money out of thin air — because you can!



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