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9 Small Things To Manifest For Beginners (Start Right Away!)

If you’re new to the law of attraction, you should consider different small things to manifest first. This is because it’s a fast, easy, and fun way to prove the law of attraction works!

In this quick post, I want to cover nine small things to manifest.

So you can jump right into using the law of attraction right away to transform your life!


9 Small Things To Manifest For Beginners

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Before you get started…

Before you take the first step to working with the law of attraction, make sure you’re in alignment for manifesting.

So many people jump headfirst into this because it sounds like a quick, easy way to get cool things without too much fuss.

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might have a hard time manifesting even the smallest things!

The most common reason the law of attraction doesn’t work is that when you’re out of alignment, there are blockages standing between you and your desires.

And you probably won’t even know it!

The truth is, if you’ve got energetic blockages, you’re wasting your time!

Your manifestations don’t stand a chance!

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That way you’ll be sure you’re not just pointlessly performing manifestation rituals for no reason.


Why manifest small things first?

A common question for beginners is “why should I manifest small things first?”

The answer: Manifesting small things that you know you can easily attract helps remove resistance.

You see, most people know for sure that small items, like small amounts of money or a cup of coffee, is easily attainable.

A huge part of manifesting is about belief.

If you don’t believe you can manifest something out of thin air, you probably won’t get it!

So, if you start with something big like a million dollars, but you don’t really believe you can have it, what happens?


Starting with something small means you don’t have to worry about bypassing your subconscious mind.

You don’t have to try to “trick” yourself into believing lies.

Zero resistance to manifesting means it will come so easily to you!


9 small things to manifest

The best part about this is once you discover how easy it is to work with the law of attraction, you gain confidence.

You believe in yourself.

You believe in the universe.

And then you have far less resistance to manifesting bigger and better things!

Now that you know why you want small things to manifest, here are nine examples for you to try right now!


1- Manifest a specific amount of money

First, you can try manifesting a specific amount of small money.

Like, fifteen cents.

Or even thirteen cents.

Your mind won’t put up any resistance to manifesting such little money. You could find that anywhere — in your car, in your purse, on the ground…

The thing is, if you just say “I want to manifest a little money,” that’s too vague.

By making it specific, you’ll know without a doubt that you’ve manifested the small amount of money.

It’s so fun to do, too!


2- Manifest a specific item

Second, you can try manifesting a specific item.

Like a small red box, or a green star.

You don’t have to be very descriptive about how these things will come.

You could manifest images of them on TV, in books, see them in a store, or anywhere else!

But nothing helps you trust in the universe and the process of manifestation more than saying “I want to manifest a pink owl,” then seeing someone walking down the street with a pink owl on his t-shirt!

(This happened to me and I was so thrilled!)


3- Manifest a small discount

Another thing I’ve had fun manifesting in the past was a small discount on something I was buying.

Like an unexpected discount.

I went to go buy a new dress at the mall and wound up getting a cute new pair of shoes and earrings to go with it.

I didn’t intend to spend that much money, but the items were so cute! I just had to have them!

When I got to the checkout, the shoes were 10% lower than I thought.

It was great!

Little discounts are really easy to manifest.

Try it out and see what I mean!


4- Manifest a parking spot

Another small (but useful) thing to manifest is a good parking spot!

I don’t know about you but I hate struggling with parking!

If you know you’re going somewhere that generally has really crazy parking (like my college campus used to be — I could never find a spot)…

It’s such a great idea to focus on manifesting a quick, easy parking spot.

I bet you’ll get one if you practice this all the time!

It’s a small, fun, useful manifestation for beginners that I think anyone could come to appreciate.


5- Manifest a compliment

A small compliment is another great option for beginners to manifest!

This is just simple and straight to the point.

You don’t have to specify what type of compliment unless you really want to.

In fact, I don’t recommend getting too specific with the universe.

You want to always make sure you allow room and space for your desires to come in as many paths as possible.

So just be open to receiving positive vibes and compliments from people.

Whether someone compliments your beautiful hair, your funny personality, or your brilliance at problem-solving at work — soak it all in!

Compliments are such small manifestations that are easy for beginners to achieve.


