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Why Do I Still Feel Connected To My Ex? (7 Possibilities)

“Why do I still feel connected to my ex?”

If it’s been a short time since your breakup, naturally, you’ll still feel connected to your ex.

But what if you’ve been broken up for several weeks, months, or even years?

What if one or both of you has seemingly moved on, and you should be over it by now, but something keeps you still feeling like you’re bonded?

Read on to explore seven possible reasons why you still feel connected to your ex, and learn what to do about it.


Why Do I Still Feel Connected To My Ex

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1- It’s a sign from the universe

First, feeling connected to your ex even after quite some time could be a strong sign that the universe wants you to be together.

In other words, your ex could very well be your twin flame, or at least your soul mate.

Sometimes the universe will have you dream about your ex even when you don’t want to, or find yourself reminded of them in different ways, and there’s nothing you can do about it because your ex is your person.

But, it can be hard to tell what’s a sign and what’s just a coincidence.

Now, I know this sounds kind of crazy, but if you want to see crystal clear signs of whether or not your ex is your person or not, (or if it’s just a coincidence), there’s something you can try…

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It is permanent, set in stone from the very day you were born, and holds all the information you’ll ever need to know about your personality, your life purpose, and even down to the way you receive signs about your romantic life (like by feeling connected to your ex even when you’ve tried to move on!)

The numbers hidden in your birthdate are much, much more than just random digits. Though most people have no clue about this ancient wisdom.

Each number tells a story about your energetic profile and makeup…

You’ll learn so much about what’s in store for your romantic relationships in the future.

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2- You still have feelings for them

The next reason you still feel connected to your ex even when you’ve tried to move on is that you still have feelings for them as your former romantic partner.

The emotions you felt during your relationship with your ex are likely still with you until these feelings of love or attraction are replaced by a deeper, more meaningful, and fulfilling bond.

This is another example of old patterns not being completely erased from the subconscious mind (which is what has to happen for true closure).

Much of the time this happens when you have a soul tie.

Kind of like you can run from the feelings and try your hardest to move on and erase them, but the bond is just too strong.

If this is the case, it’s better to just admit to yourself that you still have feelings for your ex.

It doesn’t make you weak or silly, you’re human, and feeling love is a beautiful thing.

Hiding the truth doesn’t change it, after all.

And in the end, you’re only fooling yourself if you try to lie.


3- You’re in pain from the breakup

A third possibility of why you still feel connected to your ex is that you’re still in pain from the breakup.

Contrary to popular belief, a broken heart is actually a strong bonding agent.

Feelings of sadness, rejection, or loneliness after a breakup are normal and common.

And because these emotions are so strong, it’s hard to just “move on” and ignore them.

Any strong emotion is a signal of attachment.

Kind of on a different tangent, but it’s like how some celebrities pull crazy antics to make people absolutely despise them, but then you’re still talking about them.

It’s still attention, even if negative attention.

As such, even if you’re hurting or angry or even depressed over your breakup and still in pain, it’s still a strong connection and can explain why you feel a connection.

Some people heal from the pain of a breakup much faster than others, so if you find yourself in this camp, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Again, acknowledge your feelings and treat yourself well.

It will get better in time.


4- Your ex still has feelings for you

Another less talked-about reason you may feel connected to your ex even if you’re no longer in pain from the breakup and know for sure that you don’t still pine away for them is that they still have feelings for you!

If your ex has a spiritual connection to you (or believes that they do), and could potentially be asking the universe to bring you to them, you might experience some of this as a connection.

It’s very common for people to manifest others against their will.

If you’re experiencing this, rest assured it’s harmless and if you really don’t want anything to do with them you don’t have to indulge.

You would experience this as dreaming of your ex, running into them or people who know you both or even meeting other people with the same name or characteristics.

So, the spiritual connection you feel could be coming from them!

Even if you don’t necessarily reciprocate.


5- You see the past better than it was

Another reason you may feel deep connections to your ex is that you view the past through rose-colored glasses.

It’s common to feel like a past relationship was better than it actually was.

It’s easy to remember the good parts, forget the bad stuff, and focus on fond memories instead of the present.

This is also related to longing or nostalgia for your ex.

Even if you know that they’re not who you wanted in your life forever, you romanticize the good times you shared because they were enjoyable.

At the end of the day, it’s only natural to focus on beautiful moments over ugly ones.

But while this can explain why you feel a connection with your ex, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is one.

Or that you should pursue it.

So take some time to reflect and be aware of the possibility that there could be no deeper meaning to this connection you feel.

Simply enjoy the good times of the past for what they were, and move on with your life.


6- You’re lonely and/or bored

Another reason you may feel connected to your ex is that you’re lonely.

The end of a relationship can be devastating, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve felt the touch of someone else or experienced a true soul connection.

As such, human beings have an innate need for attachment and connection.

Sometimes, this can lead your brain and subconscious mind to latch on to the last familiar connection you had.

Even if it was negative!

In this case, it’s just your subconscious mind seeking attachment to fill the void.

It may seem like you feel connected because you miss them, but at its core, it has nothing to do with them.

It’s just your brain filling a need and unfortunately latching on to the last connection it felt before being single again.

And if this is true for you, know that you will eventually get over it.

In this case, you just want to focus on filling yourself up so that your brain doesn’t have the need to latch onto a connection that’s less than ideal.


7- You still remember their energy

Finally, one more reason you may feel connected to your ex is that you still remember how they made you feel.

If, when you were with them, your ex brought out the best in you or filled a part of yourself that was missing, it’s possible that even though they’re gone now, you still remember their energy!

This gives off the illusion of a connection between two people because we naturally associate positive feelings and memories with the people who brought them out in us.

However, this is no more than a trick of our brain and shouldn’t be taken any further.

So if you feel like there’s still some sort of connection between the two of you, explore why that may be, but don’t make it into anything bigger than it truly is!

Furthermore, you could do some work on identifying and naming exactly what it is that they made you feel.

Then, once you know what it is, you can use that emotion to manifest something that makes you feel that way or better!

For example, if you do some self-reflection and discover that you feel connected to your ex because you’re more reserved but they brought out your bubbly side, you can use that emotion to manifest people, places, and things that give you that vibe.

Whatever it is, pay attention to what they made you feel and then find a way to get more of it!


Can my ex feel my energy?

Energy flows like water – that’s why these types of emotions are often represented by water in the tarot and other metaphysical or spiritual practices. As such, if you feel your ex’s energy and you find it to be strong and all-encompassing, it’s likely that your ex can feel your energy as well.

You have invested so much time and effort into this past relationship so it’s likely that unless you have both moved on and severed that bond completely, you feel your ex’s energy and your ex feels your energy too.


Feeling connected to your ex? Here’s what to do next…

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