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What Do I Do If My Crush Wants To Stay Friends?

If you find out that your crush wants to stay friends, you might feel – well – crushed. But rest assured, there are ways to cope (and maybe even turn it all around!) Read on to discover a few ideas of how you might handle the situation if the one you love simply doesn’t love you back. 


Did you know that your crush probably craves you?

The truth is, if you are as deeply connected to your crush as you feel in your soul, he probably really wants to be with you, too.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

The whole point of using manifestation to attract your crush is to send energetic signals and vibrations to move things your way.

But did you know that this is only one step to the puzzle?

And that there’s more you can do to make him come to you faster (and have it be HIS idea?)

Yep! It’s true!

There’s a way to make him see your worthiness.

To have him obsess and drool over you…

And to crave connection with you on a deep level…

(Even if he’s blocked you or fallen in love with someone else!)

But it has very little to do with him, and EVERYTHING to do with you… 

You must train your subconscious mind to THINK, FEEL, and BELIEVE that your ex is currently deeply in love with you. 

Everytime you think of him, you must be CONVINCED that it’s ONLY because he’s actually thinking of you FIRST. 

But if you have hardcore evidence of the opposite… how?

Lucky for you, there’s a solution for that problem and you can activate it in less than 10 minutes per day.

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In just ten minutes a day, you’ll train your subconscious mind to LIVE in the PRESENT REALITY that you are ALREADY in a beautiful relationship with your ex.

(And you probably already know by now that this is the only way to get him to do what you want him to do, right?)


This audio course will help you manifest your crush’s attention, for sure, but there’s much more to it than that. It’ll help you to:

  • Manifest your SP to ask you on a date
  • Make them think about you all the time
  • Become insanely attractive so they can’t keep their hands off of you


And SO much more… 

Of course, by now you can see how easy it can be to manifest your ex to do whatever you want him to do.

You can finally be free of the worry and doubt when you see them with their new girlfriend or they’ve blocked you on social media.

You can go to sleep at night KNOWING that it is done and KNOWING that NONE of that matters. 

Because he’s yours and you’re his. 

Your new life with all of the attention you so deeply crave from your crush is just around the corner.

Get the specific Person Subliminal Audio Course now.

You (and your crush) will be so happy you did!


1- Decide how you want to handle it

If your crush has explicitly stated that they want to be friends and you’re experiencing the sting of rejection, there’s no “right” way to handle it.

Some people will tell you that you should not stay friends because it would be too hard for you or send mixed messages.

Others will say going no-contact and preventing future interactions would be in your best interest.

Still, some others will say “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else” — so you would try to create new romantic partnerships as a temporary distraction.

The truth is you will need to make a decision of how you want to run your life while you work on manifesting your crush.

But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this.

The main thing to know if you want to manifest your crush to you is that a lot of it is based on your intuition and trusting that you can tap into your feelings and work in your best interest.

Start by setting a timer for 10-20 minutes and try to connect with your intuition about this.

See what course of action resonates with you the most.

And commit to following that path while you work on manifesting your crush in the background.

You’ll come to find that this part doesn’t matter as much as you probably think it does. 

Keep reading on…


2- Get clear about what you want

Once you’ve made a concrete choice on how you want to handle things in the meantime, you’ll want to get clear about the outcome you want with your crush.

This is very important because this lack of clarity can prevent you from getting results.

This is actually one of the more common problems people face, but you need to get a handle on it before you move forward. 


So think about these questions:

  • What would be your ideal outcome?
  • Do you want to go out on one romantic date just to see where it goes?
  • Do you think you want to end up married or in a committed relationship?
  • Are you interested in a more physical connection at this time?
  • Would you be excited to just have your first kiss together?


Once you have that figured out, you’re on to the next step.


3- Eliminate negative beliefs

The third step is inarguably the most important step of all when manifesting your crush (or anything else, for that matter.)

You must understand that 100% of your outcome is down to your thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, and feelings about yourself more than anything else.

Everything that happens in your external reality is a direct result of what you believe about yourself and your potential on the inside.

And the good news is that you have the power to alter your external reality by working on what’s going on in your inner world!


By consistently working to change your thoughts!

There are many ways that you can do this, of course.

But by far the easiest is by using positive affirmations.

You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror each morning and repeating positive affirmations about your worth, your beauty, your confidence, and even your future outcome with your crush.

Doing this in the mirror will help it “gel” better.

Then, you would pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day and anytime you feel something negative, you replace it with an affirmation that is more positive.

This approach works and it works well!


4- Become a joyful magnet for love

Once you’ve started working on your subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, the next step is to allow it to work!

This is how you become a joyful magnet to attract your crush (and many, many other potential suitors) to you.

You literally become a shining magnet for love and you become one of those people where “there’s something about them” that you can’t put your finger on, but they are just so… compelling.

From this place, you feel amazing doing the thing that probably sounds counterintuitive – but you let go!

You feel so confident and radiant and you know that your crush sees you, notices you, and wants you, so you stop caring about the day-to-day interaction.

(This is why it doesn’t really matter if, in the beginning, you choose to go no-contact, stay friends, find somebody new…)

It’s not about THEM at all.

It’s 100% about YOU and once you realize this and take the steps to become a joyful magnet for love, you stop caring about what they do.

And THAT is when they come crawling just like all the other men or women do.

It’s all about YOU, love…

You’ll see in time.


5- Receive gracefully

Finally, after some time, you will see everything change around you.

They will start calling and texting, glancing at you differently, and you may even have your first date or kiss or whatever it is the next step would be.

(You will have visualized and experienced this a LOT during the program so you’ll know when it starts to happen.)

At this time it’s important to pay attention to how you feel and what you want.

You should always be aware of how you’re feeling because sometimes you get what you want and it turns out to not be the best thing for you.

And that’s okay!


how to manifest soulmate love


The main thing here is that you need to put yourself first and make sure that you’re feeling in alignment with all the great feelings and thoughts you have about yourself now and what you deserve, right?

Once you do the programming work to trust, believe, feel and know that you are a high-value person with lots to offer, you must honor that worth by keeping your standards high enough to match.

And… you will also get lots of attention from other people.

Not just romantic but friendships, acquaintances, even financial opportunities.

A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say.

This new life of confidence will bring you many opportunities and blessings and part of receiving them gracefully means making sure you accept only what serves you and let the rest fall away, okay?

(But this is an excellent position to be in, right?)


Final thoughts

manifest love

At the end of the day, when your crush tells you that they just want to be friends it can be a really hard pill to swallow.

The immediate action would be to take time alone to collect yourself and realize that such feelings are fleeting.

Spill your feelings to a friend to get them out of your system if you must… then get to work!

Manifesting your crush after they’ve told you they just want to be friends will take you on a beautiful journey that will help you in so many other areas of your life.

People who follow this process wind up more beautiful, confident, self-assured, and in love (both with themselves and their special someone) by the time all is said and done.

So I hope you found this article informative and that you begin taking the steps to get where you want to go right away.

I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty of this process for yourself!


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