6- Manifest a free meal

Another fun, small manifestation is a free meal or snack.

Again, you don’t want to add any restrictions on how this free meal comes.

You want to be as open as possible and allow any option!

It could be that your friend calls you up, invites you to brunch, and offers to pay this time.

Or that you win a free meal for a game you play or a bet you have.

Or even that maybe you’ve ordered your tenth pizza in a row from your favorite spot and got one for free (without knowing it).

Be open to all the ways the universe delivers your manifestations to you, and get excited!

It means the law of attraction is working well for you.

Soon, you can manifest something greater!


7- Manifest a call or text

Next, you can manifest a call or text from someone specific.

One caveat here is that you don’t want it to be something that’s too unusual.

If it’s your ex and they’ve told you they don’t want to speak to you and also blocked you, manifesting a text from them as a beginner won’t work.

In the back of your mind, you expect NOT to hear from them.

Your subconscious is already programmed to expect avoidance.

You’ll just be wasting your time trying this for the very first time.

However, if there’s someone you text regularly but maybe they never call you on the phone, you might try to manifest that they call you.

This isn’t too far outside of the realm of possibility for you. But also isn’t 100% likely (because it almost never happens.)

It’s a believable small manifestation that if it happens, you can be reasonably sure you manifested it. But not so absurd that you know it would never happen.

I hope that makes sense!


8- Manifest signs you’re on the right track

Next, one of my favorite things to manifest is a spiritual sign from above that I’m on the right track!

You might like to do this too.

It’s so easy!

All you do is literally ask, out loud, for signs that you’re on the right track with manifesting.

A common response from the universe here is angel numbers like 11:11 or 222.

If you start to see these numbers right after asking for signs — there you go! You’ve manifested it.

Another common sign or symbol is an animal.

If you start to see many of the same animals and you normally don’t see it, it’s probably a sign.

I’ve been seeing birds a LOT lately in weird places. And of course, I just asked the Universe for a sign that I’m doing the right thing on my soul path.

The same can happen for you too!

It probably won’t be birds, necessarily. But keep your eyes open for spirit animals and angel numbers if you try this small manifestation method.

You just might be surprised by what you get!


9- Manifest meeting someone new

Another small thing you can manifest is meeting someone new.

If you want more friends, this is a fun one to try!

I recommend not getting too specific on who it might be – just let the universe deliver them whoever they are.

But you can and should get specific about some of the qualities they’d possess.

That way, you know it’s a manifestation for sure!

I did this once and came out of it with an amazing friend, with who I have so much in common.

It turns out that we had so many similar characteristics, down to the same style of clothes, our boys were born like weeks apart, and our husbands had even worked at the same company many years ago.

When those types of synchronicities occur, you know without question that the law of attraction works, and you can go on to manifest bigger things!



Now that you have your list of small things to manifest, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions you may have about manifestation:


1- How to choose what to manifest?

Choosing what to manifest as a beginner should come down to one thing – pick the simplest thing that you believe you can attract. That’s why starting with a small cup of coffee or a small, specific amount of money is best.


2- What are the most fun things to manifest?

This depends on the person but the most fun things to manifest are usually in the money or love realm. A small, yet specific amount of money or a text from someone you are romantically interested in are fun, attainable manifestations.


3- Is it hard to manifest big things?

It is not any harder to manifest big things as it is to manifest small things. The only thing that may make it seem harder to manifest big things is if you do not believe you are worthy of or capable of attracting them.


Final thoughts on manifesting small things

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on small things you can manifest!

If you really want to jump into the deep end and try bigger things first, then go ahead.

There’s certainly nothing stopping you.

And honestly? The universe doesn’t know nor care about size of your request.

Your only limitation is you.

So, if you hear people go against the idea of starting small, know they’re not wrong.

However, if maybe you’ve tried something bigger and didn’t have much luck.

Or just want to dip your toes in the shallow end for quick, easy wins and giggles, try any of the suggestions on this list and see how you do!

Oh and by the way, don’t forget to get your free numerology reading!

Whatever the size of your manifestation, it’ll come to you so much more quickly and easily with that powerful information in mind.


Stay blessed, beautiful angel <3



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