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1111 Manifestation Method For Beginners (Law of Attraction)

The 1111 Manifestation Method is a lesser-known technique that you can use to draw your desires to you quickly and easily. And the best part about it is that it’s perfect for beginners. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to use the 1111 method to create more magic in your life.


1111 Manifestation Method For Beginners

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1- Why number 1111?

With numerology and angel numbers, 1111 is one of the most common messages from your guardian angels.

It says that no matter where you are in the manifestation process, you have the power to bring anything into your physical reality.

Your spirit guides are always with you. When angel number 1111 appears, you have so much power to create anything you want on your manifestation journey.

There’s just so much power and potential behind the number 1111.

But you don’t have to wait for your guides to show it to you.

The law of attraction enables you to pull energy from any source and use it to achieve your goals through manifestation.

Therefore, you can intentionally use the power of number 1111 for manifestation.

That’s how the 11:11 Manifestation Method was born.


2- What is the 11:11 Manifestation Method?

The 11:11 Manifestation Technique is very simple and only requires short bursts of focus.

If you’re busy and don’t have time to do elaborate manifestation rituals, the 11:11 technique is probably going to be one of the best choices for you.

Another benefit is that it’s so easy, and takes very few materials to get started.

I do recommend you have a dedicated manifestation journal to work from, but other than that, all you need is a pen!


3- How To Do The 11:11 Manifestation Method

Here are instructions for how to do the 1111 method:

-Prepare to do this technique for 11 consecutive days (if you mess up, you’ll have to start all over)

-Choose one thing to manifest. In this example, it’s going to be money. Get very clear and specific about how much money you want, what you want it for, and how you’ll feel once you have the money in your wallet.

-Write a positive affirmation as if you already have this money in your life.

-Write this affirmation 11 times in the morning and 11 times in the evening for 11 days straight.

-Wait for your money to come!


4- Why Does The 11:11 Manifesting Method Work?

Almost any method to manifest on paper by writing will work.

And there are many reasons for this.

First, there’s the expectation that you will succeed.

Positive psychology is a real scientific field that shows when you expect and believe positive things, you have more positive experiences.

Second, the process of creating affirmations and focusing on writing them down raises your vibration.

Which is key to attracting more things to you.

Next, manifesting by writing things down on paper connects your mind, body and spirit.

All three are necessary to manifest your goals.

Finally, angel number 1111 is one of the most powerful.

Many people can attest to that, and you’ll see it too once you try this technique!

In fact, I recommend you grab a copy of this excellent Numerology book (it’s free to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription!)

I’ve learned so much about the energy of numbers and since applying this new knowledge to my life, I can say my manifestation ability has improved ten-fold!

You can try other manifestation methods and techniques by writing on paper and they work too.

But the 11:11 manifestation method is by far the best one because of the power of the number 11.


5- Tips To Make The 11:11 Method Work Better

Now, I’d like to share a few tips and ideas to make this method work better for you.

First, if you can, boost the power of this exercise by writing your 11 affirmations around 11 in the morning and 11 at night.

While not necessary, this further activates the power of 11 and can help speed things up.

Second, if you manifest your money before the 11 days is over, you can stop!

Express gratitude for the fast cash and be excited!

Third, make sure you don’t get too greedy.

You can do this exercise multiple times, but one mistake people make is always asking for things and never taking the time to appreciate what they already have! Wait at least a week or two before doing the 1111 technique again.

Fourth, you can combine the 1111 manifestation method with the pillow method for even better results!

It’s a way to get even more positive energy flowing through your subconscious so you can manifest it while you sleep!


6- Sample 1111 Affirmations For Money

Finally, I’d like to share a few sample 11:11 affirmation methods for money.

Creating your own positive affirmations is always a great idea, but you can have success using some that you find online if you get stuck in the affirmations phase.

Here are three sample positive affirmations to manifest money that you can use with this law of attraction method: 

  • I am so thrilled to have received an extra $100
  • I love how quickly I manifested an extra $50
  • My bank account has an extra $500 and it’s so exciting!


Final Thoughts On The 1111 Manifestation Method

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the magical 11:11 manifestation method!

I’ve manifested so much money using this technique, and I hope you get a lot out of it, too!

Oh, and by the way…

If you’re serious about getting the 1111 method to work (or any other method for that matter), you’ll want to get your hands on your free numerology report sooner than later.

Because the sooner you get hold of your secret information, the faster you can begin manifesting.

And the faster you can begin manifesting, the better your life becomes.

And the whole point of all of this is to experience massive change and transformation in your life, is it not?

Get your free numerology reading now, and begin to experience all the joy and excitement you crave and deserve.