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7 Ways Practicing Mindfulness Helps You Manifest More Money

If you’re interested in improving your life (and who isn’t), chances are you’ve stumbled upon blog posts or other information by now touting the benefits of mindfulness.

But you may not fully understand what mindfulness really is or how it can help you make some significant transformations in your life — including increasing your income.

The concept of mindfulness is really simple to understand. Think of it like this.

There’s so much that you do every day without thinking about it.

I bet if you think about it, you can name 10 things right now that you’re doing without thinking.

Blinking your eyes, breathing in and out, listening, reading, your heart is beating, you’re thinking about what you’re reading, you’re reading right now, you’re sitting (or standing) and parts of your body are connecting to the ground or other objects… And so on.

And that’s just in this one moment!

7 Ways Practicing Mindfulness Helps You Manifest More Money

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What Happens When You Go Through Life On Auto-Pilot?

What happens when you go through all aspects of your life on auto-pilot?

Reacting to events that take place around you without being aware of yourself and your thoughts.

Becoming so complacent in your daily life that you take people for granted, say “yes” to things you don’t even enjoy, or miss opportunities completely because you’re totally zoned out.

It’s so easy to go through life completely and totally unaware of almost everything around us, but that’s no way to live!

Regularly practicing mindfulness by focusing on exactly what’s going on in the moment – can help with one crucial aspect of earning, winning, or manifesting more money — your mindset!



How Can Mindfulness Help You Manifest More Money

I believe the most important thing — and in some cases the only thing we humans can control in our lives is our minds.

Because think about it like this… whatever you desire, wherever you want to be in life, you want to constantly improve and work on getting there.

But precious little is really within your control — especially when it comes to money.

If you want a new job or a raise, somebody has to hire you or sign off on the raise.

Want to go to Vegas and hit the jackpot? You’d better be lucky.

Want to start a side hustle and make thousands of dollars doing something you love? You still need other people to pay attention to, care about, and then exchange money for your goods or services.

But the one thing you have is 100% control of is your mind.

We always want to grow and progress, especially with our money, right? So, if financial growth and progress are what we’re after, it stands to reason that we need tools and strategies to help us get there.

Here are seven reasons why practicing mindfulness is great for manifesting money.


7 Ways Mindfulness Helps You Make More Money

1- Mindfulness Boosts Your Awareness

Being mindful is all about awareness.

Mindfulness helps you acknowledge what you have already in your life.

When you’re aware of what you already have and begin to notice gradual increases in your income that perhaps you’d have ignored before, you shift your money mindset.


By generating more feelings of positivity and financial abundance.

Focus your thoughts on the money, resources, and opportunities that exist in your life.

Even more importantly, be mindful of what actions you can take to bring more of what you want into your life.

Step one is awareness.


2- Mindfulness Keeps You Grateful For The Money You Have

Another way mindfulness helps you improve your money mindset is taking awareness one step further and practicing gratitude.

First, you acknowledge what you have. Then you express genuine gratitude for what it is.

There are many ways to practice gratitude. The most common is with a gratitude journal, but you don’t always have to write!

Personally I love jotting down just three to five things each morning. It takes precious little time, but it makes a big difference in my mindset for the day.


3- Mindfulness Keeps You Humble

Have you ever noticed that rich women in the media are often portrayed negatively?

Divas, bitches, mean, evil, greedy… The idea leaves such a negative impression for women trying to improve their money mindset.

Somehow it’s been ingrained in us that being rich or wealthy means we have to be mean, greedy, self-centered or any other negative things.

And while it’s true that there are some bitchy rich women out there, there are also just as many — if not more — caring, philanthropic, down-to-earth rich women too!

Money doesn’t change who you are — it amplifies it.

But sometimes a little success and victory can get to your head.

In these cases, mindfulness keeps you calm, even-keeled, and humble.


4- Mindfulness Helps You Savor The Special Moments

If you’re success-driven, goal-oriented, and truly serious about increasing your income, chances are you’re a very busy lady. While e-commerce and social media are great for helping us generate more money, being so connected to our smartphones keeps us from savoring the other important things in life.

What good is manifesting a bunch of money if you never take the time to enjoy it?

When you are with friends and family, talking with colleagues, or at a meeting or function, put your phone away and pay attention to those surrounding you.

Being mindful of how you show up in the world helps you savor the good times. You won’t lose money if you leave your phone in the other room when you’re spending quality time with friends and family. Right?


5- Mindfulness Improves Your Relationships

Getting along with people is an important life skill.

If you find you are often in conflict, work actively at resolving issues and learning how to have more positive relations.

It may not seem like it on the surface, but mindfulness helps with empathy and emotional intelligence — which can help you make more money by being more likable and easier to work with.


6- Mindfulness Makes You Compassionate

Mindfulness can help you become more empathetic, increasing your income in a myriad of ways.

Understanding others’ perspectives can give you great insight, help you help them achieve their goals, and can contribute to more lasting, positive relationships with others.

By becoming more in tune with what others need, you can provide more value, which increases your bottom line.


7- Mindfulness Keeps You Positive

Finally, we all have negative thoughts from time to time — especially when things with our money aren’t working out as planned.

Holding negativity is no good over the long haul. Sometimes people think we must be positive all the time, but that’s impossible. You can absolutely practice mindful grieving or anger.

A wonderful mindfulness exercise for processing negative emotions (instead of avoiding them) is to set aside a specific amount of time each week or even every day to do so.

The trick is to stick to a time limit, then move on to contemplating solutions that can help you improve your situation.


Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps give you insight into how mindfulness can help you manifest more money into your life.

Thanks for reading.


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7 Ways Practicing Mindfulness Helps You Manifest More Money