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5 Magical Crystals For Sleep And Good Dreams

Here is an exploration of the best crystals for sleep and dreams. You’ll want to take advantage of the healing properties of these sacred gemstones so you can get more restful sleep every night.


5 Magical Crystals For Sleep And Good Dreams

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1- Sodalite

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If you’re plagued by bad dreams or have a sense of dis-ease when getting into bed at night, sodalite might be the crystal for you.

Its calming properties will ease your mind and body, allowing you to get the rest you need.

Furthermore, it clears negative feelings and dispels fear.

It’s also believed to boost intuition, so you might find yourself feeling more connected with your dreams than ever before.

If you’re interested in astral travels and lucid dreams, sodalite can help you with that as well.

With its sweet and gentle energy, this dream stone will be nothing short of amazing.

For best results, place a sodalite stone on your nightstand or directly underneath your pillow before going to sleep.

You’ll have sweet dreams as you drift off into gentle rest, fully supported by the universe and by the divine.


2- Black Obsidian

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If you have a hard time drifting off to sleep at night, black obsidian could help.

It can restore your energy so you don’t feel as drained throughout the day, allowing you to get the restful sleep your body and mind need at night.

Furthermore, it helps with nightmares and is believed to protect from negative energy during sleep—and even protect from negative energy in general.

It’s also great for balancing your emotional state, fostering feelings of calmness and serenity.

This makes it the perfect stone to place under your pillow at night or underneath your bed before you fall asleep.

You’ll get peaceful sleep that restores your energy and protects from restless sleep so you can continue to be successful during the day, knowing that you are protected from energy vampires and other draining people or events that may come your way.


3- Amethyst

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Amethyst is one of the best healing crystals for you if you need help getting to sleep at night or are tired of struggling with insomnia.

It brings clarity to your everyday life, sharpening your mind and allowing you to be more conscious of what’s going on in your subconscious during the day.

This will allow you to better understand yourself and your dreams—which in turn allows you to make necessary changes in yourself for positive growth.

Its calming properties also help with nightmares.

But beyond that, amethyst can help you remember your dreams.

One of the primary ways the universe will communicate with you is through your dreams.

If you have the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something through your dreams but you find yourself struggling to remember them the next morning, Amethyst can help.


4- Jasper

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If you feel tense or stressed in your day and want to avoid carrying this over into the night, jasper is an excellent crystal for you.

It allows you to be your true self, encouraging you to not waste time or energy pretending to be someone or something that you’re not.

You’ll feel lighter and more open after placing jasper under your pillow before bedtime, knowing that the world supports who you are—and so does the universe!

Furthermore, it reduces tension, allowing you to get good sleep.

It’s also known to help with insomnia and nightmares.


5- Moonstone

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If you’re looking for a crystal to help with sleep and dreams, try moonstone.

It’s perfect for those who feel a connection with the moon.

If you’re working through a lunar manifestation phase (like the full moon or new moon), you can use moonstone to help you manifest while you sleep.

Otherwise, it enhances serenity and peace.

You’ll want to place a moonstone under your pillow or directly on your nightstand before going to sleep—don’t forget to carry it with you during the day so you can get all of its amazing benefits!

Moonstone is also said to help with insomnia, nightmares, and sleepwalking.


How to use crystals for sleep & good dreams

Now that you have your list of the best crystals to use to manifest blissful sleep, here are three simple ways to use them:


1. Carry them throughout the day

You won’t necessarily need to use crystals for sleep and dreams at night if you carry them with you throughout the day.

Whenever you need a boost of serenity, clarity, calmness, or energy (or whatever else your crystal provides), hold it in your hand.

It’ll help restore your balance during the day which will help you feel calmer and prepared for sleep at night.


2. Dab them on your pulse points

If you’re looking for an easy way to use crystals when it comes to sleep, try dabbing them on your pulse points when you go to bed at night.

Just place a small amount of essential oil on each of your wrists and then place a stone on top of it.

It’s an easy way to get more of the healing properties of your crystals and gemstones.


3. Place them directly under your pillow

You can also place crystals for sleep and dreams under or even on top of your pillow at night.

Simply place it directly under your head so that as you sleep, it effortlessly radiates its healing energy into your body.


Final thoughts

Using crystals for sleep and dreams is a great way to beat insomnia and boost your dream recall, but they can do so much more than that!

They’re amazing tools that help with all kinds of healing for your body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Start experimenting to see what you like the most—and don’t be afraid to try new things.

You never know what might work for you.


With love, light, and most of all — magic,



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