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Does The Law of Attraction Really Work For Manifesting?

The general theory of the law of attraction (LOA) is that you can project into the universe all your desires, and with the right mindset and actions, you’ll achieve your goals.

The idea is that “thoughts are things.” Therefore, if you think it, you can achieve it.

Do you believe this is true?

Does the law of attraction really work?

If manifesting the life of your dreams just by thinking about it seems like something of fairy tales to you, you’re not alone.

And well, depending on how you look at it, it is.

You’re not going to manifest all that you want (or need) just by wishing or thinking positive thoughts.

You’re going to have to take actions that help you reach your goals and ultimate reward.

The law of attraction absolutely works, but many people who don’t pay close attention think it’s all about “thinking” and not about “doing.”

But understand this.

The law of attraction incorporates both mindset and action.

This post will explain in great detail how the law of attraction does – or does not – work.


Does The Law of Attraction Really Work For Manifesting

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The Law Of Attraction Builds Over Time

Many people start their Law of Attraction journey using positive affirmations to affect and change their mindsets.

The use of positive affirmations to manifest money, manifest love, or manifest anything you want into your reality is an essential part of the journey.

But, you must understand that results don’t happen overnight.

Results develop and build over your entire life, stacking on top of each other.

So, tons of small victories and manifestations often build up over time.

Nothing happens suddenly, even when it feels as if it does.

While the law of attraction can and does help you attract your desires to you faster and easier, it’s not a magic bullet.

You can’t escape reality. You can’t escape time.


The Law of Attraction Needs High Frequency

According to universal law, everyone and everything emits a different frequency.

As far as you are concerned, your frequency level will help attract things and experiences to you that are similar to your frequency.

If you are positive, optimistic, look for the bright side of things, and work daily to maintain this higher state of consciousness, your vibration will attract more luck and happiness into your life.

Conversely, if you have poor habits like complaining, overindulging in low-vibrational substances such as drugs and unhealthy food, and generally keep a negative outlook on life, you will attract lower quality experiences, people and things into your life.  

At a fundamental level, “thoughts are things” means precisely this.

Your thoughts manifest into reality.

So think wisely!


Your Subconscious Mind & The Law Of Attraction

While most people are aware of their conscious thoughts, there’s something tricky going on beneath the surface.

The thing is, with the law of attraction, the positive or negative things that manifest into your life are swayed by your unconscious thoughts.

If you’ve had experience before with positive affirmations, for example, you know how tricky these things can be.

Let’s say you’re having a challenging time in your financial life.

You feel down in the dumps, worried about where your next meal or rent payment is coming from, and you’re stressed, confused, and stuck.

On the surface, you’re writing or repeating positive money affirmations trying to trick yourself into thinking you’ve got checks in the mail on their way to you.

But this doesn’t work because your subconscious mind knows better.

Your subconscious mind is painfully aware that you’re broke and acts as a blocker to the positive affirmations.

In essence, your subconscious mind knows you’re lying. And there’s no obvious, immediate way around that unless you have tons of time, patience, and willingness to struggle for a while before finally reaching success.


How To Bypass Your Subconscious Mind To Manifest Faster

Fortunately, for those of us who are too busy and don’t have time to wait around with slow-moving, painstaking work to hack our invisible subconscious minds, there’s a way to bypass all of that!

The secret to quickly and easily working on your unconscious mind is to use subliminal audio tracks.

These work so well because they use secret audio wave technology to go beneath your conscience, disabling the “yeah right” response.

You see, if you’re struggling with weight, for example, and you try to repeat positive affirmations about your slim, fit, toned body, you’ll meet resistance.

Your conscious mind wants to be positive and believe these affirmations.

But your subconscious mind knows better.

It goes, “yeah, right,” and you wind up wasting your time.

With subliminal audio, however, the message is inaudible. The tone is low enough to where you aren’t consciously aware of it.

This also means that your subconscious mind is being programmed without having the chance to dispute the intention!

It’s incredibly effective, straightforward to do, and only takes about twelve minutes a day.

And you can try it 100% free today if you’d be so inclined!

Grab your free subliminal audio to help you make the law of attraction work for you!


The Law of Attraction Is Intention-Focused

The place you most put your focus on is where you’ll get the results.

If you want your results to be different, you must examine where you’re putting your attention.

For example, maybe you’re having issues with love and romance.

You’ve been single for a while and all you can think about is how lonely you are.

How every last one of your friends is getting married and having children and how miserable you are feeling left out in the cold.

The problem here is that by thinking only of what you don’t have, you’re making sure your vibration remains low. And you’re not attracting what you want!

You’re attracting more of the same.

The best way to get results with the law of attraction is to make sure you put as much focus as you can on what you want your life to look like.

If you want romance, you can see how focusing on attraction, sensuality, sexuality, fun, new interesting hobbies, attractiveness and other pleasant ideas will give you a much better outcome than focusing on sadness, loneliness, lack, boredom, and more – can you not?

Make sure your intentions are such that you’re attracting what you do want – and the law of attraction will work for you.


The Law of Attraction Requires Effective Focus

Finally, if you want the law of attraction to really work for you, it’s imperative that you focus on those things correctly.

For example, if you want to get in better physical shape, instead of looking in the mirror at your body in disgust, start complementing the parts of your body you want to change.

As you do the right exercises to care for each of those areas, you’ll show love to those parts of your body more.

It’s all a steady process, but you must know that sometimes things will come faster than others.

That’s just life.

Sometimes you’ll set an intention, and by seemingly magical coincidence, within the next day or two, your intention will manifest.

Other times you will see an incremental increase.

It could take weeks, months, or even years in some cases.

Consider if you’ve been trying the law of attraction for a while and it hasn’t worked for you, it’s not that it hasn’t worked – it’s that it hasn’t worked yet.

Give it time and let things play out.


So, Does The Law of Attraction Work?

The fact is that the more time you spend learning about the law of attraction and implementing your knowledge, the more striking results you’re going to receive from your life.

However, you need to do a lot more than “think” you also need to “do” if you want excellent results by using the law of attraction in your life.

So what about you?

Do you think the law of attraction really works?

After reading this piece, do you see things you might do differently to help things work better for you?

See what you can change to speed up the process and achieve the success and life of your dreams.

P.S.  Don’t forget to grab your free subliminal audio to help you make the law of attraction work for you right away!


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